Surveys Paid Review – Is It Legit?

Thinking of joining a survey site like Surveys Paid? After you read the review below, you may want to reconsider.


Surveys Paid Overview

Surveys Paid is a survey site that promises to find surveys for your location so that you can get paid.

The site charges $34 for access to a list of survey sites where you can sign up to participate in focus groups and short surveys that supposedly pay from $5 – $50.

The site also says that there are “full time paid survey jobs” available and passes off the opportunity as a job.

The Truth about Surveys Paid

The truth is that Surveys Paid is just the same as most survey sites where you pay to access a list of surveys.

These sites promise that you can make great money with surveys (as much as $500 a month or more) while in reality you can only expect to be paid anywhere from 10 cents to $3.00 average per survey.

Getting $5 – $50 is pretty much a rare case and you would have to do a lot of surveys or participate in a very extensive research survey just to get that much.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t have to pay for access to surveys as these are not guaranteed. Companies look for a random sampling and demographic so they can conduct their research and may accept or turn down your participation.
Because of this, survey sites are free to sign up and there are free lists of surveys available on the internet.

Misleading Sales Page

Another thing that should be mentioned about Surveys Paid is how misleading their sales page is.

I’ve already mentioned a few lies they’ve already told about what you can expect in terms of earnings (even though they have an earnings disclaimer linked at the bottom of the page).

They also use geographic targeting to make you think that there are surveys available in your country. The truth is that unless you’re from the USA, UK or Canada, there aren’t going to be many opportunities for you.

There are also a bit of fake testimonials. One testimonial has a geo-targeted location that changes according to where the visitor to the site resides. So its not hard to assume that the other testimonials are also fake.

Finally, there’s the thing about “full time survey takers”. It’s already mentioned that companies need a random sampling of people to participate in their market research. They would never hire anyone as full time researchers so this claim is completely false.

Surveys are not a job and you’ll have to work really hard to even get a $75 check from one company.

Pros & Cons of Surveys Paid


  • Extensive list of surveys available


  • misleading sales page (fake testimonials and false promises)
  • very little support
  • $34 to access free survey sites available elsewhere online


My advice is to pass on Surveys Paid and all other survey sites that asks you to pay for access to their lists.  Any site that lures you to join by employing fake testimonial and other false sales tactics to me is a scam so this site is definitely not legit.

You’re not going to make a lot of money with these sites so at least save the $34 bucks that Surveys Paid asks you to pay them for access.

It’s true that you may not expect to get rich doing these surveys but they’re pretty much a waste of time.

If you’re looking for a better opportunity, why not try affiliate marketing instead. Check out my recommended site to start where you can join free of charge.

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