How To Kill Your Website In 10 Simple Steps

Having a website or two online can be a good source of income. You get up in the morning, publish some content and get visitors who are actively looking for that content to visit an affiliated website and make a purchase. That purchase earns you a commission and your website just made money. That process […]

Why I Make My Own WordPress Permalinks

The easiest way to get a website online is by using WordPress. I’ve always recommended WordPress to new users and all of my own websites are build using the platform. There are many benefits to using WordPress including it’s ease of customization and the fact that Google loves WordPress sites. One of the reasons Google […]

Don’t Talk To Your Readers Like This

Affiliate marketing is not a joke. It’s a real business model with real customers and real transactions. If you have a website where you connect with readers who you want to turn into customers then you should be spending your time trying to genuinely help them solve their problems. Peep the following screenshot. I was […]