Steal My System Review – Something Doesn’t Make Sense

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Before watching the video for Steal My System, they promised to reveal a secret to getting $3000 before the video ends. After watching the video I still haven’t learned any real secrets to getting $3000.

Is Steal My System a money making machine that you must have or a shameless sham?

To see what I uncovered and what I think about this program, the following review should put you up to speed especially if you’re thinking about joining.

And don’t forget to read my August 2016 update at the bottom of the article.

What’s this Steal My System About?

I first learned about Steal My System right around the time I learned about Travis Stephenson’s Vibrant Money System.

Like Vibrant, I had gotten an email from the people behind 12 Minute Payday so I assume that this product is either owned by Travis Stephenson or Steven James and Justin James who created the latter program.

The narrator called himself Steven or “Millionaire Steven” so I’m guessing that Steal My System was probably created by Steven James.

From the typical marketing hype created in the video for Steal My System, it appears to be one of those push button systems that you only need to set up one time and then it just churns out money.

Reality check: These types of systems DO NOT work at all. Actually they don’t exist.

If anyone tells you that their system works like this then it’s a definite lie and you’re dealing with a scam. This should be all you need to be convince that Steal My System won’t work for you but I’ll go on because there’s more to it.

There is always some type of work involved and the truth is when you do realize what this is and you get your hands on it, there is a lot of work to be done.

The Red Flags of the Steal My System Video

red flagsApart from the big red flag of the push button system, there are lots of other red flags that alert you to the scam that is Steal My System.

Their loopy hook, the promise of a $3000 secret before the end of the video, is never revealed. This is just something to keep you watching until the end.

Most of the video never really tells you what is involved in this secret system but instead tries to get the viewer interested by selling the dream and the lifestyle with yachts, mansions and exotic cars as well as fake earnings and bank account screenshots.

This is typical of many scams because it appeals more to people. We all want things to be easy and effortless but we still need to recognize when something is not reality and a push button system to making money online is one such example.

The scarcity factor is yet another red flag. 37 free spots left. This is not true because I’ve been seeing this video since maybe at least 5 months back. The real system is also more than 2 years old and has thousands of users. There is no secret and no limitations in terms of the number of signups.

Finally, the “beta testers” found in the video are all Fiverr sellers who are being paid a measly $5 for fake testimonials. They haven’t used this system to make money. If the system is so successful, why not ask real users for testimonials?

steal my system beta tester

If the “beta testers” here are to be believed, then the guy pictured here is already a millionaire from using the bunches of other programs that he has done testimonials for. He has no need to be selling testimonials online for $5 and should have stopped using other systems right after the first one he used successfully.

One beta tester, the girl in the video claims to have made $5000 in a month and boldly states that she “did zero work for it”.

The narrator says that the results are not typical (which is believable). He should have stopped there but he goes on to say that the results are guaranteed. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to making money online. There are many factors that will determine how well or how poorly you do.

The Story is Bogus

The story about how Steven got his hands on this system is one of those truly bogus and ridiculous sob stories that try to tug at people’s emotions to get a sale.

This manipulative technique somehow always works because the end result (how the story turns out) is highly relatable to a lot of people’s situations.

The sob story outlines that his father was on his death bed in the hospital dying from cancer. His father handed him the secret and he went home and tried it.

Here’s the ridiculous, too good to be true part.

Steven activated the system, let it run in the background and without doing anything else, he went out. When he returned he was rich.

Now he claims that he makes about $7000 daily and has so far made over $2 million with this system. If it were this easy to make money online, don’t you think that everyone would be doing it?

The real reason why this story is bogus though is the fact that after you get to the signup page you’re referred to a completely different system, which I mentioned before is more than 2 years old, that has nothing to do with the system supposedly created by Steven’s father.

The Real System Revealed

Initially, when I researched and wrote the draft for this review of Steal My System, there was no $9.95 price point. They simply had an email capture form and you could get the system for “free”.

What they actually did was refer the user to a 2 year old system called the Power Lead System which wasn’t free at all. I myself wouldn’t recommend this Power Lead System since it appeared to be quite similar to Empower Network.

This is why I thought that the story was confusing because they weren’t selling the system created by Steven’s father.

Presently, they’re referring you to yet another system, which makes Steal My System even more confusing because this one system could not possible be two completely different systems.

The system they’re referring you to is Vibrant Money System which I reviewed a while back and as users have confirmed, there are all sorts of problem with this program.

  • forced continuity charges
  • high pressure phone sales
  • poor product (website with nonsensical content)
  • additional investment (you need to pay for a website that you have no control over)
  • support is hard to reach
  • trouble getting refund/stopping payments

These are some of the problems persons run into when they tried Vibrant Money System and therefore I cannot recommend it as an option for learning how to make money online.

