Simple Cash Code Review – Don’t Buy This Scam!

Simple Cash Code Members Area

Travis Stephenson, who launched EZ Cash Creator only months ago, has just released Simple Cash Code and this is my review of his new program.

When I heard that Travis was coming out with Simple Cash Code, my expectations weren’t good considering the mess he made with EZ Cash Creator.

After purchasing the product earlier this morning, I can say that this is definitely a scam for a number of reasons and I’ll be asking for a full refund. I’ll explain why in the following review.

Exposing The Fakeness

As usual, the sales message was full of hype and lies. The narrator in the video, Greg Martin, wants to pull us in with a particularly intriguing story of how he is being pursued by the cops for stealing some secret code that made him rich (and is consequently going to make you rich).

He explains the he’s making a video that they don’t want you to see and goes on to describe his story about how he met this stranger at a bar who told him about his “discovery” of “the code” uploaded by an anonymous user through a whistle blowing website.

These are all scripted lies and when you purchase the product later, you find that this has absolutely nothing to do with what’s inside.

Greg Martin does not even exist.

Furthermore, he shows off screenshots of earnings and bank accounts with a lot of money supposedly made by using the secret “code”. I took a closer look at one of these screenshots and upon inspection, I realized that the particular earnings screenshot was fake – doctored in some image editing program like Photoshop.

See for yourself.

Fake Simple Cash Code Earnings

You will notice that the bars are out of proportion with the amount earned. Even the $43,000 day has the same length bar as the $45,000 day when it should be much shorter!

If this earnings screenshot is fake, I have serious doubt that the others would be genuine. And I also wonder what else would Greg Martin / Travis Stephenson be lying about.

Right there his credibility just went out the window. Actually, it went out the window with his past product launches. Travis Stephenson is one of the gurus who is not to be trusted.

Buying Simple Cash Code Was Trouble Too

Anyway, for the sake of reviewing what was in the members area, I clicked away from the page twice and got Simple Cash Code for $9.

They used Clickbetter for payments and I was initially hesitant to pay because the page wasn’t secure. I did it anyway and was immediately hit with an upsell. I had to click away about a million times before I could get to the members login page.

This is when I realized that I didn’t have any login credentials, there was  none  in the receipt from Clickbetter and I wasn’t emailed any info. I wasn’t asked to create a username and password so I couldn’t login.

The email would come a couple of hours after but at that moment I was stuck. I remembered though that I had bought EZ Cash Creator and since they used the same membership site, I could login with those credentials and see if I could access my purchase.

This is how I got to the members area so I could check out the product.

Inside The Simple Cash Code Members Area

Ok so here’s the details on Simple Cash Code that you’ve been looking for.

Once inside the members area, I was quickly disappointed. The first thing you see is the menu and a video with a button below that says “Get 100% Commissions”. Initially, I thought it was Empower Network but upon clicking on the first menu button – the Live Training Webinars – it was revealed that this had to do more with an equally bad MLM program called Pure Leverage.

Apparently this is how the Simple Cash Code works.

Simple Cash Code process

For everything to work you need to sign up for Pure Leverage.

This is why I can’t recommend Simple Cash Code because you’re paying $49 only to be told that what you paid for would not work unless you pay another $24.95 to sign up with another program called Pure Leverage.

I’ve heard about Pure Leverage before and I don’t like them because they’re similar to Empower Network which I’ve told my people to stay away from.

Then you also need to get web hosting. Not just any web hosting but the web hosting that they recommend – the vastly overpriced Coolhandle where you’re charged $29.95 per month (and you need to sign up for at least a year, sometimes 2 years). That means you’re going to have to spend upwards of $300 initially just to get this working.

Software – The Viral Lead App

There’s also some software in here called the Viral Lead App accessible under the “20 Websites” tab on the menu. The software is supposed to help you create a squeeze page so that you can capture leads.

Since I didn’t get Pure Leverage and I need to get their overpriced web hosting, I can’t use the software.

Travis Stephenson is supposed to launch the Viral Lead App in June according to the JV news sites. So it looks like he’s doing this again in a couple of months.

I’m Calling Simple Cash Code a Scam

To me, the Simple Cash Code is a scam because they failed to mention in the sales message that this had to do with Pure Leverage.

What if people don’t want to get Pure Leverage?  There is no value in signing up to a program to get another sales message. Travis is marketing Pure Leverage and this is how he is building a big downline for himself.

He’s going to be teaching you how to make money with Pure Leverage through webinar training and using the Viral Lead App but there are also lots of reasons why you don’t want to get involved with Pure Leverage. I think I’ll do a review on that program as well.

Since I’m not a fan of Pure Leverage, there is nothing here for me to use to make money so the money I paid to get access to Simple Cash Code is wasted. This is why I’m going to be asking for a full refund (it’s just $9 and I usually don’t ask for refunds but I want it back in this case).

To sum things up Simple Cash Code is a scam because they:

  • faked income screenshots
  • failed to mention what was involved during the sales message
  • pitch you for more money once you’re in the members area
  • have nothing that works unless you pay more money
  • recommend Pure Leverage which in my opinion is not even a good program to be involved with

What Works for Me

Again, if you’re looking for something that works, I recommend you check out one of the best affiliate marketing training websites on the internet.

There are no fake stories here and it’s free to join up and check out all the training. It has worked for me (been a member since 2007) and it can work for you because you have training and all the tools you need to make money online at your disposal. You also have a community that is helpful and supportive and will be there when you have any questions.

Check out my review and why I say it works for me, then get a free starter account.

If you have any experience with Simple Cash Code, please leave your comments below. I would also appreciate if you could share this around on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus so that others can be aware of this scam.

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