5 Success Stories That Prove Wealthy Affiliate Training Works

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One of the biggest questions people have about Wealthy Affiliate is whether or not the training works.

Can you actually make money with Wealthy Affiliate? Are members earning money at all?

People regularly post about their successes at Wealthy Affiliate, whether they made their first dollar online, got their website on Google’s page 1 of results, quit their day job or had a major goal in earnings like their first $1000 month.

In this post, I’m sharing 5 such posts which goes to show that people are indeed making money with Wealthy Affiliate because of the training they’ve received.

1. First $10,000 Month With Amazon

Colton James joined Wealthy Affiliate in November 2014 and immediately went to work on the training.

He had a passion for computers and computer hardware so he knew exactly what he was going to make a website on. He joined Amazon and made his first sale of $2.35 as a complete newbie with only 4 posts on his website.

He kept working away and saw results that reflected his consistent input.

Fast forward to December 2015 – after making over $5000 the previous month he posted about his first $10,000 month as an Amazon affiliate.

$10,000 month

From $2.35 to $10, 000 in just 13 months! This goes to show that consistent effort and passionate writing pays off but it’s the training that provided him with the knowledge to work for those results.

James says this about how he was able to achieve his results:

“…you’ve got to put yourself to a point where almost 90% of people would call it quits for the day. Then once you get to that point you do even more.”

2. €600 Euros in a Single Day

JohnMiguel from Sweden, joined Wealthy Affiliate in May 2015 and what didn’t make sense to him in the beginning turned out to be easy as he focused on taking action with the training.


Roughly a year later he posted an awesome success story about his best day ever – his record day for earning affiliate commissions.

In 24 hours he had earned 506 Euro from one company and a total of about 600 Euro making it his best day ever. His previous record was 350 Euro.

If you’re now starting out you might want to listen to JohnMiguel and how he felt starting out.

“This place is where I learned how to do this and it feels crazy that something that felt so hard when I started out is so “easy” now and make so much sense. I mean this money just came to me on auto-pilot because of something I wrote back in January.

3. $50K in 2015 Helping People Make Money Online

Vitaly joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2007 – right about the time when things were beginning to happen for me. I remember chatting with him on MSN messenger and helping him with his diet website.

Back then the training wasn’t as great (or as simple) as it is today.

Vitaly has made lots of money with his diet site and decided to follow the Affiliate Bootcamp training to see how he would fare making a website to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

His results? 50K last year helping people make money online!


Vitaly has joined other top earning affiliates in Las Vegas for the annual Super Affiliate conference hosted by the owners Kyle and Carson.

His advice to you?

“Do the training. Be patient and work your butt off. It doesn’t come right away, but it will when you stop waiting and work.”

4. $6458.72 In May!

DougBeney hated writing. When he joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2014 at the age of 16, he knew he couldn’t do affiliate marketing without having to write so he learned to love it.

He looks forward to writing articles everyday now because he knows that they’d contribute to his success.

His Wealthy Affiliate blog is filled with success post after success post.

  • “Making Money with Kindle Publishing”
  • “My first $600 month”
  • “Surpassed  the $1000 month mark”
  • “Made over $2000 last month”
  • “Over $1000 in a day”

…and so on.

His last post reported that he made over $6000 in May.

dougbeney success

He’s 17 now and he isn’t thinking about college simply because he can teach himself the skills to be successful in life.

Reflecting on when he first joined Wealthy Affiliate Doug says:

“I just read my first blog post on Wealthy Affiliate. It was titled “So I either made a life changing decision or got scammed”. Well I’m here to report 1 year and 3 months later that it was a life changing decision. I went from ~$100 in the bank to over $3000 every month.”

5. $14,000 in 3 Months

Jesse (saco) joined Wealthy Affiliate in October 2014 and was a complete newbie knowing nothing at all about internet marketing.

He went through the training and made a goal of getting $1500 per month. He applied the training and the first 6 – 7 months were frustrating for him as his site was not getting any traffic. This is when some people end up quitting.

