WA Experiment Update #2: Traffic and More Content


I finished the Level 2 training on Wealthy Affiliate and drafted this post about 3 weeks ago.

Then I got distracted by another passion of mines and haven’t updated this site since. In this update on my Wealthy Affiliate experiment, I’m going to report on the progress of my new website and how you can benefit from the premium training at Wealthy Affiliate.

Whereas the Level 1 Getting Started training on Wealthy Affiliate was about introducing you to the concept of affiliate marketing and building a website, the Level 2 training is packed with strategies to get traffic to your new website.

One of the most important lessons I encountered from this course is lesson 7 which teaches you about “low hanging fruit”. This is a strategy that you can implement on a newly created website to get quick traffic.

Focusing on “low hanging fruit” is a way to target keywords that have very little competition but still get searches. The reviews that I write kinda falls into this category and it works out very well for all the sites that I use this method on.

With a strategy like this you’ll never look at another niche market as being saturated.

Like the weight loss niche for example. I hear over and over people saying that this niche is saturated and then they’re targeting keywords like “how to lose weight fast”. If they targeted low hanging fruit type keywords then they’d have a much different outlook.

I call this the “foot in the door” method where you’d target a weight loss keyword like “can I lose 10 lbs on medifast” and other such keywords.

My Website’s Progress

I’ve used this method on my new site by doing reviews of binary products and pleased to announce that traffic has started rolling in from Google even after I had completed my first review.

I’ve added more review and have completed all the tasks in the level 2 training.

My website has met some milestones already. It has been indexed, has received over 50 visits already, has 2 comments and 4 posts. I still haven’t monetized it as yet except for a banner to Wealthy Affiliate so I haven’t had any sales yet.

I plan to do more reviews on a more regular basis so that I can receive more traffic and activity on my site.

Completing the Level 2 Course

After completing the level 2 course on building traffic, beside the “low traffic fruit” lesson, there are other things you’d have learned such as:

  1. Making beautiful content by adding images
  2. Using the WordPress editor to make your content more attractive
  3. Increasing trust factor on your website by being a real person
  4. Getting Google to love your website
  5. Understanding the customer purchase cycle

I’ve applied all the training and tasks from the traffic course to my new website and have already been seeing traffic and interactions on my website.

I’m going to be moving on to the Level 3 course which is about “Making Money” – it deals with monetizing your website and optimizing it for conversions.

I’ll continue reporting so look forward to my next update soon.

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