Xtreme Profit Cloud is the Same as Automated Cash Cloud

xtreme profit cloud videoI just found out about a new offer called Xtreme Profit Cloud.

I checked it out and instantly made the connection to a scam I reviewed back in April called Automated Cash Cloud. The names are different except for the part about “the cloud” which is probably being used to confuse people who aren’t familiar with the term.

I’m not going to review Xtreme Profit Cloud here because it is in fact the same scam as Automated Cash Cloud.

From the pitch to the offer, they replicate everything except that Xtreme Profit Cloud is a more polished version of it’s predecessor. All the red flags are there including:

  • the bogus amount (it’s now changed from $1000 to $700 in 24 hours)
  • fake text file with 20 names (all the details in the fields have been changed)
  • wouldn’t work in the same 3 countries BS.
  • dumb explanation about the cloud

Most of the pitch is even word for word to the script used in Automated Cash Cloud.

What I think is that they made so much money scamming people with the first offer that they polished up the script, hired a designer to make a better looking website and make a prettier sales video.

Check out my review of Automated Cash Cloud to see all the red flags and the reason why Xtreme Cash Cloud is without a doubt a scam.

Two Free Websites

Don’t be fooled by the swindlers who make up bogus stories about technology so they can get you to claim your supposedly free websites yet have to pay outrageous fees for web hosting.

You still wouldn’t make a penny online regardless of their promise that their team is doing all the work. Making money online takes more than that.

If you want to learn how, then there are legitimate avenues online that can teach you.

One of those is a site that I’m associated with called Wealthy Affiliate. You can get a free account and go through the training and they’ll also give you two free websites to practice on. The two free websites will be hosted by them so you won’t have to pay any additional fees.

Avoid scams like Automated Cash Cloud and Xtreme Profit Cloud and learn how to run your own online business from a legitimate source.

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