WA Experiment Day 1: Getting Started


It’s been over a week since I announced that I would be doing a Wealthy Affiliate experiment where I would be building a website using only the training available at Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m finally ready to get going after being ill for some days. I’m feeling better now and ready to go.

To get started I’m going to be looking at Lesson 1 & 2 of the Online Entrepreneur Course – the Level 1 training available to every Wealthy Affiliate member regardless of their membership status.

This is the starting point of all the training and is commonly referred to as the “Get Started Course”.

If you’re completely new to the concept of affiliate marketing, then this is where you would start.

Lesson 1

There isn’t much I can apply to the building of my site by going through Lesson 1 of the course.

This lesson is mainly to get new students familiar with the platform through which they are going to be learning and how to receive support when they need it.

The lesson also explains the process you’ll go through to create success and dispenses some words of advice that I wish more readers of this blog would keep in mind. My favorite of these is “anything NEW can appear to be overwhelming at first”. You just need to stick with it until you understand what you’re doing.

The process that this experiment will follow is outlined in the lesson.

  1. I’ll choose an interest (niche market)
  2. I’ll build the website
  3. I’ll get rankings in the search engine so that I can get visitors
  4. I’m going to make money (which I’ll report).

Once I make money, I can say that this experiment is a success and that the training at Wealthy Affiliate works.

You can check out Lesson 1 here and complete the tasks as you follow along with this experiment.

Lesson 2

I’m covering Lesson 2 here as well because this, like Lesson 1, doesn’t directly have much that I can apply to the experiment and is more of a “this is how it works” type lesson.

In Lesson 2, the focus is to show you just how money is made on the internet using affiliate marketing. Once you understand this concept, you’ll have a better idea of the path you’re taking as you do each lesson and complete each task.

There’s a video in the lesson of the money making process explained that makes it easier to understand.

Lesson 2 vid

Another important thing that is touched in this lesson is the idea of making goals. Both financial and non-financial goals. This a very important part of making money online. When I was just getting started, I made the non-financial goal of quitting my job by August 2010 and I ended up quitting a year and some months ahead of time back in 2009.

With regards to the site I will be building, I want to have at least a consistent 50 visitors a day by the time I hit the 3 month mark. I also want to have made my first sale by this time.

Are You Following?

If you’re following along, I would be happy to answer any questions you have in the comments section of this blog or within Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’re not following along as yet, you can check out the Get Started Course here or see my review of Wealthy Affiliate before signing up for the free lessons.

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