12 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is the Perfect Business


From time to time I get asked the question about what I do? Usually, I’m not really prepared to answer that question so I just say that I do affiliate marketing or online marketing.

People think a lot of things when I reveal that I work online. One woman asked if I hack websites as if it was something she found fascinating.

When I was quitting my job back in 2009, I was told by a higher-up in the organization that “these things don’t usually work out” and it’s usually “hard to find a job if it doesn’t”. I get the feeling that she thought I was into network marketing or MLM. She would be right if that was the case.

But I was already doing good at affiliate marketing which is why I decided to quit my job.

The point is that most people don’t realize that affiliate marketing is a legitimate business venture worth pursuing and could even make a very fulfilling career.

I’ve seen some of my friends try to start businesses (of the “real world” variety) and a lot of these never come to fruition or they end up not being successful at all. Some do make it but involves high startup costs and other things that come with starting any business.

A few of my friends have even considered affiliate marketing but either they have unrealistic expectations or they make up excuses that lead to quitting because they didn’t want to do the work involved.

When taken seriously affiliate marketing is the perfect business model and I’ll give you 12 reasons why I’ll always say that.

Let me know if you agree in the comments. Here are 10 reasons why you should seriously consider affiliate marketing today.

(1) Low Barrier of Entry

Starting a business usually requires a substantial investment. A coffee shop can take about $60,000 to get up and running while a gym requires about $850,000.

In comparison, starting an internet business such as affiliate marketing can take less than $100 to get started. You can get started with no money but eventually you’ll need training, a website domain and web hosting for your website at a bare minimum.

You can get all these things in one place for less than $50/month.

This low barrier of entry is why so many people end up trying to do affiliate marketing and is equally the reason why so many end up quitting. They haven’t put in much if anything at all so it’s just as easy to give up (they’ll lose nothing).

However, if you see affiliate marketing as an opportunity that will get you what you want in life then you might be inclined to put more effort into it and try to make it work.

(2) No Experience Needed

Starting a barbershop, I would have to know how to cut hair well. A food truck, I’d have to be a able to cook and prepare food well enough.

Sure, to be successful at affiliate marketing you’d need to know how to do affiliate marketing but it isn’t required to get started today.

Forget all the colleges trying to lure you in to take their internet business courses. You don’t need to put yourself in debt learning how to make money online. No experience or previous training is needed. This was something that initially attracted me to affiliate marketing and I’m sure it’s true for a lot of other people too.

All you need to know is how to follow instructions and you can learn a whole lot about marketing and business as you go along.

(3) Earn as you Learn

If I wanted to become a dentist, I’d have to take 8 years of medical school to be able to practice dentistry and open up my own dental office.

It’s the same for a lot of other professions and businesses. I’d have to wait a long time after I start learning to be able to make my first dollar.

Not this way with affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you earn as you implement your training. As you learn how to build websites and create content, you integrate affiliate links into your site and earn as you go.

This is the only way you’ll know that what you’re learning is working. However, earning does not happen overnight. It can take on average about 3 months for your website to gain traction with search engines if you’re using that method for traffic so you won’t earn anything until your website starts getting visitors.

There are other methods like Facebook ads and Google ads that can get you faster results. For example, I got my first sale of $29 about 2 days after I started paying for Google ads but it was a learning experience that cost me twice the amount of that commission to attain.

(4) No Products or Inventory Needed

You would expect that if you’re going to make money selling online that you’d need a product.

Affiliate marketing does not require you have products and you do not need to stock any inventory. Affiliate marketing is a service business where you’re in the middle of two other entities.

The first service you provide is the marketing of someone else products. This could be a company like Amazon, Target or maybe Godaddy whose products are digital. The other service you provide is helping visitors to your website in finding a solution to their problem (in the form of a product).

Not needing products to sell online is great. It means no product sourcing, no product development and no unsold inventory if your business somehow fails.

(5) Anywhere in the world

This is the reason I found most attractive. The fact that it’s not only open to people in a particular region like US and Canada.

I can start a business even from an island in the Caribbean and form partnerships with big companies that only operate in the United States and get paid.

To do affiliate marketing you only need a computer and an internet connection which means my business is not tied to any particular geographic location.

I can leave tomorrow for a two week vacation to Hawaii and still run my affiliate marketing business from there. I can move to Australia if I want and it would not affect my business at all. The only thing I would need to change is where I want them to send my checks.

(6) Early Profits

With all the start up expenses incurred by most small businesses, they usually don’t turn a profit until after the first year or even the second.

Since affiliate marketing has such a low barrier of entry, online businesses can turn a profit much faster (days, weeks or months).

