Scammed by Get Auto Commissions – From A Real User

Dave and Diana DanielsA guy by the name of Al recently commented on my review of Get Auto Commissions and confirmed that I was right about the program. He declared it a scam and detailed his experience with the software program from being held for ransom from the useless upsells to using the software and asking for a refund.

I have warned people about Get Auto Commissions and I asked that they avoid it for a number of reasons. Below I have posted Al’s comments with a bit of formatting and a few edits for spelling and grammar.

Al’s Review of Get Auto Commissions

I fell for the trap, and purchased the “Get Auto Commissions” system, last Friday (12/14/2013).

Let me tell you good, honest, hardworking people what they do (The Scheme and Plot): During their very looooong first video introduction (emailed to you) into explaining very little about their system, and (exactly) how it works… they’ll very deceptively tell you “All you have to pay is $49.00, and that’s it… And there’s a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!… WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE?… Just $49.00, no hidden fees”.

THEN after you click that button to join ”Clicksure” (their version of ”Clickbank”), and pay that $49.00 membership fee, guess what happens immediately after that payment transaction screen disappears???… ANOTHER video, with typed right up under THAT video another “Pay now!… for UPGRADE” Button with “60 day money back Guarantee” wrapped around the bottom of it. And right above that video you’ll see it says “STEP 2” (paying the $49.00 was “Step 1”).

So, the video starts to play and it’s “Dave Daniels” (the soo called loving, caring and trustworthy “brother” of “Dian Daniels”), all by himself… asking, begging and doing a good job trying to convince you to take the next step in “upgrading your membership for another $195.00”, and saying that “this offer won’t still be available if you RIGHT NOW say “NO” to it… it will be gone FOREVER!” So, I get irritated and click the back button.

Immediately after I did that WAIT!… OK, OK… you’re twisting my arm (It’s another video with Diana), we can cut this upgrade deal down to just $95.00, because we want soooo much for you to succeed. So, in me thinking “OK, but this better be it”, and at the same time thinking “This is “Step-2″, I might not be able to get this program started if I don’t take care of this step 2”, so I payed the $95.00. I got that out of the way thinking that “Surely it’s over… they won’t ask me for anymore money… NO WAY!”

Guess what? Right after I finished the $95.00 transaction via their Clicksure scam company… ANOTHER video with a “bonus (NOT “UPGRADE” this time) 60 Day Money Back Guarantee” button along the bottom of it, pops up… I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! And it had the dreaded “Step 3” gracing across the top of that video.

So, in the video THIS time was “Diana” (In the very first introduction video it’s Diana, Dave and their so called Dad). She’s begging and selling you a supposed “Amazingly Free bonus” (Yeah… “Free” for only $197.00) of “13 Money Making Machine Websites… that will easily generate $100′s of thousands of dollars per week”…. and trying to convince you why you need to add them to the system, and why they’re important to the system. She’s asking for another $197.00 (Remember… “FREE” now). And just like her brother did in the earlier video (“Step 2”), she tells you and literally promises you, that if you don’t say “YES” to this “Bonus” opportunity, it won’t be available later… don’t miss out!”

So, out of even MORE anger, disappointment and frustration, I clicked the ‘Back’ button, and the same thing happens (That happened when I tried to click ‘back’ on the previous video) “WAIT!”

Then another quick video pops up, featuring their Dad, who say’s something like “OK, OK… you got us, we’ll give you a discount. We’ll knock $100.00 off of this Bonus deal, and you pay only $97.00”. So, with my back against the wall, I went on ahead and paid it. Thank God, that was finally the last payment trick.

The Get Auto Commissions Software

So, I finally get to the membership site. I had a hard time downloading their system into my computer, because if you have any virus blocking programs in your computer, you have to temporarily disable them first, in order to download their product (their product might BE an actual virus… lol), and they have a looong, deep page of not only the “Get Auto Commissions” system, but OTHER so called “Fast Moneymaking System” websites… about 13-15 of them. And they’re ALL designed to make money off of you (mostly of you joining them and you paying them to build you a website, and also pay monthly to host that website, etc)… somehow, someway. They ALL cost good money, and the TRUE owner of “GAC’s” ‘Mike Auton’, NOT Dave and Diana Daniels (the actors). In fact, after they get your $241 or more dollars that you paid up front, you won’t even SEE or HEAR from Dave, Diana, their so called Dad ANYMORE.

