WA Experiment Day 3: Building The Website

build website

After you’ve chosen the niche market, you can then move on to building the website which is the step we’ll be taking in day 3 of the Wealthy Affiliate training experiment.

Building a website used to be a complicated task once upon a time and you had to know about html, coding, php and all sorts of confusing and technical stuff.

Most of the times you had to have a website builder software on your computer and you had to know how to use it. It was almost like being an artist if you wanted to build a beautiful website.

Nowadays, the process is simplified and you don’t need to have any previous experience or technical knowledge to be able to build a website on your own.

Web building has evolved to the point where all you need to do is make a couple of clicks and you have a beautiful website up and running in only a few minutes.

There are tonnes of website builders out there that can allow you to build websites. Most of them will allow you to start the website for free but you will have to pay for stuff like using your own domain name, to remove ads, to add more pages or for web hosting.

Some of these website builder services you might have heard about through tv ads are:

  1. Wix
  2. Web.com
  3. Weebly
  4. Squarespace
  5. 1&1

These may be all good but I wouldn’t recommend them for someone who is new to making money online. You need something that you can launch very quickly and not have to concentrate too much on website building and design but rather on creating content and getting visitors.

Lesson 4

In Lesson 4 of the Wealthy Affiliate training course (Level 1), they’ll show you an easy way to get your website up and running within minutes.

Using a system called Site Rubix, all the steps are presented to you in a format where you can just click to choose the design and other elements, click to create the site and when it’s done your website will be online for the world to see it. There’s no need to get web hosting because that is built into the system.

Site Rubix uses WordPress, a blogging and website building platform, to build the sites and I usually recommend people use WordPress because it’s easier to manage than sites where you have to build and upload each page from your computer.

Before you build a website, you would usually need to have a domain name but with Site Rubix, you can start with a free one, build the site and then later migrate to a paid domain name. This is useful if you just want to get started and think about the domain name later.

Free members of Wealthy Affiliate get two free websites to try things out on and premium members can have up to 50 websites.

You can read my full review of Site Rubix website builder to see why I think this is the best website builder affiliate marketers should be using.

Building My Website

I’ve always had my own web hosting way before Wealthy Affiliate offered that service to members. So I usually install my websites through the hosting control panel.

It’s a bit like using Site Rubix but it’s not built into my Wealthy Affiliate membership so that’s one disadvantage – I have to pay for separate hosting. However, I haven’t had a problem hosting with Bluehost so I just stick with it.

I’ve installed my website on WordPress using my own domain name which I’ll reveal soon and I’ve set it up with a Genesis Theme from Studiopress. There’s just a couple more steps you’ll need to take for the site to be completely ready but we’ll deal with that in Day 4 and the next lesson.

Build Your Site

If you’ve followed me this far into the experiment, you should have already read the beginner lessons, set some goals, chosen a niche market and finally ready to build your website.

If this is the case then you’re on your way to success. If you’re stuck then maybe I can help you. Please use the comment form below to ask questions or log into Wealthy Affiliate and use the community support for more expert help.

Go ahead and read Lesson 4 of the Level 1 course and build your website using Site Rubix.

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