Sunday Shares #17: How To Write for Sites Like Forbes & Entrepreneur


I’ve missed a couple of Sundays due to having too much fun on a Saturday night but I’m back again with another Sunday Shares post where I share three articles that I read over the past week.

These articles were interesting enough for me to want to share them with you. They contain useful information and practical advice that you can apply to your business.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been researching the topic of guest posting because I want to start writing for other websites so that I can expose AMvsMLM to new audiences and for the SEO benefits.

This has led me to read some really interesting and useful posts that I would like to share just in case you were probably thinking about getting into guest posting also.

Here are three articles that related to authoring content on other websites.

(1) The Staircase Guest Blogging Strategy

How did one new website grow it’s monthly traffic from zero to 5-digit numbers of visitors?

They used a strategy they like to call “staircase guest blogging”.

The post, on Hubspot, details the exact steps of this strategy and how they applied it to eventually get published by Entrepreneur.

The steps begin with starting a blog (which you may already have) down to getting your first guest blogging opportunity and eventually to raising the bar higher and higher until you get published by a big name website like Forbes.

(2) How to Write for Top Tier Publications

When you’re just starting out with guest blogging, you can use the “staircase guest blogging strategy” which you read about in the Hubspot link above by starting out writing for smaller blogs and then working your way up to more established publications as you develop more experience.

You’ll get more traffic, more exposure and more link juice as well as more authority by writing for big sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur.

But getting published by these sites can be tough. Luckily, in this post, Matthew Barby, who has been published on all the websites he mentions, gives some must-follow tips on how to get your article on sites like:

  • The Huffington Post
  • Entrepreneur
  • Inc
  • Vice
  • The Odyssey
  • Buzzfeed
  • Mashable
  • TechRadar
  • HBR
  • Forbes
  • The Guardian
  • New York Times
  • Business Insider
  • TechCrunch
  • Hubspot
  • Moz
  • Fast Company

This is a must read once you have your eyes set on submitting content for any of these sites. I’ve bookmarked the post for whenever I’m ready to start writing articles suitable for any of these publications.

And I’m sharing the article with you.

(3) 5 Ways to Creatively Brainstorm Guest Post Ideas

Finally, after making a list of websites that I want to get published on and picking one to target, I turned to this Problogger article for advice on finding the right guest post ideas.

The article gives the process for feeling out your target site and seeing what types of posts you should be writing and then creatively finding these ideas for articles to write about.

I especially liked the suggestions to use forums and the table of contents within books to find ideas. I also added one of my own – using magazines – to find ideas as well.

I’ve already used the suggestions put forward in this post to come up with a few ideas based on one website that I’d like to write for. The next step would be to actually write the article before I think about pitching my idea.

I got some great advice and tips from these three articles that I’m using in my efforts to submit my first guest blog post.

Hopefully, if you’re thinking about using guest blogging as part of your SEO strategy, you will find these articles very helpful as well. Read all the tips, bookmark the articles for later use and apply the knowledge in your own strategy.

If you’d like to discuss guest blogging, offer advice, or simply comment about any of the posts I’ve shared here, I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

Thanks you for reading and come back next Sunday for more interesting shares.

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