Anyway, I tried the main item of the “Get Auto Commissions” – Fast Moneymaking System. Here’s what their system does, and ALL it only does: It converts MP3 Music into videos. But NOT into the regular and original music videos like you see on ‘MTV’ with the singer performing… etc. These videos are converted into ‘LYRIC’ music videos. After the conversion is done, their lyric music video will look like some sort of basic Stationary and Artistic Background, and as the music plays… the words for that song will pop up on the screen… and that’s it.

Their system provides you with a selected ‘MP3′ music search website (affiliated with them), that searches for any music artists name, or song that you type in it’s search box. THEN after you type that name in there, a list of Music MP3 Download sites will pop up under that ‘Search’ box. The main #1 music download website that was very constant with most of the songs/artist listed, was a site called “Zippyshare”, and another one that showed up from time to time in that search was called “2Shared””.

So, I thought that I would be smart and look up ALL of the currently popular artists and songs (excited I was thinking “Surely I would get traffic if they’re popular, and it’s on ‘Youtube!… Yeah, I’ve got it made!”). I would type a popular artist in the search box of that website like “Rihanna” or “Pittbull”, I’d go to the sites posted by this music search website… provided by the “Get Auto Commissions” System, and click on one of them. That link will bring you to a another download website, that has that song listed on it for you to download (most of the downloads will be bad, some good). Then you take that downloaded song and put it in the converter box of that same MP3 website, that’s provided by “GAC” (that very same MP3 site that you used for the search) and it’s supposed to convert that song into a “Lyrics Music Video”, but it wouldn’t do it for MOST of the songs that I tried to convert via that system. What would happen is that, you’ll get that basic, stationary and artistic background picture, and the song will play, but no LYRICS words will be popping up… and when you try to post that on ‘Youtube’, they’ll automatically say “Not a Video”, and won’t post it.

It eventually became like looking for a needle in a haystack, (clicking on one website listed after another, until I found a good file that would convert into a lyric video), trying to find good downloads. And this will be EXACTLY what YOU’LL be doing via the so called “Fast Money Making System- THAT DOES ALL OF THE WORK FOR YOU… YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO HARDLY ANYTHING, BUT WATCH THE MONEY ROLL IN”… Yeah RIGHT!!!

I finally started trying to work this system on a Sunday evening. I spent 6+ hours trying to find songs that would properly convert into lyric videos via their MP3 conversion system, but 9 times out of 10… I kept coming up empty. I started with the program at around 4pm working for videos. At about 12:30am at night, I had FINALLY finished posting lyric videos on ‘Youtube’, via that whole time, I was only able to find and convert only 5 lyric videos (very disappointing and frustrating for me). When I went to bed that night, the ‘Youtube’ page showed me “NO VIEWS” for NONE of them (this is very popular “YOUTUBE” now). Woke up the next morning about (9:30am), looked at that Youtube page… STILL “No Views” on NONE of them. I couldn’t believe it. So, I deleted ALL of them.

Asking For a Refund

On Monday, I sincerely asked for a refund. I was not pleased or impressed with their product, and I CERTAINLY wasn’t going to turn to any of those OTHER systems that they had listed/posted under their system, for me to pay (spend MORE money) a Website development company another $90.00+ to build me a site, and another $30.00+ per month for hosting that site. I wasn’t giving them NOT one more DIME of my money.

So I had to work (they make it extremely difficult, for you to find out how to get that refund), to eventually find my way to Clicksure to ask for the refund. Clicksure responded by saying “We’ll have to wait for GAC’s response”. And the next day, GAC responded by saying something like “We’re sorry to hear that you want a refund, but if you do the 7 steps (Youtube Lyric Music video) Plan, you’ll easily make your money back. Customer service personnel are available to assist you”. And, so I would tell them that i’m no longer interested in their product, but yet… the same similar, quick response… with NO NAME of the person who’s answering your refund messages for refund (ANOTHER red flag)… whatsoever.


