Sunday Shares #05: Setting Up a Home Office


In this weeks Sunday Shares I only have two links. I haven’t been reading as much as I should lately but I promise you that these two shares will keep you busy.

One of the posts is personal and the other one is helpful to the point where it will open your eyes and probably keep you occupied for a while.

(1) Home Office Ideas: Brilliant Hacks to Maximize Productivity

This is the personal post as it’s actually the solution to a problem that I have.

After my son was born, my significant other moved in with me so that we could raise him together. I’ve since had trouble staying focused and having the uninterrupted space and time that I need to do affiliate marketing.

My “office” is just a spare bedroom with my desk and my laptop and whatever else I need to do affiliate marketing but I rarely use it.

It’s important to separate your home life from your office life so that you can be more productive and this is the problem that I’ve been having.

The post from Shopify gives you some home office ideas that you can use to establish that separation and give you the personal space for your business.

I especially like the DIY section (which I think most people would want to go for) and I plan on creating my own home office some time in the near future since it will help me focus more and be more productive.

Hopefully, if you’re in my situation, you’ll find some great ideas here and do this yourself as well.

(2) Niches and Affiliate Marketing: Is There Unlimited Potential?

This might just be the best thing that I’ve read all week. It’s a post from Kyle over at Wealthy Affiliate.

The post addresses people who think that all the niches have been taken and that niches are saturated – you know that kind of talk.

I’ve always said that there’s always a way to get into a niche and make money but Kyle just took a random niche and busted it wide open with idea after idea.

I love how he used my favorite keyword technique – the Alphabet Soup – to find new ideas and approaches for his random niche. He also used competing websites and Amazon to further expand his idea bank.

Check out the post especially if you’re finding it hard to come up with new ideas for your niche market or if you have a niche in mind but don’t know how to approach it.

Sorry that there are only two links this week. Sunday Shares will be back with three more links next time.

In the comments section below I want to know if you have a home office and what your setup is like.

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