Frank Parker’s Traffic Fortune Review

Traffic FortuneOne of the key things you need in order to generate income online is traffic.

You need to get as many relevant visitors to your website as you can so that you can refer a buying customer which in turn leads to you getting a commission.

Traffic Fortune by Frank Parker (don’t know if that’s his real name), aims to give you a way of generating lots and lots of free traffic from a secret source using a breakthrough technique that he supposedly stumbled across.

In this Traffic Fortune review, I expose his 4 step technique so that we can determine whether or not this is really something that can make you money. Is this something new? Will it create a fortune for you?

Based on Frank Parker’s Video Alone

If I had to decide on getting Traffic Fortune based on Frank Parker’s video alone, I think I would definitely pass.

The video was disguised as a training video and he presented it as if you were already a paid member. You’d still have to enter your email and then be presented with the order page asking for $47. This was supposed to be free according to Frank.

There was some interesting stuff that Frank talked about in the video that got me very curious though. I’d never heard of a VVX and wanted to know what that was.

His “4 step system” included downloading a VVX and then uploading it to a secret website. This was supposed to generate lots and lots of targeted traffic that you could use to sell affiliate products.

The secret website he described as an “unheard of source” but you’ll subsequently discover that this is not true. Everyone has certainly heard of this secret website.

Although I do know how to generate traffic, this sounded like something I could use because you just cannot have enough free traffic.

What’s a VVX and How Does It Work?

It turns out that there is nothing breakthrough or revolutionary about Traffic Fortune.

Frank Parker didn’t want to reveal what a VVX meant in his “training video” but it means “viral video”. I’m not sure about the “x”.

And the secret website is actually one you know too well – Facebook!

The system goes something like this:

  1. Download viral videos
  2. Add your affiliate link for whatever program you’re promoting
  3. Upload the video to Facebook
  4. Get your friends to share the video (go viral).

This is how you’re supposed to make money with Traffic Fortune.

This system isn’t anything new. It’s just that Frank did a good job of spinning an old method a different and interesting way.

One reviewer on a forum made an interesting observation:

“If anyone is familiar with Kevin Sousa’s Viral FaceBook strategy this is pretty much the same thing with worse training.”

Can it make you money? Sure but there are all sorts of problems with this method if you’re going to rely on it as a substantial income stream. I’ll explain below. First let’s take a look at what you get in the members area.

Traffic Fortune Members Area

After you purchase Traffic Fortune, you’re hit with an upsell that is labeled as “free” but there is one catch – you need to purchase over-priced web hosting. All the gurus seem to be doing this now, it’s just ridiculous and sickening.

The members area has some tabs which I will go through below.

traffic fortune members area

Module 1

Not sure why it’s called Module 1 because there aren’t any other modules. This tab is where everything is explained through video. The videos are text and audio just like the sales video instead of the much better screencast videos.

The training isn’t really step-by-step on how to make money online but rather a step by step on how the VVX process works which I’ve explained above. There’s a lot of key information missing to call this beginner friendly.

Done For You Campaigns

This tab contains videos that you can use in your campaigns instead of downloading viral videos from YouTube and other sources. Each video has a description that you can edit and put your affiliate link.

Traffic Fortune X

This section is just training on how to get more traffic from Facebook.

Webinars & Special

The webinars tab is self-explanatory. The special tab leads you to Empower Network which I’ve reviewed before on this site. I do not have much respect for anyone who after getting my money or me as a subscriber to their list, would recommend this MLM trash.


Parker apparently doesn’t know the meaning of bonus. It’s labeled as a free traffic source but it’s Frank’s affiliate link for a paid service called GoRankMe which at the time of this writing, the website was down.


This is a critical part of any make money online training program. However, the only support that could be found here was email support.

Why Traffic Fortune Doesn’t Work

The thing about Traffic Fortune is that it strives to be something revolutionary when it really is just one played out method that fits into a bigger equation. If you’re a beginner and you’re given this method to make money, you’re starting in the middle.

There really isn’t any secret to making money online as an affiliate. The process is always the same. There is a starting point (which is neglected in Traffic Fortune) and there are various methods you can choose to use AFTER you know the basics. These methods have varying degrees of effectiveness.

The effectiveness of the Traffic Fortune method to make money isn’t all that great and I fail to see how Frank could be telling the truth about his Clickbank earnings in the sales video.

First of all, you need to present these videos to a group of people (a niche) that are looking for whatever you’re promoting as an affiliate. If you share a video to your Facebook friends, they’re probably not going to buy what you’re promoting. I can’t see how anyone could get more than a here and there sale using this method if any at all.

Another problem you’ll run into is the fact that your initial video will inevitably move down and your traffic even if it does go viral on Facebook will drop off. You’ll have to keep uploading videos. You’ll have to keep growing your friends list.

I just can’t see this method working as well as Frank Parker says it will.

A Way That Doesn’t Fail

Instead of wasting your time uploading videos and hoping for a sale, you could learn how to make money as an affiliate marketing by creating a website.

This is a method that doesn’t fail especially if you follow the training that I’m going to recommend. By creating a website, you’re creating a long term business that will pay you over and over again for connecting real people with what they’re searching for online.

You’ll learn how to generate free traffic that will be around for years. I still make sales from website content that I wrote 4 years ago and I’ve only had to write that content once.

The site that I recommend you use for training is the same one that I currently used and have been using for over 7 years.

They have all the tools and training necessary for you to succeed with affiliate marketing and there are not shady tactics and unnecessary selling in the members area like what you see in Traffic Fortune.

In fact, here’s a comparison of my #1 recommended site with Traffic Fortune so you can see the big picture.

Traffic Fortune fails on so many levels. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review for more reasons why I recommend them as your #1 training resource.


    • What kind of links are you trying to generate traffic to? If you mean affiliate links then your best option is to create a website and generate traffic to content pages that contain your affiliate links.

    • A VVX is a viral video and you’re supposed to download them from Youtube. Be careful with this because you could get into trouble for downloading other people’s content and reuploading them as your own. Do this at your own risk or don’t do it at all.

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