Five Minute Profit Sites Review


I just came across a new presentation for a software program called Five Minute Profit Sites.

Of course, I watched it with interest because I knew that I had to do a new review for my readers. I also decided to go ahead and join just so I could see what’s inside and how it all works.

Five Minute Profit Sites sounds like something you should probably stay away from and in this review I’ll tell you whether it is or isn’t something you can use to make money online.

The presenter, Sam Smith claims that they’ll build you a profit generating done-for-you website in 5 minutes and 17 clicks and even shows how the site made some serious cash in a brand new Clickbank account.

Is this something you can finally make money with? Read on to find out what I discovered.

What Is Five Minute Profit Sites All About?

Five Minute Profit Sites boxName: Five Minute Profit Sites
Creator: “Sam Smith”
Cost:  $37 (plus upsells)
Years Online: Since June 2018
Verdict: It’s not a scam but I won’t recommend it. You have no control over the sites, traffic can be tough to get to these sites and the training isn’t exactly what you really need to succeed online.

Five Minute Profit Sites let users choose an already done turnkey website which has your optin form and Clickbank id attached that you can promote and hopefully make money.

They’re five minute websites because they only take 5 minutes to set up and according to the creator, about 17 clicks. Then they say that you’ll need to work about 23 minutes per day to see results.

To get access to Five Minute Profit Sites, you will need to create an account which costs $37. Depending on which sales letter you view, you can also get in with a free seven day trial after which you’ll pay $7 per month.

I used the free trial to get access after which I was presented with a couple of upsells.

1. FMPS Faster Profits Upsell – This offer was for $197 with a $50 discount to get it for $147. It promises a bigger faster profits website with unique articles and product reviews and has affiliate links for more Clickbank products than the basic website.

They also promise dedicated one-on-one support plus free hosting on a faster server and a free domain name.

2. FMPS Double Your Profits Upsell – This offer was for $187 and lets you get a niche website outside of “make money online” which is what is offered for the basic website. However this is only in the niches that they offer and not your own niche.

3. FMPS Traffic Tsunami Upsell – This offer was for $97 and promised to give you a step by step blueprint to get a tsunami of targeted traffic to your website. I personally think this should have been available to basic members because they’ll need traffic to those websites they’re creating.

The upsell videos have an actress who claims she is “Sam Smith”, the creator of Five Minute Profit Sites.

I’m not sure who is the real creator behind Five Minute Profit Sites but we also get to hear from a guy who calls himself Chris inside the training videos in the members area. This may in fact be the real creator behind the product if he’s doing the training.

You can’t really tell with these types of products because they’re so low-quality, the real creators like to hide behind a spokesperson with a fake name so they could save their own reputation. This is usually an indication that you’re getting something that probably won’t work.

Inside the Members Area

Inside the Five Minute Profit Sites members area, you have some training videos that only touch on how to use the sites and some videos based on the method you’ll be using.

Since the sites require an optin form code, there are some videos on basic email marketing and a couple on Clickbank.

The process to set up a website is:


  1. Click on “Create a website”
  2. Join Clickbank or insert your Clickbank id.
  3. Select a domain from about a dozen available with .live ending
  4. Join Aweber
  5. Build a form inside Aweber and insert the form code

I found the last step to be somewhat of an obstacle. You cannot complete the website without this step and there are no options.

So you absolutely must purchase Aweber to have the code added to your site. Aweber is in fact one of the best autoresponder services available but what if you already use a different service?

For most newbies, this would not be the case but what if they do not want to spend money on something they don’t quite understand as yet? What if they can’t afford to spend more on something else? Why do you need to purchase another product for this to work?

I went ahead and added the Aweber form code required and got a website created on the domain I picked.

You get a website with a 2 minute video sales letter that does some generic promotion of an unnamed product. Clicking the button on this page opens the email for and after putting in your info, you’re redirected to a Clickbank product via your affiliate link.

The product I was redirected to was for The AZ Code, a low-quality product that I unfavorably reviewed last week.

The tab for Traffic Methods introduces you to an email marketing method known as solo ads.

The Products and Bonuses section has an available bonus which is a PDF that doesn’t have any type of actionable content related to using the sites while there are locked content for information on list building. The locked content appears to be released every day for the first seven days after you first login. This is so that you don’t cancel before the trial period ends.

Why This Is a Bad Idea

With every product I review, I try to find something that I like about the product and for Five Minute Profit Site, I can name a couple of things.

  • they don’t have fake testimonial videos from Fiverr
  • they have high quality training videos in the members area
  • they actually attempted to make something useful that people can use

However, all this is overshadowed by some not so good stuff that makes this site not so useful. I just can’t recommend Five Minute Profit Sites because of these things.

1. Earnings aren’t actually from using this method – In and throughout the video, reference is made to a Clickbank account with earnings that is supposedly from using the five minute profit sites.

There are also other screenshots of Clickbank earnings but these earnings, from what I could tell are from an account where the earner is a vendor (selling their own product) or an affiliate using other methods.

This is a common tactic used by scammers to make you think that you can achieve these results by using the product. Many of these product creators also have other products that are making money or do affiliate marketing themselves and do make this type of money.

