6 Reasons To Choose WordPress For Your New Website

When it comes to building a website, there are lots of options available.

You can opt to have the website built for you by a web design firm. This is usually the most expensive option especially if they have to update the site for you all the time.

Then there is DIY website building with the traditional software such as Dreamweaver and XsitePro. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with these…they’re usually for people who are technical and know how to handle code and stuff like that.

Wordpress LogoAnother option is to use online sites that offer WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) solutions that are a bit easier to use than the previous mentioned methods. You create pages and content as you would see the final product. There are still limitations as you will come to see when I give you the 6 reasons why you should use WordPress to build your website.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a very popular blogging software mainly used to create blogs but they can be used for a host of other things too. This software is different from the WordPress.com blog service as you need to have your own domain (web address) and website hosting.

Despite being a blogging solution, WordPress can be used to build websites and even online stores. The website you’re on right now is a combo of a website and a blog and was built using WordPress. Sure it looks simple but you can do even more complex looking websites with it as well.

6 Reasons To Build Your Website with WordPress

WordPress recently celebrated their 10 birthday last week and they say that 18% of the entire internet is powered by their platform. More and more people are using WordPress to create static websites as opposed to the traditional website building tools and using design firms. Some are even converting their old sites to WordPress based sites. Chances are they’re doing it for one or more of the reasons below.

1Be up and running in minutes

With old methods of building websites, you have to at least have a little knowledge about what you’re doing. For example, you have to know at least some basic code. You’ll have to know how to choose the proper colors and arrange the pages and a lot of other things.

This could take a while to get done and if you’re a novice it still doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have a website people will want to look at.

A website project hired out to a design firm could take a few days to a couple of weeks to get done. And it still has to meet your approval.

With WordPress all you need to do is click a few buttons and you’re done. A default template could easily be changed to one of the thousands available online that you like. Once that is finished, you’re ready to post your content which is no different from writing in an editor similar to when you’re writing an email. Hit publish and you’re ready for the world.

2Easily maintained

What do website owners do when they need to change the design of their old static (non-Wordpress) sites? They hire it out again, incurring fees or they start from scratch building a new design.

With WordPress changing your design is even easier than installing the site. All you need to do is search for a design within the WordPress management area of your site. Click install and activate and you have a new look in less than a minute.

When you use WordPress you can easily maintain your website from your dashboard. The management area easily allows you to add functionality by installing plugins. You can moderate comments or add links to your sidebar. Add pages and blog posts easily, save drafts of future content, upload photos and even manage other contributors to your site.

All this is much more difficult using the older methods whether desktop software, design firms or WYSIWYG editors.

3 Static vs Dynamic

Websites built using the old methods are known as static websites while WordPress type sites are said to be dynamic.

Static websites have quite a bit more disadvantages than WordPress based websites. For instance, static websites:

  • have a lot of room for inconsistency. By this I mean, you have to manually check to make sure that every page on your site has the same look, feel and functionality. For example, you might forget to add a title tag on one page while all the other pages have title tags.
  • require an expert to update when needed.
  • Content can easily become stale making your site less useful to someone who has already seen your site.

WordPress websites make a difference as:

  • You’re able to adjust your settings once and they’ll be consistent site wide without much more input from you.
  • You can easily login and update your site whenever needed. Just like writing an email and hitting publish or save instead of send.
  • Because you’re always generating content, users will come back to your site over and over giving you a chance to expose your message in front of users multiple times. In other words, the more a user comes back to your site, the better the opportunity for you to make money.

4 More Search Engine Friendly

A static website with 5 or 6 pages only has 5 or 6 doorways to getting people to the site. While a WordPress site may have 5 or 6 core pages, you can also have a blog page that will get your website more exposure in the search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Search engines love WordPress based sites because the content is always current. Displaying fresh content to searchers is a top priority for most search engines as this keeps people coming back.

WordPress based sites rank very highly in the search engines especially if you use a plugin to manage the optimization. Some themes even have the search engine optimization built in so that you don’t have to use a plugin.

The better your website ranks in the search engines, the more visitors you’ll get which will give you the opportunity to make more money.

5 Get Interactive

You cannot engage your prospects with a static website. Users need to know that there is a person behind the content.

You can easily establish trust with readers using a WordPress website through blogging and discussion in the comments. Post about current topics that affect your readers, stuff that they want to know about and provide answers through discussion.

This saves your readers from having to use the contact form and they can also get feedback from other users interested in the same topic.

Also, interactivity helps the process of getting fresh content for your website, which as explained above helps your rankings in the search engine.

6 Low Cost

No need to hire a webmaster to design your site for hundreds of dollars. You can save the money by installing WordPress and setting up the site yourself.

All you would need is a domain name which costs $10 per year and a good web hosting account –  as low as $5/month if you pay by the year.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to save time learning to do all this affiliate marketing stuff, you can get free web hosting  when you join the Wealthy Affiliate community.

WordPress tutorials and one-on-one support is available so you’ll never get lost trying to learn how to run a WordPress based website while making money.


  1. When I started my blogging journey then my first question was, Why I should choose WordPress and not other CMS softwares.

    I searched a lot about it on Google at that time and I found that everybody is recommending to use WordPress and I started doing the same.

    Now today I know that why people should choose WordPress. Because WordPress is an independent and easy to use content management system.

    The best thing about it is, We can bring any feature in our website with just using a single plugin. That’s really good. 😀

    I am using WordPress since last 3 years and I loved it. 😀

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