WA Experiment Day 6: Adding Pages On Your Website

adding pages

The next step in getting your website organized is to add some requisite pages and create a menu so that visitors can easily navigate your website.

Affiliate websites, in addition to promotional and informational content should always have the following pages.

  • About Me – I simply put “About” and this tells the visitor who they’re interacting with and why.
  • Contact Page – So that visitors can reach someone if they have questions
  • Privacy Policy – If people use your contact page or you’re collecting email addresses then you need a page that shows that you care about a users privacy. This page doesn’t need to go in the menu but it needs to be a part of the site. It is also required by Google especially if you’re going to be using their advertising (Adsense or Adwords).

There are other pages that you can have but these are a must when you start creating a website for the purpose of affiliate marketing.

Lesson 8

The lesson 8 tutorial and video walk-through explains the need for these pages and helps you understand the use of categories to organize the content on your site.

You’re asked to come up with at least 3 ideas for categories on your website and to also draft three important pages, the about page, the privacy policy and your home page.

Instructions are clear, concise and lead into Lesson 9

Lesson 9

In Lesson 9, you’re introduced to the idea of creating content and how search engines interact with the content that you create.

A 22 minute video walks you through creating your initial pages and you’re tasked with creating and publishing these initial pages on your website.

A sample of a privacy policy page is included that you can copy, paste and edit just in case you’re wondering how you were going to create this page.

My Website Progress

I realize that I haven’t yet revealed the website domain for this case study but that will be coming in a later update. For now I’ve followed  the lessons and added a privacy policy page, a contact page and my about page.

I also have a good idea about the content that I’m going to create and most of the reviews will be about binary options trading scams, the type that get pushed through Clicksure.

My three website categories that I’ll start with are:

  1. Reviews – I’ll review binary option scams and other niche related programs
  2. Making Money Online – I’ll talk about alternatives to binary options trading for making money online
  3. Trading Binary Options – Mainly for articles related to trading binary options.

Of course, as I go along I’ll see how I can refine my ideas and optimize the site for conversions but for now I’m sticking with the lesson plan for the sake of this experiment.

How Are You Doing?

You should have a website up already and understand how to produce content, add pages and find ideas for content. If you’ve made it this far then you have the right foundation to start an online business that makes money with affiliate marketing.

Lesson 10 of the Level 1 course is more of a congratulatory lesson that sums up what you’ve learned and achieved so far so I wouldn’t be getting into that.

The next step of this experiment is to take on the Level 2 course which is only available to premium members. If you’re following along then now would be a great time to upgrade and take your business to the next level.

Of course though, it would be OK to wait and see the results of this experiment if you’re still doubtful but you wouldn’t be able to follow along on Wealthy Affiliate.

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