Secret Money System Review – A Ronnie Montano Scam

Juan Secret Money System
If you look carefully, you’ll see Ronnie Montano hiding behind Juan Gabriel.

I just checked out Secret Money System, a “make money” product set to be released tomorrow, Monday 21st July.

I was able to get into the members area to see if this Secret Money System really works or if it’s another piece of crap as I had suspected. This is my full review of a not so secret system by known purveyor of internet scams, Ronnie Montano.

Secret Money System Pre-Sales

The Secret Money System follows the same pre-sales template as most of the other scams on Clicksure. I’ve seen this video numerous times, just with different actors and different stories.

But it’s the same concept and the same lies to get unsuspecting people to pull out their credit cards fast. It usually doesn’t end well after that as most people end up being confused, feel ripped off and wanting a refund they probably will never get.

It’s the usual red flags:

  • overblown fake bank accounts
  • fake actor – in this case the guy is called Juan Gabriel (yes that is not his real name)
  • fake testimonials – “students” who supposedly used the system and made money with lightning speed
  • outrageous income claims eg. one guy said he made $156, 000 within 3 months with 15 minutes of work
  • Empty promises – Juan says he guarantees you’ll make $100K in the next 90 days
  • Telling you that you were selected as part of a small group of people when its available to everyones
  • Promising you that there’s no work involved or even done-for-you systems
  • They never tell you what the system is (right it’s secret) or how it works

Ronnie Montano usually releases one of these products every few months and hides behind a character he creates (like Juan Gabriel) so that his work wouldn’t be recognized by people who know what he’s all about.

Juan Gabriel is just a character playing his part in a mini sales movie. The house (which I think I’ve seen before in another of these scam messages) is probably rented and so is the car.

The testimonials aren’t people who have actually tried the product and they haven’t make any money using the Secret Money System. These people get paid around $5 for a short video testimonial and can often be found on a site called Fiverr.

The only thing we’re told about how the product works is the vague steps Juan Gabriel outlines briefly in the video. It’s supposed to work like this:

  1. Fill out a short form
  2. Set up a few things
  3. Click a few buttons
  4. Tell the system where to send your money
  5. Click launch

So what is it really and how do you make money? That is still unclear and buying a system like this would be like buying an unlabeled box of something from a guy in an alley who doesn’t want you to take a look inside that box until you give him your  money.

Inside the Members Area

With these products, the price usually starts at $49 but if you click away a couple of times, you’ll see a new discounted price often letting you get the product for $9. This was the case with Secret Money System.

I paid the $9 and was met with more sales messages labeled as Step 1. I declined all of these as they were asking for prices like $295 which really got me enraged.

Finally, I got to the members area and here is where the expected disappointment began.

The welcome area, labeled “Start Here” has the following message:

Please follow these steps exactly in order designed to help you create immediate income through immediate actions!

It’s misleading because this isn’t the actual product but you’re asked to follow the steps anyway.

This entire page is made up of links designed to put you deeper in a financial hole as they’re just made up of links to previous Ronnie Montano products. Here’s a rundown of the various steps on the page.

Step 1 – This is a link to a webinar where you can sign up to see how to make $10K per week. More false promises here so I wouldn’t recommend anyone actually wasting their time with this. They probably would like to sell you something else.

Step 2 – This is labeled “Free call to a start up specialist” and has a number to call. From stories I’ve heard before, these calls are usually to people who offer bogus upgrades and personalized help yet ask for more money often in the thousands of dollars.

Step 3 – This is a welcome video from Juan asking that you follow the other steps on the page without skipping any if you want to  be successful. This is where the trickery begins…eh…continues.

Step 4 – This video links you to CloudPro Hosting where you can get a free gift – a “free” website. The catch is that you have to pay the overpriced hosting fee to get the website. It’s a scam that I call the “free website” scam because the only person that makes money from these “free” websites are the product creators who earn a commission every time someone claims their “free” website.

Step 5 – This step links to yet another product where you have to spend money. It’s called the Full Money System which is another product by Ronnie Montano.

Secret Money System has links all over it that point to Full Money System and they may even be the same product as they were both created by Ronnie Montano. I wouldn’t be surprised because Ronnie’s other product eMobile Code is a rehash of his previous product called Mobile Money Code.

Step 6 – This step is a link to eMobile Code where you’ll be asked to spend more money.

You get the feeling that these vampires are trying to suck every penny out of your bank account if you’re supposed to complete all the steps in order. It will no doubt leave you more and more confused. Whatever happened to the simple steps Juan outlined in the sales video – fill out a form, click a few buttons and click launch?

Step 7 – This final step made me even more mad because it’s a trading software called Safe Trader App. These trading software introduce users to binary trading which isn’t real trading but a form of online gambling. How dare they?

I would never recommend anyone get this Secret Money System just based on what’s in this welcome page. This is even before you get to the actual Secret Money System tab.

The Secret Money System Revealed

There is a three step process outlined here and it starts with the training video which isn’t much considering most students would be very new to making money online. You need to know more than what is outlined here if you’re going to earn anything substantial online.

The next step asks you to pick a niche market. There are five options available and are downloads for website files and a free ebook.

To set up these files you will need step 3 – a hosting account. Problem is they ask you to use CloudPro Hosting where the cost for a hosting account is way above the industry standard price.

Other Tabs in the Members Area

There are several other tabs in the members area labeled Elite Money System where you will find more niches with more files to download, Weekly Training tab where there are 8 webinars lined up for you to attend, Traffic Money System which is a software that I declined to download and Social Money System where there are some YouTube training.

My Review of Secret Money System

The actual Secret Money System isn’t so secret at all. There is nothing revolutionary about this system and it’s not even something completely outlined that can be useful to anyone.

The training, which I wouldn’t even call training is scanty and hardly useful.

To be honest, the system that I use is much simpler that this Secret Money System. I don’t make hundred of thousands per week but I do make enough to work from home full time.

The creators of this system would have you believe that you can work for 15 minutes per day and rake in big money but the reality is that making money online is a business and like any business you have to invest time and effort to build it to where you can see anything substantial.

I’m tired of the lies these marketers use to sell their phony systems and this is why I try to do these reviews to expose them.

A Simpler Way Without the Hype

There is a much simpler way to make money online and you wouldn’t need to be exposed to all this hype and lies.  It’s an internet marketing training site called Wealthy Affiliate where I’ve been a member for the past 8 years.

The training is simple to follow, step by step and task based so you can check off your progress as you go through the course. There is also a highly active community of knowledgeable folks who help each other out 24 hours of each day. You will always find an answer to your questions and get help if you’re ever stuck.

The training is video and text based and includes weekly video training that go in depth about the topic and you’re never ever sold anything. The training just focuses on advancing your knowledge so you can make more money.

You also get two free websites and free web hosting so you never have to worry about anything else other than completing the courses and working on your website.

The best thing about this though is that you can create an account and get started for free. You can see my experience as a member in this review I wrote a while back.

Check it out and you can also drop by my profile once you’re inside and say hello.

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