What Happened To Clicksure?

Clicksure closedA while ago, I got an email from the affiliate network Clicksure letting me know that they were closing my account.

This is an automated email, please DO NOT reply to this message as responses are not monitored on this email address.

This email is to inform you that your account will be closed in 30 days as per our terms and conditions.

Please ensure all active campaigns or track links are paused or removed by close of business (17:00 Mauritius Time) on Friday the 8th of June 2018.

Payments will continue weekly with final payments, (less sending fees) made on Thursday the 5th of July.

Please contact your account manager if you have any questions regarding the withdrawal of balances.


The ClickSure Team”

Well, because I only kept the account to spy on the scam offers that were being hosted through this network, I didn’t really care that they were closing my account so I never really bothered to investigate further.

It wasn’t until today when an affiliate colleague pointed out to me that Clicksure had closed down that I realized the situation was bigger than just me.

So I went to the site to see if it was true and to find out why they suddenly closed operations.

The site looked normal at first glance until I tried to create an affiliate account. That’s when I saw the notice pictured above.

Then I tried to create a merchant account. Same thing. An advertiser account? OK, I get it.

So Why Did Clicksure Close Down?

I haven’t seen any official statement from Clicksure as to why they closed down their affiliate network.

Were they forced to shut down? Was it a new law? GDPR compliance perhaps?

Your guess is as good as mine but one thing is for sure, they were never going to last.

I sent an email to the enquiries email they have listed on their contact page asking for more information on why they closed. I got a response about a minute after which may most likely be an autoresponder email which didn’t quite answer my question.

“Thank you for your email.

Please note that
ClickSure Ltd has ceased trading and account closer notifications
were sent to all accounts at the beginning of June 2018.

NOTE: Withdrawal requests requested by 29-June-2018 are in the process of being paid – we appreciate your patience.

We would also like to make you aware that the companies’ Skrill account has been placed under review do to the large number of payments we have issued over the last 4 weeks. We are busy resolving the issue and Skrill payments will be made as soon as the account hold has been lifted.”

Well, from this email I gathered that they have stopped trading which means that the company is being liquidated.

I’ve criticized Clicksure in the past and have encouraged affiliate marketers not to use this network that was made up 99% of scam offers.

It just goes to show that you cannot be dishonest online and encourage dishonesty because once you cultivate a bad reputation online, your business cannot last. Clicksure was only going to go downhill while other affiliate networks experienced growth.

This is not the same case as when Google Affiliate Network closed down some years ago. They actually had good offers.

If you were an affiliate for Clicksure and you’re looking for alternatives then you can check out this post and this post.

Still I would love to know the whole story so if anyone knows what happened then please share so others who are curious would know also. Comments welcomed in the discussion area below.


  1. Hey just a fellow marketer. Yeah I just tried to login and nothing site closed down. But yeah I did make money with them. What you got going on interested in working together getting some funds. If interested im located in usa my office number is [admin edit: phone number removed to protect privacy].

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