WA Experiment Day 7: My New Website

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So far I’ve completed the first level course on Wealthy Affiliate and have gotten a website up and running.

Although there is nothing on the website as yet as far as content goes, if this was my first website, I would have achieved a whole lot just by completing the free Getting Started course at Wealthy Affiliate.

Moving on to the next course, which is only available to premium members, we’re about to tackle the process of getting visitors to your website or getting traffic.

I cannot reveal each and every detail of this course since it’s only available to premium members but I’ll be working through it and posting my updates. From now on, instead of reporting each day that I complete, I’ll be posting an update on what I’ve done with my new website based on where I’m at in the course.

My New Website

Lesson 1 of the Level 2 course talks about domain names and I’m going to reveal my domain here as promised.

I didn’t choose what you would call an exact match domain ie. a domain with my main keywords in it. Instead I chose to go with a brandable and easy to remember domain that described what my website was all about.

The domain I went with is BinaryBeatdown.com

In my opinion it’s the perfect domain for what I’m going to do because:

  • It’s a .com
  • It’s two words
  • You get the picture that I’m “beating down” on binary options trading scams (somewhat).
  • It’s brandable
  • It’s easy to remember

You can see my article on how to choose a perfect domain here.

At this stage (unless you’re reading this way after January 30th, 2015) the website isn’t complete as yet because we’re following the course and it’s only complete up to this point.

You can see that the “About Me” page is complete as well as the contact page and privacy policy page. The menu is there as well.

More updates to come as I build my website on exposing binary options trading scams.

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