Meet Your Goals With This App in 2014

goaltracker for androidIt’s 2014 and its that time of the year when resolutions are made (and broken) and goals are set.

Goals are important and when you take the time to set up targets that you would like to meet, whether daily, monthly or for the entire year, you are likely to work towards meeting them, so improving your productivity.

In this short post, I would like to recommend a goal tracking app that I’ve used for the latter half of 2013. The app has really helped me set and exceed some really important goals and I’ll be using it in 2014 to increase my productivity and my income.

Goal Tracker for Android

If you have an android smartphone, you can use this nifty little app to set up goals and track them on a regular basis. The app is free to download.

I’m not sure if there is a version for Iphone but I’m sure there are some alternatives you can use if you’re an Apple fan.

The app, in it’s simplicity has some great features like a calendar view that keeps a record of what you achieved daily or a graphical view that shows your progress in a pie chart. You’ll also be able to see the numbers like what you achieved so far and how much remaining.

The best part is that you can see at a glance what percentage of your goal you’ve accomplished and whether you are within safe reach of making your goal. The bar is green if you’re good, yellow to warn you that you’re falling behind and red when you’re really behind.

How I use Goal Tracker

For the past 6 months, I’ve been setting goals, some personal ones and some business ones like how much money I would like to make this month or how many pieces of content I want to add to my sites.

In some cases I did not reach the goals but I was able to see just how well (or how bad) I did and set up a plan to meet that goal the next month. In some cases I did reach the goal and set a higher goal for the next month. Before using goal tracker I rarely set goals and didn’t even know whether I was doing better in my business or if things were not going so well (unless it was noticeable).

So if I set a goal to make $50 daily from a particular affiliate program or niche, Goal Tracker would ask for a start date and an end date which for me would be the first and last day of the month. Goal Tracker would then calculate that I’ve set a monthly goal of $1500 (or $1550 if the month has 31 days).

At the end of the day, I would check my earnings from that affiliate program and input it into Goal Tracker and my progress would be displayed as a percentage.

If I meet the goal then the next month I would set a higher goal so I’m really using Goal Tracker to increase my productivity and income. If I end up being behind then I’ll set the same goal to be met the next month and also devise a plan of action to meet that goal.

The app works great for me and if you’re doing your goal setting on pen and paper then you should give Goal Tracker for Android a try. I use it for my business but you can use it to track your diet goals, writing goals, your savings or any area of your life that you’re trying to improve in.

Do you track your goals? What tools do you use to track your goals and how effective is it?

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