Some people can take a while to see their first sale but with the comparatively low costs of doing affiliate marketing,  it beats having to wait years just to even break even.

(7) No Employees or High Overheads

Sure you have to pay for the internet to make affiliate marketing work but you won’t need to hire anyone when starting out with your business.

Affiliate marketing is usually a one man operated business. Some people do scale their businesses up to a point where they end up needing to pay someone to do tasks. However, if you’re just starting out, it’s just you. You won’t need anyone else and that’s good on your budget.

No employees or high overheads means you can keep costs down and profit early unlike brick-and-mortar businesses.

(8) Flexible Schedule

You’ve seen the ads that say “make money while you sleep”. Doing affiliate marketing means you’re your own boss so you can make up your own schedule and do what you want, when you want.

I can take a vacation at anytime. I usually have time to go to the beach when other folks are busy with their 9-to-5 jobs. I can stay at home with my son if he can’t make it to school.

The content you create when doing affiliate marketing works for you 24 hours a day and you do not have to be tied to your computer closing sales and handling customer support.

You just need a couple of hours per day to work on your business and you can check the results at any time.

(9) Residual Income

Every piece of content you create gives you an opportunity to earn commissions years down the road. Create it once and it will keep making you money as long as you maintain your site.

To make this easier, some companies even have recurring commissions where you get a cut of a subscription sale every time it’s renewed. This could be on a monthly basis or even yearly. As long as the customer pays his bill, you get commissions.

Even if commissions aren’t recurring, you can still have residual income on  your work. Since your content can stay up for years, as long as readers are finding the content, you can get paid for purchases even if it’s every year for 5 years from now.

(10) Unlimited Income Potential

Want to make $1000 per month to help out with the bills, $10,000 per month so that you can quit your job or maybe even $100,000 per month?

The earning potential of affiliate marketing has no limits. I’ve heard of affiliates (we call them super affiliates) who have generated over $300K in a month.

Others use affiliate marketing to transition into other related online businesses and become millionaires. Does affiliate marketing make millionaires? You bet it does but don’t use that as a reason to jump into affiliate marketing especially if you’re not going to do the work involved.

(11) No Worrying About Operational Tasks

Taking orders, shipping products, handling customer refunds, customer service and so on are some tasks that are common for a lot of businesses.

Not affiliate marketing. Since the only thing affiliates have to do is to promote the products for the companies, all the other tasks are handled by the company itself.

(12) Access to the World’s Largest Marketplace

If you could set up your business in the world’s largest marketplace, would you do it?

If you would, then your business needs to be on the internet which is accessed by 3.5 billion users worldwide. Your business has no geographical boundaries and it’s open 24 hours per day even while you sleep.

For all these reasons, I would conclude that affiliate marketing is the perfect business model. It also has some drawbacks as well but I’m not going to focus on them here.

There are several different strategies you could follow such as Amazon affiliate marketing, review sites, content websites, blogging and more.

Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

Like what you just read? Agree that you should indeed get started with affiliate marketing?

You can get training, the tools and community support for affiliate marketing all in one place. I’ve used this site myself to go from a beginner to a full time affiliate marketing and I’m still using it today. See my review and create a free account so you can look at the training.

Which ones make you want to consider doing affiliate marketing? Tell me in the comments section below.


  1. really awesome article…affiliate marketing has lot of potential to make instant money….if you have blog with decent traffic you can really make handsome money by using affiliate marketing….great post..thanks for sharing..!!

  2. How do I get started. I already have a webpage built and ready to go. I just didn’t know what niche to use. I would be grateful for pointers.

    • Heather, you will need to have a niche in mind first before you even start a website. This is so that you can have the name of the website and the domain fitted to the niche you’re targeting.

      Did you complete the beginner course at WA? This was explained in one of the earlier lessons.

    • Music is a really broad topic that can be niched down significantly. I see your website says music management. What genre of artists do you work with?

  3. Please email about affiliate Mktg thanks Elaine Ray [admin edit: email address removed to protect privacy] I have 3 sons , 1 in college, 1 wanting to plan for college and another son possibly going to college. So I will need to help them they all are working hard on there jobs and at school.Please send all information that will be helpful..

  4. Thanks for the great article, Yes I agree its a perfect business,I am a newbie affiliate, Most of the unsuccessful affiliates are keep shouting that, affiliate marketing is a scam, you will not able to make money on the business, but I am not going to give up, I know money not come at one night, it takes some time, I am going to do affiliate marketing, keep sharing with us.

    • Affiliate marketing is definitely not a scam. This business model has made people millionaires. You just have to have the right training and be prepared to do the work just like any other business.

      Keep going at it.

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