How To Kill Your Website In 10 Simple Steps

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Having a website or two online can be a good source of income.

You get up in the morning, publish some content and get visitors who are actively looking for that content to visit an affiliated website and make a purchase. That purchase earns you a commission and your website just made money.

That process can happen as many times over the course of the day as there are visitors interested in having their problem solved. Successful website owners would want to follow the best practices of maintaining a website to easily facilitate this money earning process.

But what if you don’t want to earn money from your website?

There is a solution. You can arrange your website to be killed and if you are looking for ways to NOT have a successful website then I have ten simple tips outlined below for you to do just that.

Follow these 10 easy steps and you can damn your website to the 483rd page in Google’s search engine results page. If that’s your goal then read on.

1. Post PLR Content

Because writing original content is so freaking hard to do. There is no better way to get sandboxed by Google than to buy a package of private label rights articles and post them to your website. This ensures that you have the same generic duplicate content that 84 other website owners have already posted to their websites.

It’s also a great way to show your visitors that you are not an expert which will result in no sales. You don’t want sales though, because what you’re really trying to do is to destroy your website. You’re on the right track.

2. Spin Your Articles

Instead of posting PLR content (because who wants to have the same articles as someone else), you could just get the latest article spinning tool and feel mighty proud of yourself by spinning those articles to make them “unique” yet completely unreadable by anyone with a credit card.

Congratulations, you just one upped the previous point. The time you took to try to make the article different and still make sense was a bit more than it would take to write some useful and original content for your website but it was totally worth it because you’re now on your way to doom your website to Google hell.

3. Outsource Your SEO

Search engine optimizing your website is very important. Getting ranked at number one on the first page vs being at number 10 can make a big difference between getting consistent sales and how much your site earns.

SEO no longer works the same way it did 10, 5 or even 2 years ago. Maybe you know this. So what’s a better way to try to improve your sites rankings and turn a blind eye to the methods being used to do so? Outsource that SEO work and you no longer have to wonder why Google no longer loves your website.

You can buy gigs on Fiverr to purposefully game Google’s ranking algorithm by building backlinks or using linkwheels and other outdated SEO techniques. It’s so great to have people around who didn’t get the memo because now they could use spamming software to build 5000 links to your website in the next 24 hours using that one anchor text you wanted.

Panda watching SEO

4. Use Old SEO Techniques

If you don’t want to outsource the SEO work, why not just do it yourself.

The truth is you don’t really need to do much else than ensuring your on page SEO is great, posting regular, original and high quality content to your site and creating active social engagement around your brand/website. But you and I have different goals so maybe you should use old SEO techniques like:

  • actively building backlinks (good luck trying to make them look natural)
  • building linkwheels
  • spinning articles and submitting them to 100’s of sites
  • stuffing your keywords in your articles.

None of these are necessary to rank a site well but since Google will eventually catch on to these unnatural ranking signals, you will end up getting delisted or see your rankings drop off drastically.

5. Copy Other People’s Content

Why spend time trying to create original content when there are others who work hard doing just that for their website? You can just visit their site, CTRL+C and CTRL+V right into your website. Just change a few links and call it yours and you’ll be making money in no time.

I don’t use this method because besides being creative and helpful, I realize that people will find their work and it could spell trouble. They may bother me by contacting me to take down their work. People can be so pesky sometimes. And when you ignore them then they can actually report you to your web host or even Google and have your site removed.

See that last part – have your site removed? This is what you want right?

6. Forget About Spelling, Grammar & Formatting

I mean who cares. At least you put the link so they can click and go buy something.

It doesn’t quite work that way. Most times when I read an artical riddled with grammar mistakes and bad speling, I get the idea that the writer ain’t really cares. The only clicking I does is away from teh page. To get a reader to click on your link then you need to have readable content.

This also goes for content that is written in one block on the page. Your website is not a newspaper. You have endless amounts of space to write. You should take time to break up your content with images, white space and even bullet points.

But then again, this might make your website better and more useful to visitors so stick to using bad grammar, ignore your spell check and just write everything in one block with minimal punctuation and capitalization where applicable.

7. Accept Every Single Comment

Who has time for comment moderation? Just be glad you got a comment.

Comments send great social signals to Google and this is one of their ranking factors. Visitors can see that others are commenting and the perceived value of your content will go up. Furthermore, it provides additional content to your website and can help add keywords that help more people to find your website.

If you want your visitors to be disgusted and forget about commenting (like how I feel when I see this), then just accept every comment from Mr. “burberry bags australia” and the Chinese guy who thought you would understand his comment even though he wrote it in his native language.

It’s clear the owners of these websites don’t care too much about their site if they let visitors spam the living daylights out of the comment section. It usually shows in other ways too and Google may even equate your site with being a bad link neighborhood. This is yet another step to take to get your website penalized.

8. Treat Your Visitors Like Crap

All of the above points would be a great start to treating your visitors like crap. You can also be rude to people who comment on your articles or recommend scams and low quality information.

If you’re doing any of these things then you’re doing great – your website is on it’s way to becoming a place to avoid and you’re probably not going to get a lot of the things Google use to rank your website like natural backlinks and recommendations via tweets, Facebook likes, pins and Google pluses.

9. Don’t Be An Expert

If you’re going to make money from your website then you need to become somewhat of an expert in that niche – either you’re a part of the niche yourself or you’ve done thorough research and you’re providing useful content that appeals to your visitors.

Writing articles in a niche that you know little about can be tough and you can make a lot of mistakes and provide incorrect or outdated information if you’re not careful. This is how people end up buying PLR articles.

It can be done if you have a genuine interest in the niche – you just have to do the ground work – careful research and personal experience can go a long way. However, for the sake of what we want to achieve here – just ignore all that and jump right into that niche you know nothing about.

10. Neglect Your Website

If all of those steps seem like too much, just ignore the website and leave it as it is. Eventually, it may just get hacked because of an outdated WordPress installation or plugin or go offline because of an unpaid web hosting bill.

If you take care of those things though (WordPress now upgrades your installation automatically) and you’re unlucky enough to not get hacked, then eventually you lose your rankings to other websites with fresh updated content (Google loves those types of sites). That means you start dropping in the search engines and your sales may also drop off as well.

In any case, it’s not very appealing when visitors get to your website and it was last updated four years ago.

I hope that you take the time to implement these 10 steps if your goal is to destroy your website.

If you want to have a successful, high ranking website then please read through the list and do the opposite. If you’re doing any of these then you know it’s time to stop and correct the issue.


  1. ha ha haa! What a post. Really I will not destroy my website by myself, but you show the method to do so. I think this article is about to show how this kind of activities can kill our website and we should beware of such things. Thanks !

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