However using the screenshots of unrelated earnings isn’t an ethical way of convincing anyone your product will work for them.

2. Looks like Profit With Alex – A while back I reviewed a similar product called Profit With Alex which was a site generator similar to this one that did Amazon websites.

There are some similarities both in the marketing of Five Minute Profit Sites and Profit With Alex.

For example, the digital product box has the same design and they have a similar demo where they create a brand new account to test the results and ask you to note the time before showing the earnings a week later.

It’s possible that the owner of this product may also be the owner of Profit With Alex.

3. You have to spend more before you can use this – It isn’t fair that they should do this but in order for the sites to work, you have to spend more money to purchase an Aweber account.

This is the final step in the setup phase of the sites and you cannot complete the process without pasting in the Aweber optin form code.

The good news is that Aweber isn’t that expensive and they start you off with a 30 day free trial before charging you $19/month.

This isn’t the only additional cost you’ll have because in order for you to get traffic to these websites, you’ll need to pay for traffic or purchase the solo ads that they recommend in the training videos.

4. Manipulative tactics – They also lie about the availability of the product saying that they only have limited free copies to give away and that they are only charging for hosting.

There’s also a line in a pop-up that says that the product is set to launch in your area in September at $495 per license. This is totally untrue because it’s a digital product and I already have access to it.


Also there is no limitation to how many accounts they can give away because it is a digital product and I’d want to believe that they aren’t going to refuse anyone’s money due to some limitation that they set.

Finally there’s a countdown timer on the page which says the free software offer expires in 30 minutes. I had the free software offer yesterday when I checked out the site and I also had the same offer with countdown timer today when I checked back.

All of these are just manipulative tactics to get you to sign up without hesitation or without thinking about it too much.

Can You Make Money With This?

Yes, you can make money with this but it is going to be tough and it is not going to be anything substantial like what they show in the videos.

The way this is set up, you can potentially pay for some solo ads or traffic and send people to these websites. Your traffic can go through the funnel and end up on a Clickbank product which they may go on to purchase.

However, this is going to be tough because these websites cannot get free traffic from search engines and you’ll always have to be sending paid traffic from solo ads to these websites.

You’re building a list which means you could email offers and earn money this way as well but at the same time you’re destroying any type of trust those people have for you by recommending scam products.

The website your affiliate link is redirected to is The AZ Code and this product is a borderline scam. You’re going to end up with refunds and any signups you have will start unsubscribing or hitting the spam button on your emails.

This is not a great way to build an affiliate marketing business. You also do not own the websites and have no control over the appearance, the content and where your affiliate links go.

If you want to build a business that will take care of you for years, you absolutely must have control over every aspect of your website from choosing the domain name, the design and the content. You also need to be recommending high quality products that help people to do something.

Is Five Minute Profit Sites a scam?

I wouldn’t exactly use the ‘s’ word in this case because they do provide you with something that could potentially make money but this is the wrong way to do affiliate marketing and I would not recommend you get this product at all.

Profit the Right Way with Affiliate Marketing

To make money the right way with affiliate marketing, it’s going to take more than 5 minutes and a couple of clicks a day.

You’ll need to build a website that attracts traffic from search engines which means that they’ll have lots of useful unique content that your visitors are searching for.

You can also use paid traffic if you want but you still need full control over where you send that traffic. Your website should be designed the way you want it and you need to put legit offers in front of that audience so that you can make sales and be seen as someone trustworthy.

Building an email list should also be done the right way as well otherwise it will be a useless source of traffic if no-one trusts your recommendations in the long run.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing then you simply can’t figure out all this on your own. Having access to reliable step-by-step training, support and tools can help you learn affiliate marketing the right way.

Five Minute Profit Sites don’t even go into the basics – the exact steps you need to start an online business or any business for that matter.

  • Choose a niche based on your interest
  • Create a website that you have control over
  • Create valuable content to attract visitors
  • Add your affiliate links to make money

This is what the correct process looks like. Some models have a slight variation to this but this outline is generally what you have to do to earn money the correct way online.

An easy way to get started (and you can do this for free) is to join the training website that I and thousands of others have used to learn how to earn full time incomes from the internet.

To see how this training site compares with Five Minute Profit Sites, you can check out the comparison chart below and you’ll get an idea of how lacking FMPS really is.

Does that put things into perspective for you?

Five Minute Profit Sites isn’t going to teach you affiliate marketing. They only give you a short-termed method that you can use to TRY to earn money online.

I wouldn’t recommend that anyone get Five Minute Profit Sites as it is very similar to Profit with Alex but for Clickbank instead of Amazon. They also aren’t very trustworthy and you can destroy your own reputation before you even have one following their method.

If anyone has any experience with Five Minute Profit Sites, have used their method or just want to comment on the sales video and marketing, it would be really great if you could leave a comment so others can know about your experience.


  1. yes! I can’t even find the site to maybe keep learning their training. How do I unsubscribe from this program so I want be charged again? I found the
    aweber account but nothing else. Please help me out.

    • Teresa, if you paid via PayPal then you can just go in there and stop the subscription. You won’t be charged when the billing time comes around. If you paid via credit card, you’ll have to contact Clickbank (their payment processor) and ask them to stop all future payments.

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