Traffic With Anthony Encourages Stealing Other People’s Content

Traffic with Anthony presentationSeveral weeks ago, I re-posted a review I did in 2010 about one of Anthony Morrison’s products called Advertising Profits From Home.

The review exposed the short-comings of Anthony’s program and also exposed Anthony Morrison as a scammer. I would never recommend anything associated with Anthony because almost anything he releases is usually met with very similar complaints.

This week, Anthony released some software and training called Traffic With Anthony which I wasn’t even going to bother to review at first until I saw a complaint recently on a popular internet marketing forum. It was then that I decided to do some research into this Traffic with Anthony software and prepare a review to warn others.

What is Traffic with Anthony?

Traffic with Anthony is a software program that Anthony claims he uses to get traffic really, really fast using YouTube. Along with the software, you also get some training on how to make money with the software.

The software itself has two functions. The first is a video ripper that is used to rip (download) videos from YouTube and upload them onto your own channel. Anthony suggests that you rip viral videos and re-post them as your own since these type of videos already have the qualities that attract visitors, comments, likes and so on.

The other function is a message blaster that lets you bulk send messages to viral video owners on YouTube asking them to place your own self-serving link within their video description. This should save the time it takes to find and message each individual video owner who may or may not respond to your message.

By using the Traffic with Anthony software, you’re supposed to be able to get huge rushes of traffic to your site as soon as you post your videos which means you could be making lots of sales really fast. You’ll also be able to have your affiliate link added to viral videos which should create the same effect.

Not so fast though. There are several problems with using this software.

Anthony Morrison Advocates Stealing (I’m Not Surprised)

Whether you copy someone’s article and post it on your own website as your content or you rip a video from YouTube and post is as your own, this is stealing.

Using a video ripper to download and re-post a video to YouTube isn’t how you want to make money online. Trust me when I say this. It’s not going to last and you could get into trouble for it.

Here’s what YouTube says in it’s Terms of Service (you know that wordy document they ask you to read but no one ever reads when you sign up for an account).

Section 5B – “Your use of Content” states:

Content is provided to you AS IS. You may access Content for your information and personal use solely as intended through the provided functionality of the Service and as permitted under these Terms of Service. You shall not download any Content unless you see a “download” or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content. You shall not copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, or otherwise exploit any Content for any other purposes without the prior written consent of YouTube or the respective licensors of the Content. YouTube and its licensors reserve all rights not expressly granted in and to the Service and the Content.

In other words, you’re breaking YouTube’s terms of service and this could get your account terminated if you are reported. It is also an issue of ethics because you’re stealing the hard work that was created by someone else in it’s entirety and posting it as your own work for monetary gain.

I am not surprised that Anthony Morrison would suggest this as a way to make money. I am always wondering how is it that this guy has so many complaints, bad reviews, he’s known as a scammer and he still manages to ignore all that stuff and come up with new programs to sell to people.

I couldn’t help but shake my head when he appeared in the video bashing other gurus who teach legitimate methods while he opts for selling a software that allows people to steal.

No One Likes Bulk Spam

The other part of the software lets you send bulk messages to lots of viral video owners. This to me is spam, even though you’re just asking them to place a link in their video description.

Sure the training tells you to split the profits with the video owner but I could see a lot of problems with this.

Firstly, no one likes bulk spam. It’s also possible that a viral video owner is going to get multiple messages from different people who own the software. No one has time for that type of crap.

And who cares about your link anyway? A lot of the times, I’m sure it wouldn’t have anything to do with the video.

What I Think about Traffic With Anthony

The entire concept, while it may work for the owner is built around stealing, breaking YouTube’s terms of service, spamming and other bad activity that can get you into trouble as well as frustrate you.

It’s possible that you can make money with this but definitely not the money Anthony shows in the screenshots on the video. And this is not a way to build a long term business that you can be proud of.

And if those reasons weren’t enough – let’s say you’re one of those guys that think that nothing’s wrong with ripping videos and re-posting them as your own. Or you think that nothing’s wrong with sending spam. So you decide that you’re getting Traffic with Anthony anyway.

