Wealthy Affiliate 2013 Black Friday Special (Plus Bonus)

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When it comes to learning how to make money online (or learning to build any type of business), it’s always good to seek out the best training you can find.

Wealthy Affiliate has what I would consider the best affiliate and internet marketing training as well as one of the most helpful communities online. Being a part of this community costs nothing to begin with but you get the most benefit out of being a premium member.

A premium membership costs $47 on a monthly basis which comes up to about $564 per year. This is a great deal in itself for access to a quality education in online business and access to web hosting and other resources that you would otherwise have to pay for elsewhere.

There is also the option to pay $359 on a yearly basis which saves you over $200 off the regular monthly cost. It works out at less than $1 per day for training that could potentially make you thousands of bucks every year.

Lowest Premium Price Ever

There are members like myself who have been with Wealthy Affiliate since it’s early days. At that time, Wealthy Affiliate wasn’t the same site it is today and the membership cost $27 back them. Members who joined when the price was that low still enjoy the low monthly cost since Wealthy Affiliate never subject existing members to price increases.

This Black Friday, any one who takes the special premium yearly offer of $299 per year is going to get access for the lowest premium price Wealthy Affiliate has ever charged. It works out to be just under $25 per month.

If you’re serious about making money online and learning how to build a successful internet business then here are just a couple of reasons why you would want to take this offer (besides the huge savings).

(1) Commitment – Sometimes people quit. Maybe they’re really busy with their personal life or they may have second thoughts about their ability to make money online.

Whatever it is, you might give it a try for two months and then cancel and never realize your full potential to create an income from building websites.

With a yearly membership, you’re committing to giving it at least 12 months. Setting a time frame like 12 months on creating a successful business is more realistic than giving it two months before quitting. You are more likely to be making hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by the time you hit the 12 month mark than expecting overnight riches.

(2) Avoid Monthly Billing – Most people hate monthly billing and there may be times when the funds may not be available when you do need to pay for your membership.

A yearly membership will fix that so you won’t have to keep remembering to put money in your account every time. It’s billed one time yearly until you decide to cancel.

Get Wealthy Affiliate Premium for $299/year

Bonus Offer: Creating a Massively Successful Business in ONE Year

In addition to everything you get at Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle (owner of WA) has let me give away his “Creating a Massively Successful Business in ONE Year” video walkthrough.

video bonusThe video is over an hour long and details Kyle’s journey as a broke college student who created an affiliate business and scaled it to making thousands of dollars by the end of his first year. He also gives you his thoughts, advice and a workable plan for creating your own massively successful business in your first year.

This is the perfect bonus to go with this WA special offer. You get one year access for less than $25/month and a workable plan in addition to everything else at Wealthy Affiliate.

You will also get access to me if you should need any help as well as a vibrant and helpful community.

Get Wealthy Affiliate Premium & the Video Bonus

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special Details

Here’s a run down of the important details:

Deal: $299/year Premium Access
Savings: $265/year (calculated on regular monthly price).
Bonus: Yes. “Creating a Massively Successful Business in ONE Year” video bonus.
Availability: 7 am EST Friday Nov. 29th, 2013 until 11:59 pm EST Monday Dec. 2nd.

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