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Your Eight Steps sales pageNormally, I won’t review websites like Your Eight Steps because of the stuff that they teach and recommend but I just couldn’t resist this one because it promised that they were “the most complete marketing solution online” and that their system was  “smart and easy internet marketing, the way it should be”.

I seriously doubt these statements so I decided to go ahead and challenge this system and see what was so “smart”, “easy” and “complete” about it.

Turns out that I was right. If you want a real internet marketing business that you can be proud of and your customers aren’t all trying to do the same thing you’re doing, then this isn’t where you want to start.

With Your Eight Steps, you’re learning how to tackle a very, very narrow opportunity. You can only do it as a member of this site and there are 8 steps to doing it. Without this site, you’re right back to square one and none the wiser.

In this review, I’ll explain why Your Eight Steps isn’t what you need if you want to learn how to make money online and have the freedom to start any online business that you want to.

Your Eight Steps – What is It?

Your Eight Steps is a downline builder created by Richard Weberg and Brenda De Reus that according to the site will help you to build your downline in all your safelists and traffic exchanges by advertising only one link – your YES affiliate link.

This means that with any safelists or traffic exchanges you’re a member of, you can sign up with Your Eight Steps and fill out your profile with the affiliate link for those programs then refer people to Your Eight Steps. When someone joins Your Eight Steps, then joins one of the traffic exchanges or safelists that you’re a member of, you’ll get credit as their referrer. If they purchase an upgrade to one of those traffic exchanges then you’ll get commissions.

The “Eight Steps” refers to the eight steps it takes to achieve success using this particular system. It definitely doesn’t mean that these eight steps will be all you need to use to learn how to do internet marketing successfully because this is not this sort of training.

I ran through the eight steps and they’re very specific to this program which is why you can’t use these outside of YES. They do not teach you the basics of internet marketing, just what works with this program.

They also teach you how to grow your downline and use two programs that I do not recommend at all. GVO and Pure Leverage would get a bad review on this site any day for a lot of reasons. Most of the training within the eight steps are centered around using these two programs. Should any of these programs shut down today or tomorrow, the knowledge you have gained from using Your Eight Steps would count for nothing.

Membership Levels

You can join Your Eight Steps as a free member and upgrade to other levels after. All the training is accessible to free members which is great.

As a free member, you have access to the eight steps so there is no need to upgrade unless you want to earn a higher percentage of commissions. This is the difference between the free membership level and the other levels. Free members are entitled to 20% of payouts.

The other levels are Pro where you can get 50% of payouts. To upgrade to pro, you have to pay $14.97 per month and you also have a yearly option of $77 per month. You also receive some other perks like Pro member squeeze pages and Pro member bonuses  which in my opinion aren’t worth much because they’re PLR ebooks and packages that are only going to fill up your hard drive.

There is also an Elite upgrade where you will get 90% of the payouts and this is available for $147 one time payment. In order to upgrade to Elite though, you have to contact the owners via Skype and answer some questions to make sure that you qualify. You also get an additional set of boring PLR books and packages as part of your bonus as well as everything else available to Pro members.

The Eight Steps Exposed

Every membership level has access to the eight steps so nothing is hidden or limited on the site. This is great because it means that you can learn the system without having to financially commit to learning something that you don’t need.

There are two options for members to choose from – Income Path 1 which means you have money to invest or Income Path 2 which means that you don’t have any money to use with this and want to continue as a free member.

YES Income paths

When I saw this, I expected to see two different methods, one for Path 1 and a different one for Path 2. However, the free, no investment method followed the same exact steps as the “I have money to invest” method after a brief intro that basically suggested that if you don’t have at least the $25 it takes to sign up for GVO/Pure Leverage, that you should stop right now and come back to internet marketing when you get things together.

Building a business online does require a few investments but I think that you can start learning the process if you don’t have any money and later you can re-invest earnings to access the resources that you need.

Path 2 should have given users the opportunity to learn the process in a different way to those who chose Path 1, not repeat the steps.

Here is a brief overview of the 8 steps outlined. They’re the same regardless of which path is taken.

  1. Choose an Income Path.
  2. Step 2 is basically a call to upgrade to either a pro membership or Elite so you can earn more commissions.
  3. Step 3 asks you to sign up to GVO and add your username to the downline builder. It also introduces you to email marketing because GVO is heavy on list building.
  4. Step 4 is setting up an email campaign in GVO for Your Eight Steps using the squeeze pages available to upgraded members only.
  5. In step 5 you learn about traffic exchanges and you’re asked to sign up for each traffic exchange in the long list and to add your affiliate ids to each one.
  6. Step 6 asks you to add your YES splash page to some traffic exchanges and surf for traffic.
  7. In Step 7, you learn about safelists and you’re asked to sign up to each safelist and add your affiliate ids to the system.
  8. The final step asks you to create splash and squeeze pages.

