Sunday Shares #01: What To Do If You Don’t Know Anything About Your Niche


It’s the end of another year again and usually at this time people are reflecting and at the same time planning for the year ahead.

I have some plans for this website and adding new content categories and being more consistent with posting is one of them. So I’m introducing Sunday Shares as one of the new categories of content where every Sunday, I share a handful of interesting links to posts that I’ve read the previous week that I think would be helpful to marketers.

Today, in the first edition of Sunday Shares, I’m going to share three posts that I’ve read during the past month that I still have open on my laptop. I’ve also added my commentary to share how I feel about the content or if I have anything to add.

1. Why I’d Keep Writing Even If No One Read My Blog (And You Should Too!)

All the points mentioned in this post by Michelle Shaeffer of “Girl Blogger Next Door” resonate with me because these are the reasons why I also keep writing.

Usually with my websites, I don’t have a huge community of people following my websites but I do get comments and emails from people telling me that I helped them out and that they’re really grateful.

This is so satisfying to me to know that I’ve made even a small impact on someone’s life through my writing.

Also by writing consistently, I become better at it which is good since my income depends on producing content on a regular basis. Sometimes I re-read what I’ve written and I’m impressed at the way I’ve expressed my opinion on the issue at hand and that motivates me to keep on writing.

Sometimes when you blog it may seem as if you’re just talking to yourself but check out the post and you’ll see that there are some benefits to keep on writing even if no one read your blog.

2. 17 Free Resources to Learn Online Marketing Techniques

In this post from the Vandelay Design blog, the writer shares a curated list of 17 free resources where you can learn online marketing techniques.

From SEO to Social Media and Pay Per Click marketing, these 17 resources can help you learn certain techniques without having to pay a single dime.

I’ve checked out most of them and while they’re useful, I still think that Wealthy Affiliate is a more complete resource if you want to learn about online marketing and build a successful business from scratch. None of the resources will give you a free website and hosting and most of them do not have the level of support and community that is available at Wealthy Affiliate. These are important aspects of the learning process that will contribute to your success.

Also none of the free resources give you a complete game plan. They’re still worth checking out if you want to expand on your knowledge of the subjects they cover.

3. How to Write About Something You Know Nothing About

This is another helpful post that I’ve had open in my browser for a while.

One of the first things you do when you start marketing online is to find a niche market. Preferably you should choose something that you’re passionate about, a topic that you know inside out. This makes it much easier to write about and come up with new ideas for content.

Sometimes though, you might just want to choose something that is a proven money maker or something that is trending. This might just be something you know very little about and this post on the Hubspot blog for marketers shows you how to go about writing content on topics that you aren’t necessarily an expert on.

I’ve been using my own process to tackle not being an expert on a subject but this post is very helpful if you want to choose a niche outside of your comfort zone.

I hope you enjoy these three posts and find them as useful as I did and come back for next week’s Sunday Shares.

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