Your First Million Review – A Binary Options Scam


How would you like to make your first million in a few weeks from now?

I would like that too.

Your First Million promises that this can be a reality just by using their free software. They even have testimonials from people who have supposedly tried the system and became millionaires.

And the creator of this software even shows you his earnings and his bank account which show him depositing huge sums of money (in the hundreds of thousands) regularly.

So should you believe all this, take a chance with Your First Million and download the software? Maybe quit your job while you’re at it?

Your First Million is a Binary Options Scam

If it were that easy to make millions of dollars online, I probably won’t be sitting here typing this review.

Your First Million promises outrageous amounts of money that is near impossible to earn with the method you’ll be making it with. Binary options is one of the biggest scams you’ll find online and it seems there is a product coming out every day promising you millions of dollars using this method.

In fact, the creator of Your First Million is a guy named Stan Lutz and just about 2 months ago he released another binary options scam that was very popular online called 2014 Millionaire again promising that you’d be a millionaire this year using his software.

Stan Lutz might be behind other binary options scams but I only know of these two because I’m sick and fed up of seeing these offers. The reason I’m even reviewing this one is because people email me asking questions like “what is the best binary options software available?”

Binary options is not really a form of trading but rather a form of gambling. It’s like flipping a coin and calling head or tails.

With Your First Million and most other binary options trading software, you have to go through a few steps before you eventually lose your money.

  • sign up to a broker and deposit a minimum amount of money that will be used to make your initial “trade” ($250 for Your First Million)
  • download the free software (a computer program that makes the picks for you)
  • confirm the pick (put or call)
  • either lose or win the trade

I have yet to hear any real success stories of people actually making a living with binary options or even becoming millionaires. Most people I’ve heard feedback from usually talk about losing their deposit.

Binary options is just not a way of making money online. I’ve even watched some videos just like the one you watched on Your First Million from scammers who agree that binary options IS indeed a scam. If the scammers call it that I’m going to take their word for it.

More Reasons To Avoid Your First Million

I’ve always said that if someone has to lie to you to sell you something then it’s something not worth buying.

Of course, the guy in the video says that Your First Million is free and I believe that he’s talking about the software. However you have to deposit $250 minimum to begin “trading” so he still has to convince you to get into this and there’s a reason for that.

The creator of this things only makes money when you deposit $250 minimum into your broker account. The broker will then pay him a commission for bringing them business.

your first million website

So they have a reason to lie to you because you’re still spending money (a lot of it).

Some of the lies being told are:

  • you received a special invite and are one of 25 people (anyone can watch the video – thousands have already).
  • he’s only giving away 25 spots (and miss out on those commissions – yeah, right!)
  • your spot will expire after 8 minutes (countdown hits zero and you can still sign up)
  • the testimonials are all fake (paid actors were used)
  • you’ll make your first million weeks from now (you have a better chance playing the lottery)

The creator also knocks some legit ways to make money in favor of this form of gambling such as building websites and doing affiliate marketing on the internet. These are ways to build real businesses online and make real money in an ethical way. You can even make millions using any of these methods but realistically, it will take some time.

Forget Gambling, Build an Online Business

Building an online business and making money online isn’t that hard. You just need the right training and the drive to make your goals a reality.

Rather than gambling with binary options and being fooled by scams like Your First Millionaire, wouldn’t it be better if you took your time and built a business online and steadily but surely create a full time income?

I quit my job back in 2009 by doing affiliate marketing and consistently making thousands of dollars putting up simple websites to help people. It may sound difficult if you’re never done it but with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, the same site I learned how to do this from, you can do the same.

I’ve love to see you there, where I’ll be able to give you guidance whenever you need it. If you have any questions or want to share your experience with Your First Million, please do so in the comment form below.

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