WA Experiment Day 5: Keywords for Content Ideas

jaaxyKeyword research is another important part of making money online. More than likely, you probably found this website by typing into Google something you wanted to know about related to making money online or with MLM programs.

Every page on your website needs to target one keyword that you think someone in your niche might enter into the search engines. This is the reason why we set up the SEO on our websites in the last lesson.

Before you write any posts for the website, you’ll need to find keywords relevant to your niche that you want to write about. So if your website is about dieting for example, you need to write about keywords that someone who wants to lose weight would type into Google.

Lesson 7

Lesson 7 of the Level 1 course at Wealthy Affiliate teaches you about keywords, how to find them and why they’re so important.

There’s a video lesson that talks about how to become proficient at finding keywords and another task is to sign up for a free Jaaxy account. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool created by the same people who created Wealthy Affiliate that members use to find keywords within their niche markets.

You’ll then be asked to perform some searches and find 3 keywords that you want to use for your website.

Once you can complete this lesson, you’ve set yourself up for successfully ranking your website and attracting visitors to your site. Each visitor can potentially earn you your first commissions online.

Finding Keywords for My Binary Options Website

While most of my content for my binary options website is going to be reviews of scam programs, I went ahead and found some keywords that I could also use to write content about. Keywords that people are searching for to find out more about binary options.

jaaxy keyword search

In the example above, I see that people are searching for “can you make money binary options”, so I can write an article titled “Can You Really Make Money Trading Binary Options?” where I’ll answer their query.

All I did to find this keyword was to start with a broad phrase for my niche – ‘binary options’ in this case – and see what other keywords people were typing in. “Make money binary options” was one of the keywords related to “binary options” so I used that to find the content idea that I found above.

Do the Same for Your Site

Check out the lesson, watch the video, understand the lesson and do the same for your new website if you’re following along with this experiment.

If you have questions or need help, you can asked on Wealthy Affiliate or here in the comments section.

The next thing we’ll be doing is creating some needed pages on our website.

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