In my opinion, these steps are only useful if you currently use traffic exchanges and safelists and enjoy referring them to others. For someone completely new to internet marketing, Your Eight Steps would be a complete waste of time as the real process to learning internet marketing is completely different.

For one, I wouldn’t push email marketing on a complete beginner and I won’t send them down the narrow road of promoting safelists and traffic exchanges.

This contradicts the claims of Your Eight Steps that it is “smart, easy internet marketing done the right way”.

Why Your Eight Steps Fails

The reason Your Eight Steps fails is because the steps are specific to this particular system. It does not show someone new to internet marketing how the process works so that they can be successful even without the system.

The steps for learning internet marketing are completely different and the first step to building an online business is completely ignored within this program.

The first step to starting any business whether online or off is to find a niche market or a group of people or interest that you want to target. This isn’t taught within Your Eight Steps and this might be because the system already targets a group of people – other internet marketers who work safelists and traffic exchanges.

Maybe this works for Richard and Brenda and this is why they teach it. However, this is their system and it may work for some people but it’s the wrong way.

If you want to learn how to do internet marketing the correct way, you need to learn it from another source where the correct process is taught.

With Your Eight Steps, you’ll spend too much time surfing traffic exchanges and learning a process that is very limiting.

What about Support?

Support for Your Eight Steps isn’t very fast. The support page allows you to send an email via a contact form and you’ll get a reply within 24 to 48 hours. There’s also a skype chat available and the skype ids for both Richard and Brenda are given.

There is no community support which can make you feel like you’re learning all by yourself. People learn better when they have access to other people who are doing the same training so they can ask questions and find out what others are having trouble with. This helps to validate their efforts and give them the motivation to move forward.

Learn to Build an Online Business, the Right Way

There are other websites online that can train you to do internet marketing the way it should be taught. One of these sites is an educational platform that has been around since 2005 called Wealthy Affiliate.

They teach you the real steps to building a business online from the first step – choosing a niche market to more advanced methods like email marketing and getting visitors to your website from Google and other sources.

Even if you decided to not be a member of Wealthy Affiliate after learning the process, you would have learned a skill that would not be dependent on any system.

Wealthy Affiliate has everything one would need to build a complete business online – certainly more than Your Eight Steps has. You will see in the comparison chart below that Your Eight Steps is missing some vital items necessary for internet marketing success.

You can clearly see that Wealthy Affiliate wins when it comes to providing the necessary tools and resources needed for making the learning process as comfortable as you need.


Your Eight Steps teaches a method that is dependent on this system. You won’t learn anything that will enable you to build a business on your own from scratch. Furthermore, the most important step to building an online business is omitted which means there claim of YES being the most complete system online is wrong.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for people now starting out as they can learn how to build a business online by getting access to great training, support and tools needed to building a complete affiliate marketing business.

If you have experience with Your Eight Steps, whether good or bad, please share your thoughts below.


  1. Awesome review. I was a member of WA for over a year, and today am a successful internet marketer. I took WA the cafeteria way and it worked for me. I just didn’t see the need to remain a member after going through the training. It’s a fantastic educational experience.

    I was looking at YES and didn’t really know much about it except that the two owners are not really that well versed in the Internet Marketing industry as a whole.

    As for GVO and Pure Leverage…I avoid those programs/opportunities like the plague. They are almost exclusively owned and created by so called Gurus who have beautiful websites full of stock images and photos that anyone can get free off the web. Pictures of beautiful mansions, expensive vehicles, sandy beaches and vacations. All of these are meant to draw in the suckers (and yes, I was one of them) and fill their heads with empty dreams and promises of wealth! And also lies. I especially dislike the sites that give the prospective member a “tour” of the owners home. I’ve heard that these are just rented for purposes of drawing members in and convincing them to sign up. It is not so subtle subliminal seduction. Anyway, once in you are presented with nothing but upsells and more upsells. If you do not get “all in” you will never succeed as “they want you to”. They are only doing this to line their pockets and empty yours.

    I hope you keep this comment and feel free to post it anywhere you want. After all, everything I’ve said is my opinion only, but remember, I do have first hand knowledge of these so-called Guru Programs.

    Tell your readers to please do themselves a favor and start with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the only way to go!!!

    Thanks again for a great review.

    • Sharon, thank you for sharing your opinions on Your Eight Steps, GVO and Pure Leverage.

      The owner of YES did have a comment on here but I accidentally deleted all my blog comments so unfortunately it isn’t here anymore. He said that I’m one of the worst when it comes to internet marketing and that I didn’t know what I was doing. It’s interesting that you say that the owners of YES aren’t too well versed in the internet marketing industry as a whole because that was exactly what I thought too.

      I’m happy that you find Wealthy Affiliate useful and endorse it still even though you’re no longer a member. It’s really the best way to go if you want to learn internet marketing and build a solid internet business.

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