WA Experiment Update #3: What Happened?

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An update to my WA experiment is long overdue. I haven’t added an update since March 1st which is ridiculous.

The experiment should have already concluded and I should have already posted the results.

Two days ago, a reader caught me off guard and asked about the experiment, how it went and what were the results.

“Thanks for the insights. Just wondering how this experiment of yours is going?

If it’s ok, just wondering if you could provide some financial data to to let us know who’s reading how well this has turned out? I.e. how much per month you made since you’ve run the site?

I guess the cynic in us are very curious. Also it’s been a while since your last update.”

I honestly didn’t know what to say and I thought of every excuse I could give so that I didn’t look bad. The truth was that I didn’t have any excuse for not posting an update or conclusion for the experiment. I started it and I should have made sure readers saw how it went.

I did promise the reader though that I would post this update that you’re reading so that I could explain where I was with the experiment and how it turned out.

Where Am I With the WA Experiment

Even more disappointing than not reporting back is the fact that I did not complete the experiment.

After the last update, where I had completed Level 2 of the Wealthy Affiliate Certification course on building traffic, I worked on the website to produce more content but never went on to the Level 3 course.

The Level 3 course is on monetizing the website, so this aspect of website building was never done.

What this means is that my website was never monetized, therefore there are no earnings to show. My website hasn’t earned anything after all these months but it’s not because it doesn’t work, it’s only because there are no links on the site to earn money from.

Here are some reasons why I slacked off and never continued the experiment:

(1) Life got in the way

The reason why I love affiliate marketing is that you do the work once, take a break and still make money. Affiliate marketing is the ideal business for most people because it gives us TIME.

It’s something a lot of people who have 9 to 5s and brick-and-mortar businesses complain about. They don’t have enough time for themselves.

I had to make affiliate marketing work for me because like most people I wanted more time. People want more time so they could:

  • spend it with their family
  • enjoy their passions
  • relax and relieve themselves of stress
  • travel

A couple of years ago, I became passionate about a new hobby. This new hobby is something that I enjoy very much and when I’m having fun with it, my life feels fulfilled.

I do set aside time to work on my online business because this is also something that I enjoy but more importantly, I need to maintain my business because it is my only source of income.

Over the past month, this new hobby has been taking up a lot of my time with competitions and the need to improve my skills.

You can call this my biggest distraction but just like everyone else, I’m only human and after 8 years doing online marketing, I still battle with where to focus my attention.

Apart from the new hobby, my 22 month old son also gets a lot of my attention and I find it tough to work whenever he’s around. No worries here because working at home means I get to spend more of that precious commodity with him – TIME.

(2) Reviewing binary options promos is boring

Not just boring but also overwhelming.

I was very excited to do reviews of these because they’re very easy to review mainly because you didn’t need to make a purchase. I’m also targeting the right audience so these should convert well.

The problem is that I wanted to tackle all of the new binary options promos being released but when there’s like two dozen a week it’s tough.

With these promos, you have to watch a 30 – 45 minute video, opt-in and check out the members area, the recommended broker, analyze the site, the testimonials, the claims etc. Then I need to write a 600 – 1000 word article about my findings and opinions.

It’s a lot of work to review just one of these promos. There’s no way I could tackle all of them.

To make it even more grueling for me, all of these promos being released by Clicksure were done by marketers and not by real binary options traders. This means that they all more or less follow the same formula and have the same red flags so you end up having to write pretty much the same review over and over.

This isn’t really a problem for me because I still get to rank for each keyword that I write about but without the site earning anything, it’s just a boring monotonous process for me. As I said before, it’s totally my fault that the site isn’t monetized as yet because I haven’t done that training as part of the experiment.

(3) The case study was written with community in mind

Most of the content on this site is SEO-optimised and written so that it ranks for keywords to attract new readers. It’s a formula that works for me and I’m having success with it.

The experiment/case study was written with community in mind meaning that I didn’t quite optimize it with a particular keyword to rank for. The readers of these case studies had to be repeat visitors – readers that formed a sort of community on this site, coming back daily to see the new posts, check updates, comment and follow along.

There are two reasons why I decided to do this. I was going to do the binary options website anyway so it didn’t hurt to present an experiment to showcase how I was using the WA training and secondly, I wanted to add content to my website and this would allow me to add a post on a more regular basis.

With no feedback, no comments, no indication other than seeing visitors in the traffic logs, there was no real indication that anyone was following the experiment.

This usually doesn’t bother me as I’m still able to add regular content to the site. However it doesn’t quite encourage me to continue going. I didn’t feel the pressure or the responsibility to continue.

In hindsight, this was a mistake and I should have at least finished the courses and concluded the experiment.

Did the Experiment Fail?

Just because I didn’t finish the experiment or because the site hasn’t reported it’s first earnings doesn’t mean that it’s a failure.

In fact, if we can judge everything from the completion of the Level 2 course, the experiment can be deemed a success.

If you were following along and you got this far then you would have accomplished more than most people.

  • You have your very own niche website on your own domain
  • You now have an SEO optimized website that is getting traffic
  • You understand the process of creating content
  • You have created several pages of content that are starting to get ranked
  • Your foundation for a long term, and successful business is in place
  • You KNOW more than 99% of your competition 🙂

The courses at Wealthy Affiliate work.

This only starts the proper foundation for the next stage – monetization. Going forward should be easy.

What I’m Going to Do Now

Truthfully, there is no reason why I should have slacked off and no finish the experiment.

Starting it meant that I was now being held publicly accountable by readers why may have existed when the experiment started or who may have come along long after I had started.

Not finishing the experiment sends the wrong message.

So today I’m vowing to complete the experiment which would be to read and implement the lessons learned from the remaining 3 courses at WA starting with the monetization course (Level 3).

I’m going to continue writing content and building traffic and I’m also going to continue reporting on my progress.

Once again I’m being held accountable and messing up for a second time is not going to look good on me especially after writing this post.

My Apologies

So to the readers who have been following the experiment and looking forward to the results, I apologize for not following through and for the delay.

I owe it to you to finish this experiment and I’ll do my best to complete it and report back the results.

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