Truth or Hype TV Review – Not EN Again!?!

Truth or Hype TVI just got an email in my inbox that said I could earn $1200 a day.

Following the link led me to some kind of opportunity to watch a video for Truth or Hype TV.

I hadn’t heard about them before but just judging from the sender of the email and the look of the page, I thought I knew what this was about.

The page looked familiar with a video and testimonials below.

With the subject line of the email (which came from an affiliate) and the claims on the Truth or Hype TV page, it definitely looked like hype to me.

So what was this all about?

Another Funnel for Empower Network

I did enter my email to watch the video because I wanted to know what it was about and the follow up email I got confirmed my suspicion.

This was just another funnel for people to join Empower Network, an MLM opportunity that I’ve written a negative review about a while back.

If you’re wondering whether Truth or Hype TV is a scam or whether you should take this opportunity, then it all boils down to whether or not you would want to get involved with the Empower Network.

Truth or Hype TV in itself isn’t a scam because they’re just affiliates trying to get people to Empower Network. I would stay away from both though.

These type of funnels are a common tactic designed to get people into Empower Network and are usually built by a team of affiliates for the MLM program.

Some other funnels that have come before Truth or Hype TV are Pizzaboy Millionaire and iPas 2 for example. I haven’t reviewed these in the past because they ultimately lead to Empower Network which I’ve reviewed.

I haven’t dug too much into Truth or Hype TV either because it is obviously hype and it leads to Empower Network which I have already gave my opinion about.

You can read my full review of Empower Network here.

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