Herbalife Exposed in “Betting On Zero” Film

If you’ve read my Herbalife review, then you might want to see the movie Betting on Zero, a new documentary that looks into the allegations that the nutrition company is a big pyramid scheme.

The documentary follows William Ackman’s feud with the company and it’s CEO, Michael Johnson as well as investor Carl Icahn and the resulting controversies over Herbalife’s business practices and the motive for Ackman’s accusations – his billion dollar investment that the company will collapse as a result of being a pyramid scheme.

Themes of greed and fraud are explored. The film makes an interesting case against Herbalife and can be described as Wall Street vs MLM.

To me neither seems appealing since I won’t recommend anyone get involved with MLM and Wall Street has been known as an embodiment of greed.

The film, directed by Ted Braun and featuring Bill Ackman, premiered last year at the Tribeca Film Festival but will have it’s wide release on March 17, 2007.

Anyone who has read my Herbalife review, is a Herbalife distributor or is being prospected by Herbalife or any other MLM company should probably go see it.

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