So, if you’re thinking about getting involved with this guys (Mike Auton) system, get ready to pay several hundreds of dollars to just get started/up front (NOT “JUST $49.00”, that’s just a hook) alone. And GET READY to sweat behind your computer and do A LOTTT OF Work!

Again… It’s NOT NEARLY as “quick and easy” as they make it seem it is to make money via their system. IF their system REALLY works, and EVER works, it’s going to take weeks, if not months. So, do the wise and smart thing and keep your $241 – $450,00+ Dollars in your bank account. They’re just after your money, and they’re greedy and dishonest with their so called “60 DAY, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE”. Forget about a refund. They’re greedy. They can’t even handle paying me back $241.00.

BEWARE OF “GET AUTO COMMISSIONS”. They’re just looking and hoping to catch everyone in the shopping and spending mood, that most people are in; right before Christmas and New Years. It’s DEFINITELY not some strange coincidence in them RE-Releasing their so called “Money Making Engine System” to the rest of the public (this system has been out for a while now) before these holidays. They’re hoping and planning to CLEAN UP!… and get MORE suckers. Think about it good, smart folks… IF their system actually generates so much money, then why are they revealing it to the public??? It’s YOUR money in PAYING for this garbage, that’s making THEM the “Money Machine”… taking YOUR money. They’re the ones that’s going to be rolling to the bank… not you.

Please believe what i’m telling you here folks… I can’t make this up!… I wouldn’t lie to you, God is my witness. And I am a man of God. Take my advice good folks, keep your wallet and credit cards in your pockets…. and RUN from GAC’s. Don’t pay those Diana and Dave bozos… with their fake smiles, any mind. Take it from me… i’ve learned my lesson. PLEASE don’t do it. And warn your family, friends and neighbors.

One more thing about this Auton guy and his company: I tried to report him and his establishment to the ‘BBB’, but in order to do that via their ‘BBB’ Website, you must have an address and location of his company. The ‘BBB’ site no longer just takes names. If you don’t have a full name along with full address, state and city, then they can’t help you. And that explains WHY when you type this guy and his GAC’s in the ‘Google’ or other search engine systems… you won’t find any complaints, or warnings from the ‘BBB’. This guy Auton and his company have done a crafty job at masking their websites and emails with false names, and false addresses/locations. Take for instance… the email that was sent out to everyone, introducing their video of the fake “Daniels family”. I looked at the bottom of that email to learn who the email was from, and their location. It reads:

“Diana Daniels, Dave Daniels”-

“91245 Hilltop Square Lesserton, CA 354875”

So, I looked that address up (Googled it)… and lo and behold, there’s no such address. And there certainly was no such place in California as “HILLTOP SQUARE” or a “Lesserton CA”. Even the Zip code of “354875” was WHACK!


That right there ALONE should have raised big red flags to me… but I was blinded by the ridiculous money amounts that they claimed you could generate, in short periods of time.

Folks, i’m not telling you these things to say THIS IS BAD, TRY THIS ONE.. THIS IS BETTER (that old trick), and neither will you see any affiliate link hidden anywhere in my comments. My motivation for sharing my experience with you, is purely due to them not refunding my money… and that’s it. If it weren’t for that… you wouldn’t be seeing this. I don’t like dishonest companies, who use their power to bully good, honest, hardworking people. They have absolutely NO RESPECT for us, all they want is to take your money and KEEP IT.

So, again… don’t let the fake mansion, fancy sports cars, fake smiles, fake FAST MONEY testimonies, fake emails, fake “Just $49.00”, fake “60 Money back Guarantee… NO QUESTIONS ASKED” (they definitely will be asking you, they asked ME… and although I had a very legitimate excuse, they STILL refused to give me back my money).

People… consider yourselves warned of this total scam.

Blessed is the person, who believes what I said here (that they will take heed and keep their credit card on hard lock down, for this one)… that they would save themselves at least $241, and plenty of their time. Don’t waste your TIME… and certainly don’t waste your money.

“If it sounds wayyy too good to be ‘True’ is usually is” (and this bogus system is CERTAINLY one of them. Trust me… or you’ll be very… very sorry you didn’t ).

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