With Steal My System, you never see the Vibrant Money System sales page, you are just sent to the order page to start your free trial of $9.95.

This confirms my speculation that the product is somehow related and is possibly owned or created by Travis Stephenson. It could also have been created by Steven James who is possibly using this as an affiliate promotion for Vibrant Money System.

However it goes, it’s clear that scammers rarely recommend legitimate products and this is just another example of a system that you should stay away from.

You can read my full review of Vibrant Money System here and check out some of the comments from real users of the system.

August 2016 Update:

I noticed that my Steal My System review was getting really popular as one of the most visited reviews on my site and decided to check out the sales page again.

It looks like they’ve changed to yet another “system”, again proving that the story in the video is bogus. How can three completely different systems be the one they’re referring to in the video?

This time around they’re promoting a scam called Facebook Cash Code, which has all types of problems with it just like readers reported on Vibrant Money System.

Again, Secret Money System and Steven are not to be trusted. Please stay far away and let me know in the comments below what you think about Secret Money System and Facebook Cash Code if you’ve come across it.


  1. I was somewhat dismayed by the hypocritical “facts” being spewed by this individual. I have been searching for a system and this seems to be one of many that does not make sense. I appreciate your review of this product. If there is any company that you would recommend seeking out it would be much appreciated. Thank You for your honesty and review.



    • If you’re interested in affiliate marketing then you might want to check out Wealthy Affiliate. My review here is a bit dated but the site has only evolved and improved and is what I would call an all in one solution for anyone who wants to learn online business.

  2. First The Power Lead system is nothing like empower.This guy is writing reviews and does not know wtf he is talking about.

    • Ok I said that the Power Lead System “appeared to be quite similar to Empower Network”. Obviously, I have my reasons for saying that but since this is not a review of the Power Lead System, I didn’t feel like I had to fully research that system. This is a review of Steal My System and Vibrant Money System for which I did research and have written a review of the latter.

      Even though I might be wrong about Power Lead System, it’s a minor issue as the point I wanted people to see is that the story given from the Steal My System video is bogus because they’re talking about one particular system but have ended up recommending two completely different systems, none of which seem to work as described.

      • Jay, I just want you to know that I so appreciate your review of this “system” and your observation relative the Power Lead System. I am so tired of being ripped off that I now take the time to read these forums and those terms/conditions before I let the hyped videos and bogus testimonials reel me in! I’ve so learned my lesson. It was refreshing to read ALL of your review. May have saved me $9.95 today but thousands I could have been losing tomorrow!

        • I’m always happy to know that I helped someone save themselves some money and the headache of dealing with the aftermath of these scam systems. Thanks for showing your appreciation. It lets me know that people need me to keep writing about these scams.

          I also saw that you joined Wealthy Affiliate. Good move. Follow the training and you’ll never have to get caught by another scam again.

          • You have led me to the conclusion that ALL online marketing is VERY hard to do or learn and non of it is lucrative in any way at all, so I will be staying away completely for good!!

          • How did I lead you to that conclusion? Online marketing isn’t copy/paste, make a million overnight as people like Steve would have you believe but if you have structured training and you apply that knowledge and consistently put in the work then you can have an online business that’s going to replace your current income at some point. It’s not hard to do or hard to learn at all – you just have to follow the right training.

            As for lucrative, I’m making a full time income that allows me to have the things that I need, travel and even enjoy my other interests in life. I’m not a millionaire but I’m living comfortably. I know a lot of other people just like that too and I also know two guys who started about a year before I did, who are now multi-millionaires purely off online marketing.

  3. Yes, I know the Steal My System is a scam because when I called them they wanted me to pay them $500 for them to build me a website that would what they claim “MAKE ME SOME MONEY”. Do not fall victim to their email (like I did) or website because they will charge your credit card $30.00 every month is what they’re not telling you and you still won’t make money without having to lose hundreds of dollars to actually get their full access. So you tell me are they helping others or just running a scam like the rest of these “Make money online” websites. This site is a waste of time and money- U Won’t Get Rich, I promise you take it from me.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Freddie. Sounds like they have the scam working in the background and this front end is just a doorway to getting taken for a long expensive ride.

  4. I would like to cancel my trial membership for Steak My Money. Please do not harge my cr card any more. Thanks
    Would you please send a reply that you are doing so. Nancy Lane, Independence Mo 64052

    • Nancy, I’m sorry that you got caught up in Steal My System and their scam. However I’m not affiliated in any way with Steal My System. As you can see from my review, I’m not even recommending that anyone have anything to do with them.

