Traffic Swarm Review – Is Traffic Swarm Any Good?

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Years ago, when I was just getting into affiliate marketing, I first encountered Traffic Swarm while looking for ways to promote my affiliate links from Clickbank.

My experience was not too fruitful and I ended up not using the site much after a while. There is one good thing that came out of clicking on ads on Traffic Swarm and I’ll tell you about this below.

The website is still around today which is why I’m writing this Traffic Swarm review.

Is the site any good at getting you traffic? Read on for the answer to this very popular question.

What Is Traffic Swarm All About?

Traffic Swarm is a site that claims to deliver a “swarm of traffic” for people who sign up to the site.

The website has been around since about 2004 and is one of the top traffic exchanges on the internet. There have actually been a lot of other sites that popped up afterwards that try to clone the Traffic Swarm system.

The way the site works is you can join as a free member and visit other people’s websites to accumulate credits. These credits allow for your website to be put in rotation so that other members can view your website. The more credits you have, the more your website will be viewed. This is how you get free traffic using the Traffic Swarm system.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to become a pro member and get 5000 free monthly credits and other benefits so that you wouldn’t have to surf for credits. Or you can skip becoming a pro member and just purchase credits in bulk for a one time fee.

Traffic Swarm Pro

This hands off method of using Traffic Swarm might actually sound like a great way to use the system but there are only a very small percentage of people that use the system correctly. Even for this small percentage of people, the traffic you’re getting from Traffic Swarm isn’t even the kind of traffic you want.

More than likely, when you use the Traffic Swarm system to get traffic, you’re going to be wasting your time as a free member. As a pro member, you’re going to find that paying for this type of traffic isn’t worth the money at all.

My Experience with Traffic Swarm

I joined Traffic Swarm back in 2006 when I was just getting into affiliate marketing. Paying for traffic via Google Adwords was getting harder and more expensive and I wanted a free solution for sending traffic to my affiliate links.

Back then, I knew very little about search engine optimization, I didn’t have my own website nor did I want to spend my time writing articles about things I knew very little about. I just wanted to make money.

At some point, someone recommended Traffic Swarm and off I went to surf for traffic.

I put all sorts of links in there for different Clickbank products and surfed for credits. I would get clicks but when I checked my Clickbank account, it was all zeros.

After a while I caught on to what was really going on and some quick research confirmed it.

I was not going to make any money from the traffic I was getting because everyone else was just like me. They were all viewing my website so that other people would view theirs – the brutal truth to the meaning of the term “traffic exchange”.

It was truly a waste of time spending so much time clicking and viewing ads just to get some traffic to my links.

I think I moved on to other things after that and never logged back in until recently.

Between then and now, not much has changed with the Traffic Swarm system from what I can remember except for the site’s design.

Is Traffic Swarm Any Good?

There is one good thing that came out of getting involved with Traffic Swarm.

While clicking through ads to get credits, I came across an ad that introduced me to a money making method then called Bum Marketing by a guy named Travis.

Travis is a smart guy and he knew exactly what kind of traffic he was getting, who were clicking and what they wanted – questions I don’t think a lot of traffic exchange users ask.

He knew exactly how to make his offer catchy to this crowd and he did indeed catch me.

For this type of marketer, who knew exactly what type of traffic he was getting, Traffic Swarm works.

While on the Bum Marketing list, I was referred to the last affiliate marketing training site that I would ever use, Wealthy Affiliate. So this is the one good thing that came out of Traffic Swarm. Well, that and the lesson I learned about knowing what type of traffic you have.

For most users, they’re just blindly surfing, hoping that people click on their ads and bought into whatever crappy product they were trying to sell.

The one thing they don’t understand is that people are browsing for free traffic, they’re not there to spend money.

Hence the reason why I don’t like or recommend traffic exchanges. It’s just other marketers who are there for the same reasons you are there.

If you understand that, you’re going to have to tailor your offer to a niche looking for free traffic and get them onto an email list. Nothing else is going to convert as well as that offer.

Traffic Swarm Emails aren’t Encouraging Either

The real reason that prompted me to write this review is an email I got a couple of weeks ago.

It was the latest of many emails that came before recommending shady or outright scam products like Empower Network, Rich Janitor and even some Clicksure scams.

Either someone at Traffic Swarm doesn’t care about their users, or they were being paid to send these out as part of their service. Either ways it shows lack of integrity and bad ethics.

There is no way to unsubscribe from the emails except to login and cancel your subscription from your members area. This is how I ended up logging back into the site.

But I decided not to cancel. Instead, I’ll just see what products they recommend so that I can write reviews about them.

The Bottomline

In conclusion, I do not recommend Traffic Swarm because the traffic has such a narrow scope – only other internet marketers looking for free traffic.

It’s pretty much a waste of time and effort when I could be getting free traffic for life via search engines by ranking articles on my own website.

Furthermore, the experience of being on Traffic Swarm’s email list is terrible as they’re going to send you those scammy emails recommending low quality products.

Traffic Swarm isn’t worth it but if you’re going to give it a try at least be like that Travis guy and know what you’re getting into.

Have you tried Traffic Swarm? I’d like to hear about your experience below in the comment section. Please share.


  1. I signed up to this site, created an ad, which was still waiting approval. then i was surfing sites for credits. which i was already having 925 credits for 1hour 30 minuts of surfing.
    later on there was a pop up box which offers me a discounted one time offer to an ad tracking site “admirer” which i instead clicked on “continue to my account” the next thing i saw was my login page, when i enter my info and click login,
    this message pops up
    “Sorry, your account is no longer active.” so thats the end of my account after 1 hour 30 minutes of creation .

    • That’s weird. If you’re already logged in and surfing why do they want you to continue to your account by logging back in with your info? Sounds like you could have been phished. Did you get an email notification explaining why your account was closed? Did you try reloading the site and going to their login page and entering your info again?

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