The Wealthy Affiliate Training Experiment

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If you haven’t read my review of Wealthy Affiliate, one of the best training programs available if you want to learn how to build a business online using the power of affiliate marketing, you can check it out here first.

It’s a new year and there are lots of new and great things in store for readers of this website.

One of the things I’ll be doing more in 2015 is I’m going to experiment and do case studies of different programs to show how they work and to help you decide whether or not they do work.

By doing this I hope to give people a better idea about the program and how simple or hard it is to implement and in the case where I’ve given a program a good review, I hope to help people work the program by giving them the opportunity to follow along and ask questions.

For my first experiment, I’m going to start a brand new site by going through the Wealthy Affiliate training for beginners and show that I can make money using Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate Experiment

Since I’ve already used Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to make money and even quit my day job, this experiment is more about proving that the courses at Wealthy Affiliate are easy to implement and that anyone can make money if they just follow along.

The courses are designed for beginners to start with and eventually go on to more advance techniques. They are simple to follow, provide detail and allows you to take action by giving you tasks to perform.


By following these tasks and lessons, you can build yourself a solid and profitable online business by the time you complete all the courses.

The first course is available for starter (free) members while the other courses are only available after you’ve become a premium member.

For this experiment, I’m going to take a look at all the training without revealing too much detail about the premium training and I’m going to work through them while applying the lessons to a site that I will build.

I’m only going to use the training and will try to not apply other things that I may know as an advanced marketer.

What To Expect

Many people who start doing affiliate marketing will give up too quick and never reach their potential. Making money online takes time and effort.

You should at least give yourself a minimum of 3 months before you start seeing consistent traffic and earnings. You can make money before this but since it’s a brand new site, you should give it time. This is even more important if you’re an absolute beginner.

While I might reveal the niche and the site, I cannot reveal too much about the paid training at Wealthy Affiliate but if you follow along by creating an account and upgrading, you’ll be able to know where I’m at all the time and you’ll be able to do the same exact steps I’m doing and apply the training to your site as well.

I’ll make a daily post and report on things like my traffic and my first earnings and any problems I run into.

The Website I’m Building

Choosing a niche market, a domain and building the website are all part of the beginner training. I’ve already chosen a niche market, bought the domain and installed WordPress but I’ll still work through the training just to be complete.

I’ll be sharing these details in the posts that correspond to the training in the next few days.

How to Follow Along

If you want to follow along with this experiment and possibly build yourself a successful website, you can sign up for a starter account to check out the training and come back here everyday to follow my progress.

The comment section of the post will always be open so that you can ask questions and receive my support. You will also be able to get support within Wealthy Affiliate via live chat, blogs, private messaging and classroom discussions whenever you do need it.

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