      You should be directing your request to the website and owners of Steal My Money System. I don’t know how that would work out because I’ve been getting reports that they do not respond to requests for refunds. You might have to go talk to your bank to dispute the charges.

      Again, I’m sorry this has happened to you but I’m not the one responsible.

  5. Thanks so much i payed the 995 before reading your review this fucking sucks something told me to check the reviews before i payed my money i normal do but didn’t this time keep showing the world these fuck up scams.

    • Anytime you have to do a transaction, always check the reviews. A good piece of advice I got a good while back was if I felt inclined to make a purchase, wait a day or two and think about it. Never buy anything on impulse. Sorry you had to get caught up in this.

  6. Hi my name is Steven Torres do you guys like the system I want to join but I’m scared to see how work so once I hear some more feedback I would like to join please leave me comments if you are already signed in and if you like it or call me My phone number is [admin edit: personal information removed to protect privacy] thanks you

    • Don’t post your phone number online. It’s an invitation to scammers and the like.

      I think if you read the above comments and the review I posted you’ll get an idea of what this system is like.

  7. My name is Tim Dotson I really want the system I just don’t have the money to cover it at the moment I am living with family and I really want my own place

  8. If I could find the f’ing moron that said “yeah, maybe you should stop signing up for things online” when I called to get my 10.00 back and cancel any future charges I would make him apologize “in person”
    Maybe IF your crap emails and promotional information were honest about what people were getting you would not be able to rip off old people. Yes “Steve” you ‘are getting rich’ with your system….9.95 at a time with a bonus of 29.95 a month because people don’t think to call in time to cancel.
    Good to know you have high caliber, quality professionals working for you in your customer NO Service department.
    Please rest assured that every complaint site and blog and even the FCC and FTC will hear me complaint about you and the staff you employ.

    [Admin edit:removed]

    Congratulations, SAMUEL and Thank YOU for buying our system!!!!

    To set up your new website, please click the link below. It takes less than one minute, and you’ll have immediate access to start our system right away.
    Set up your system here:

    Username ——
    Password: *****

    (Print this page for future use)

    Also, within the next 24-48 hours you will receive a call from our customer support team. Their goals are to help answer your questions and get everything going in the right direction.
    Your Order number is: 596***
    Explosive Payday System 5-Day Membership
    5-Day Membership Price: $9.95

    At the end of this 5 day trial period unless you call to cancel your trial, you will be charged the full price of $29.95 and every 30 days thereafter. You may cancel at any time. This charge will show on your statement as WEB SERVICES 866.737.6801

    Thanks for your order,
    The Explosive Payday System Staff
    For general questions about your order, billing or questions about our system:
    US – 1-866-737-6801 UK – 0808-234-6536 NZ – 0800-451-485
    IRE – 1800-677-626 AU – 1800-122-544 SG – 800-1302-158
    ZA – 0800-1302-158 IND – 000-800-100-4553
    Hours of operation: 9am to 8pm Mountain Standard Time Monday to Friday.
    To speak with a consultant about what type of products/services you want to sell, how to attract the right visitor’s to your site and choosing a .com domain name. Call now:
    US – 1-800-209-4193 UK – 0808-234-6533 NZ – 0800-450-059
    IRE – 1800-677-627 AU – 1800-122-573 SG – 800-1302-157
    Email: [admin edit: removed]

    • Thanks for the info Samuel. I’ve edited your comment to remove some sensitive info but I left the phone numbers up just in case someone needs them for billing inquiries and don’t know where to look.

      As anyone reading this can see, at the moment Steal my System is connected to Explosive Paydays/Facebook Cash Code (same thing).

  9. I’M scared of pay 10$ because i think the they maybe would take my money oit and don’t give me anything why do i need to pay how can i use this for free for some weeks and if i see that this really work i will pay the money but I’m just scared

    • My advise is don’t pay. Let me tell you what’s going to happen. You’ll pay $9.95 and you’ll receive access to the program which wouldn’t really be worth much in terms of usefulness. You certainly not going to make $3000. You’re going to be confused but at least you’ll get something for your money.

      But that’s not the end of it. To your surprise and dismay, you’ll be billed $29.95 after 5 days and if you don’t manage to get it cancelled then they’re going to continuously bill you $29.95 every month. Maybe you’ll call them and inquire about it and if you do get onto the customer service, they’ll be rude to you and totally ignore your request to cancel.

      That’s generally how it is based on the comments I’ve received from others who did try the program. Again my advice is to forget about Steal My System. Explosive Payday and Facebook Cash Code whichever one you happen to come across.

  10. This has to be a scam. Clone My System is the same videoo nearly word for word. I tried emailing Clone my system .com and support@clonemysystem and it was dead in email didn’t work. This is the same script as CMY BEWARE.

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