Jesse however held on and around the 7 month mark his rankings kicked in. He began seeing traffic and he made his first sale of $70.

He noticed that his sales were coming from product reviews and focused more on what was working – more product reviews.

A year and a half after joining he posted his progress report – he was making an average of $4000 – $5000 per month.

14k in 3 months success

Jesse grew his site from no traffic to over 25000 – 30000 visitors per month. If he had quit just before the 7 month mark he would have never been able to post about his success .

Jesse added some encouragement for others at the end of his post.

“The point of this post is to show you that the things here teached work BUT it takes time and your own commitment.”

Please don’t use these success stories as a promise that you’ll have any of the same results. These results aren’t typical as everyone is different and success depends on a lot of factors.

The common thing about each person above is that they put in time and effort to write content and had the patience to continue when things were slow.

One thing that is constant though is that everyone receives the same exact training so the training definitely works and the above success stories are proof of that.

If you want to join these successes at Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my review and create a free Starter account to try the training.


  1. Hi Jay,
    The success stories of these WA members are Incredible. Glad i’m a part of this team. To be successful, a person get out what they put in. You don’t put in, you get nothing! WA is the vehicle that drives us all to success.

    • These are just some of the extra-ordinary ones. There are many other successes that are much smaller but well worth celebrating also.

      There are members who have no experience who post about making their first $1 online, getting their first check, getting their website on Google’s first page, making regular sales, and so on.

      I chose these because each of these members have something about them that most people who quit experience – the guy who thought it was tough and didn’t understand at first, the guy who hated writing, the guy who wasn’t seeing any results for 7 months etc. They persevered and became successful.

  2. Hi jay I’m 18 and I just learned about the affiliate marketing world 25 days ago. I started training with this program called digital success mentoring and I have learned a lot from them. But I’m having doubts because I haven’t made one sale even though I’m posting products, should I be patient or worried.

    • Well if it’s just 25 days then it’s mostly patience but judging from the site you posted, I’d say that you’re either not following the program well or you’re just doing your own thing.

      Or maybe you need a better structured training program like Wealthy Affiliate.

      You shouldn’t be posting products as an affiliate and your site is a mess. Instead focus on ONE topic (if it’s gym and fitness equipment then just focus on that alone). Your site should have nothing else but that particular topic.

      And you have to post interesting content that your readers can use to solve queries that they are having. You should be writing reviews of gym equipment or writing posts about things like “What is the best home gym machine to workout my abs?” or “Essential Machines to have in a Home Gym” or “York Multigym vs BowFlex – Which is better?”

      Those are examples of posts that would be very useful to people who were looking to BUY fitness equipment and you would have a much better chance of getting a sale than if you just posted products on your website.

      I’d suggest that you check out Wealthy Affiliate and see how the training differs from Digital Success Mentoring. Maybe you’ll find it easier to follow and implement.

  3. The sight is not letting me sign up. It keeps telling me that my “they already have found an account” on the site and I have NEVER signed up at this site before. Not unless it’s already registering my email and name that I submit in this form.

    • There’s another reason why you might see this message. If someone else signed up from the same computer (IP address), then you won’t be able to sign up. Maybe someone else in your household has a Wealthy Affiliate account.

      Other than that, maybe you can try the “forget password” link and see if anything is sent to your email address.

      Or go to TryWA.net (shortlink) on another device that doesn’t use your WI-Fi connection (phone, tablet) and see if you can signup that way.

      • Hey Jay, nope, no one else is using my computer. I even tried signing up on a different device (my phone) and it still gives me the same message. I even tried the “forget password” as you suggested and it didn’t recognize any of my emails that I use. I cleared out my browser cache as well. However, I do use a hot spot connection from my phone and I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it. I’ve tried several user names and emails to sign up with and still nothing.

        Thanks for the fast reply!

        [Admin edit: Issue was resolved privately]

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