WA Experiment Day 4: Getting Your Website Ready

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I’ve already built the website. Now I just need to set it up so that I can easily manage everything and also attract visitors to my site.

There are only a couple of steps left before we can start posting content and attracting visitors to the site in our effort to make money online.

I’ll walk through two lessons from Wealthy Affiliate today because they’re pretty straight forward tasks that only take less than 10 minutes of your time to complete.

Lesson 5

In Lesson 5 of the Level 1 course, you’ll learn how to set up the internal workings of the website within the management area.

The great thing about WordPress sites is that you can add different features to your website by installing plugins. This is one of the reasons why I usually recommend WordPress over other types of websites.

With WordPress being an open source project, there are thousands of developers who work on plugins, themes and other features of WordPress to make it better so no matter what you want to do with your website, you can always find a plugin to help out.

When you build your website with Site Rubix, the system automatically installs the necessary plugins that are needed to run an affiliate marketing website. This is one of the advantages of building your website with Site Rubix.

In Lesson 5, the tasks include logging into your website, activating and updating the installed plugins as well as deleting the default post and page that come with every WordPress installation.

There’s a video to watch and the rest of the lesson is clear with screenshots and step by step instructions of what to do.

Lesson 6

One of the plugins you installed in Lesson 5 is the All in One SEO plugin. This plugin makes your site show up better in the search engines and help you to find visitors by targeting the searches people will be doing to find your website.

Lesson 6 explains how this SEO (search engine optimization) works and the supplementary video tutorial will show you how to set up the All in One SEO plugin on your site.

These are the only tasks for this lesson but it’s a very important one. With a properly SEO’d website, you have a better chance of having searchers land on your website, reading your content and then going off to the merchant site to buy something.

Setting Up My Website

On my website that I’ll be using for the experiment, I’ve installed the necessary plugins minus the All in One SEO. The reason for this is because this feature is already built into the theme that I’m using. All themes from Studiopress that use the Genesis Framework have built in SEO function so that you don’t have to use an SEO plugin.

Having this function built into my theme just saved me from having to do one lesson within the training but it’s worth it to watch the video so that you can learn the basics of SEO and how to get visitors to your website using this method.

Have You Set Up Your Website Yet?

If you’re following along the experiment then you should have picked a niche and built your website as well as set up the plugins for your website.

You’ve come a long way if you’ve completed all the tasks and now you have a website that is ready to make money. You’re already a success and it wasn’t hard at all thanks to the simplified training from Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’re still stuck on something then you have the chance to get help now by asking questions either within the community or in the comments below.

Thanks for following. The next step would be to come up with ideas for content that I’m going to post on the site to attract visitors and make money.

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