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Site Rubix

To make money online one essential tool that you need is an efficient website builder.

Affiliate marketers, especially people who are new to this way of making money online, need a simple and fast way to create websites that look great and engage visitors in order to make commissions.

There are lots and lots of website builders available online but most of them aren’t as powerful as Site Rubix. Strong statement, I know. In this review of Site Rubix, I’ll show you why this is the website builder you should be using if you want to become an online entrepreneur and why I recommend it over the other website builders out there.

What Is Site Rubix?

Site Rubix started back in 2007 as a static website builder but like everything else at Wealthy Affiliate, it has evolved to keep up with the times. Now the website builder is based on WordPress, the preferred CMS used by thousands of marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs online.

Site Rubix uses a wizard (step 1, step 2 etc.) that simplifies the process of installing a WordPress website and it also installs necessary plugins you’ll need to manage your site. You can automatically log into your site from the Site Rubix management area and migrate a free site with one click to your own domain.

SiteRubix setup screen
Simple 4 step process.

If you’re already familiar with WordPress, using Site Rubix will make life even more easier for you. If all this is new, you’ll have very little hassle setting up your first website as Site Rubix can set up your site in under 5 minutes.

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More Than Just a Website Builder

The real benefit you get from using Site Rubix comes from the fact that it is much more that just a website builder.

The powerful system combines the website builder with robust free web hosting, step by step affiliate marketing training as well as community and technical support. Everything works seamlessly to give you a great user experience when managing your affiliate sites.

(1) Free web hosting – When you set up your websites using Site Rubix, you’re automatically installing them on Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting platform. This way, you’re already saving money on web hosting, a necessary resource for all affiliate marketers.

Having free web hosting is great for affiliate marketers who are just starting out as it saves money you may not yet have. In my case, I use my own web hosting because I have a lot more control and I like the cPanel dashboard. WA Hosting is kinda limited with what you can have control over but it’s still powerful web hosting.

(2) Affiliate marketing training – This is what sets Site Rubix apart from most other web builders. While you might get some tutorials on how to use the web builder on other hosts, Site Rubix is part of the Wealthy Affiliate system so users are going to get full training on how to actually build, maintain and profit from their websites using affiliate marketing and other forms of monetization.

(3) Support – This is an important part of building a website. You run into problems and you’re going to need someone to turn to with your questions or to directly sort out a technical problem.

Site Rubix offers both. You can submit a support ticket to get help with technical issues. For example, you messed with the code on your WordPress install and now you can’t log into your site. You’ll need someone to get this fixed for you. Submitting a ticket will get you the help you need here in a timely manner.

Or maybe it’s just something simple like wanting to know how to remove the footer text on your website. For simple issues like this, you can ask within the Wealthy Affiliate community either on the live chat or the website development classroom and you’re guaranteed to get an answer at any time of the day.

Getting Started with Site Rubix

Getting started with Site Rubix is free and easy. You get two free sites to do whatever you want.

You install your first website then set up your profile within Wealthy Affiliate. You can then follow the free Online Entrepreneur Certification course available to all members and get on the right track with your website.

Free users have limitations within Site Rubix (less themes to choose from, can’t use your own domain name etc) so there is greater benefits to be had in getting a premium account.

Premium membership unlocks unlimited website installs on Site Rubix as well as more themes and you can use your own domain names.

To start using Site Rubix, you can either sign up with Wealthy Affiliate for free and claim your two free websites or start building your website using the tool below.


  1. Hello Sir, Myself RAJIV ROY from India. I am 60+ of age trying to earn as an Affiliate Marketer from Internet. As India is not allowed to JOIN FREE with WA want to to Premium directly. Please clarify whether I should pay $49 or I am allowed to pay$19 for FIRST MONTH then $49 there after ? Waiting your quick reply mail. Regards.

    • Rajiv, there are a few countries that are not able to join Wealthy Affiliate as starter members because it’s been observed that there is a high rate of fraud and spamming associated with members of these countries. India is on that list so the only way to join is to go directly to premium as a way to demonstrate that you’re actually serious about doing the training and building an online business.

      From what I’m been told, the first month discount is not given to these members. You can either join at the regular monthly rate of $49/month or the annual rate. Right now they’re running a Black Friday deal where you can get an annual membership for $299 which works out to be $24.91 per month.

      I’m sorry you’re in this position to not be able to join as starter but I’m looking forward to seeing you on WA and helping you build an online business. It appears that you’re one of those people who are indeed serious about doing so.

    • Victor, you get hosting as a free member. The only catch is that you can’t use a top level domain like a .com. And you can only host 2 websites as a free member whereas you can build up to 50 websites (25 with domains and 25 with site-rubix extension).

      So, you don’t need to go premium on WA to use the web hosting. It’s available to all members, free or premium. There’s just a few limitations when you’re not a premium member.

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