Here’s the other part of the story. Remember, you’re dealing with Anthony Morrison. This guy has tonnes of complaints against him all over the internet. Is the software actually that good? How about the training? What if you have a questions? Can you use your credit card in confidence to purchase this? Will they sell me a bunch of stuff I don’t want?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself and as I mentioned before, I’m writing this article because of a complaint that I came across about this software.

Traffic With Anthony Complaints

Here’s a review from someone who bought the Traffic with Anthony software. His experience with the company spelled disaster and this should be a warning to you if you decide that my above arguments against stealing other people’s content  did not convince you to stay away.

I need to post this review in the hope none of you fall into the trap set up by these people.
I purchased this service yesterday and it took ages before getting to the actual product owing to the amount of upsells. I nearly lost the will to live and thought the offers would never end. I even had to pause it because I have a life outside the internet.
You can’t use the product without purchasing the software but sneakily, they don;t mention that when you buy the course. I contacted ‘Anthony’ about this and asked for a refund seeing as the course didn’t work without purchasing the software and a host of other products.

The reply was yet another link to buy another product which was an insult to intelligence.
There is obviously NO money back guarantee and seems to be yet another scam.

If I ever get my $7 refund lol, I’ll update you here but I’ll avoid my local cafe for a couple of days to recover the loss.

This is probably the worst so called product I’ve ever experienced and please please please, whatever you do, don’t get conned into this.


Source: WarriorForum

Here are a list of cons for this product that I gathered from this complaint.

  • Lots of upsells – You may end up spending hundreds just to get the most out of this product
  • Different modules don’t work independently – you need to purchase the software to use the training or vice versa.
  • Hassle to get a refund – That’s if you’re even guaranteed a refund at all
  • Poor customer support – request for a refund is met with a link to purchase more products

These complaints are common place for Anthony’s many products and should be enough to help you decide not to get involved with this program.

Why Forget about Traffic With Anthony

So just to recap in case you just skimmed over the article, here are some reasons why you should just forget about getting this Traffic with Anthony software.

(1) It involves stealing other people’s work – This can spell trouble for you as you’re breaking YouTube’s terms of service and you could get your account banned. And if you consider yourself a decent human being then you’ll know what to do.

(2) It’s just a get rich quick method – This is by no means any way to build a solid online business that you can use to make money for years to come. If Anthony has used these methods to make money fast, he has done so at the expense of his own credibility. No one has anything good to say about Anthony Morrison.

(3) It’s by Anthony Morrison – Just this fact alone should be a red flag. If you don’t know who Anthony Morrison is, just Googling his name is enough to convince you about this guy. Also you can read my Advertising Profits from Home review.

(4)  Training doesn’t work without the software – This means that you’re going to have to shell out more money than you initially thought you’d spend. Plus there are lots of upsells to get you to spend even more. And once you’re in Morrison’s sales funnel, you’ll be a target for selling any and everything Morrison could recommend including expensive seminars that you don’t need.

(5) Is there a money back guarantee? – This isn’t the real question. Even though there might be a money back guarantee, is it even honored? You may find that you have to fight to get a refund if you decide that the product isn’t for you. The software is sold through Morrison’s own network so don’t count on third party protection like when you buy something from a network like Clickbank.

If You Hate Scams…

…and you want to build a long term business or just earn a few extra dollars online in an ethical manner then Traffic for Anthony is definitely not going to help.

Instead check out a program like Wealthy Affiliate where you can get started without any initial investment. This is the same site that I used to start making money online over 6 years ago and I’m still a member because the training simply works.

In comparison to Traffic with Anthony, the owners of the program are two trustworthy and approachable guys who interact with the community on a daily basis and will personally answer any questions you have. There are no get rich quick methods designed to get you into trouble at Wealthy Affiliate – just plain old info on how to build a profitable and lasting internet business that will pay you for years.

No pushy support staff either. The community helps each other out and Kyle and Carson are always a question away if you need them.

Check out my full review here and get started with a free account to experience Wealthy Affiliate for yourself.

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