Word AI Black Friday Deal 2016


It might come as a surprise that I’m including WordAi’s Black Friday deal on this blog but the purpose of these posts is to inform people looking for the deals and not to endorse any particular product.

I’ve written about WordAi before and I don’t support the use of article spinners and rewriters but some marketers use them to create content so you can bet they’re looking for Black Friday deals for this sort of thing.

WordAi had a 50% off deal last year on Black Friday but it was a bit misleading according to what I read while researching this deal (more on this below).

For the 2016 Black Friday deal, you can find the info below.

WordAi Black Friday Deal 2016

  • The Deal: No deal announced
  • Deal Page: Word AI Pricing
  • Coupon Code:
  • Starts: No deal announced
  • Ends: No deal announced

Why You Should Pass on the WordAi Black Friday Deal

The first reason is obviously that I don’t personally support the use of article spinners and rewriters and I think that software like WordAi is only helping to make the web a bad place.

Google doesn’t want you to create content written by some software product and they will rarely rank these articles. Maybe you’re not producing the articles to be ranked. In any case, it’s a bad idea.

Creating great readable and consumable content isn’t hard and there are alternatives if you don’t like writing or don’t have the time like outsourcing or curation.

The second reason is that WordAi seems to be a shady type company (not surprised) based on the way they ran their 2015 Black Friday campaign.

I read this post on the Warrior Forum which claims that WordAi offered a 50% deal on their annual plan but they bumped up the price first making the actual sale really only about a 15% discount.

I just received the newsletter from WordAI.com about their Black Friday sale, claiming to have 50% off. I like their product and I know their permanent regular price for the yearly plan is $347.

However now that the Black Friday Sale started, they bumped their yearly price to $600 and are advertising it as 50% off, so you only pay $297 per year, giving customers the false impression that it’s 50% off, when in fact it’s only 15% discount.

While their product is not bad, their advertisement is shady, dodgy, misleading and illegal.

According to the pricing page on the WordAi site, it looks like $347 is an already discounted price from $600. I don’t know if it was this way before they offered the Black Friday sale in 2015 but this could be why their sale was 50% of $600 and not $347.

However, I’m still with the poster because if their regular price for a yearly plan was $347, then this is what users would be expecting a discount on. They should have offered the discount on this price.

In my opinion the offer was indeed misleading and in fact quite unfair. If this is the type of company you’re dealing with then I’d say that even if you do need an article spinner, don’t use WordAi or don’t support their Black Friday sales.

Last Ideas on WordAi Dark Friday Discount

Sorry, I meant “Final thoughts on WordAi Black Friday Sale”.

I don’t actually support the use of article spinners and rewriters but the info is here if you want to take advantage of their Black Friday deal. With the misleading and shady way they ran their 2015 deal, I’d say skip it but here’s the info anyway.

  • The Deal: No deal announced
  • Deal Page: Word AI Pricing
  • Coupon Code:
  • Starts: No deal announced
  • Ends: No deal announced


Want to leave your thoughts on WordAi’s Black Friday discount here? Hit up the comments section below to tell me how you feel.

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