Where Is the Motor Club of America Wiki Entry?

motor club of america wiki searchSince I wrote my review of Motor Club of America, there have been many arguments and questions in the comments section and also on social media sites like Facebook where the review was shared.

One argument which has been purported by MCA associates is that Motor Club of America is a real company with a headquarters in Oklahoma City.

Well, I took a look into that and found that Motor Club of America did indeed have an address – 3200 W Wilshire Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73116, USA.

So I tracked that down on Google Maps and found the headquarters.

TVC Headquarters

Now the thing about this headquarters is that it isn’t the headquarters of Motor Club of America but rather that of TVC Matrix, the marketing company behind MCA. If you look at the center of the photo, you can see the TVC signage.

So I asked myself another question. If Motor Club of America is a real company, where is their Wikipedia entry?

Wikipedia Entry for Motor Club of America?

Not every company has a Wikipedia entry but for a company with such popularity and significance, you would expect Motor Club of America to have an entry on the most comprehensive and authoritative online encyclopedia website.

After all AAA has an entry.

So does Allstate.

AARP has a page though there isn’t much on their roadside assistance service.

And Good Sam has not one but two.

These are the examples of MCA’s competitors which I mentioned in my review article.

When you search “motor club of america wiki” on Google, the first result from Wikipedia is an entry for the general term “motor club“.

Motor clubs in North AmericaThis entry has information on what a motor club is, the benefits you get from being a member and it also lists examples of motor clubs around the world, grouped by continent.

Motor Club of America is mentioned but in red which means that there is no entry for that item.

There are some others also mentioned that do not have entries but you can easily find their websites by doing a quick Google search for their company name.

Can you do the same for MCA?

Doing a Google search for Motor Club of America and trying to find their official company website is useless. The results are all filled with unofficial websites ran by associates of MCA. Some of these even look official but aren’t.

Why MCA Doesn’t Have a Wiki

I’m sure someone has tried to add the entry but failed because Wikipedia moderators won’t allow it. Wikipedia has very strict rules about what they do and do not allow and what is required for entries of this type.

The reason why MCA does not have a Wikipedia entry and why it may never have one is because they are not a real company.

Associates may argue with me on this but it’s a fact. MCA is just a product created by TVC Marketing and put out with a compensation plan for people to earn money.

Just like Snickers is not a chocolate bar company. It’s a brand name created by Mars, Incorporated.

With MCA, the company is TVC Marketing which doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry itself but they have a better chance of having one than Motor Club of America.

So what I’m trying to say here is that people are trying to say that Motor Club of America is legit because they have a headquarters in Oklahoma are wrong.

Motor Club of America does not have a headquarters. They do not have an official website and they do not have a Wikipedia entry probably because their parent company doesn’t really care as much as their associates to create any of these assets.

None of this proves that MCA is a scam though. It’s the unethical marketing of the MCA product and the way the compensation plan and memberships are set up that make Motor Club of America a scheme that is worth staying very far from.

There are much better ways to make money online as I pointed out in my previous review so why give the time of day to something like MCA?

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