Motor Club of America (MCA) Review – It Looks Bad!

mca motor club of america“Is MCA a legit online business?”

Someone emailed me this question last week and I gave them the short answer based on what I already knew about the company.

Back in January, I also mentioned briefly in another review that I didn’t like how the owner of the product I was reviewing, had training on what I thought was a scam.

“Actually one of the bonus training is focused about making money with Motor Club of America which has been called a scam for it’s focus on recruiting people to the business opportunity instead of selling the service that they offer. It’s an MLM scam that I wouldn’t want to be associated with.”

Well, I’m finally doing a review of Motor Club of America, known simply as MCA so I could point people to my findings instead of just giving a short answer.

Here you will see why I don’t recommend MCA at all and why I think the business opportunity provided by MCA is just a scam that should be avoided.

What Is MCA Though?

MCA, the Motor Club of America is a roadside assistance service, one of a number of companies that will send someone if you get broken down on the side of the road, locked out of your car, have a flat tire or run out of gas.

Some roadside assistance companies including MCA also provide auto insurance, travel planning and other services.

Competitors of MCA would be companies like AAA, Good Sam Roadside Assistance, AARP and AllState Motor Club just to name a few of the popular ones.

There’s one little twist to this though.

Motor Club of America doesn’t seem to be a real company. I tried finding their official website but only came across multiple unofficial ones owned by MCA reps. This is a big red flag, the kind that sets off all kinds of alarms in your head.

The real company behind MCA is called TVC Marketing or TVC Matrix.

This would mean that MCA is actually a marketing company posing as a roadside assistance service. Or maybe they actually do roadside assistance but ran by marketers.

Whatever it is, there is something fishy going on with Motor Club of America which we’ll explore further as you read on.

The MCA Opportunity

On one of the unofficial MCA websites, I saw this statement about how MCA is advertised.

“At MCA, thousands of customers are now earning a part time or full time income referring others to join our Motor Club. Unlike most Motor Clubs, MCA invest 100% of it’s advertising cost directly into it’s members. MCA does not invest in radio, television, print, or internet advertisements. Word of mouth advertising is the chosen format and it makes our customers happy to have extra income coming in by simply sharing our benefits with others.”

As I’ve already revealed, MCA is a scam and this excerpt actually proves that it is a pyramid scheme. MCA’s customers are paying MCA and MCA is paying it’s customers.

Here’s how becoming an MCA rep/customer works:

You sign up to MCA for $39.90 and pay a monthly fee of $19.95. This gives you access to 24/7 Motor Club protection and the chance to recruit others into MCA.

Signing up new customers for 24/7 Motor Club protection will earn you $80 for each signup. For every sale one of your customers make, you get $6. When your customer pays their monthly bill, you get 66 cents.

In Motor Club of America a customer = a rep which makes up the classic pyramid scheme definition. For an MLM to be a legit company, they have to make a certain percentage of sales to people who are just customers.

MCA or TVC Matrix doesn’t have any pure retail customers who aren’t involved with the company.

MCA Is a Total Scam / Pyramid Scheme

Believe it or not, no one is really signing up to Motor Club of America for their roadside assistance services. Everyone who signs up is signing up because someone told them that they could make money selling roadside assistance.

Who is going to pay $260 per year for roadside assistance when other more reputable companies have much better service for less?

AAA is $119 per year for their premium plan. AARP is $74 per year for theirs. Good Sam’s premium service is $144.95 per year. A comparison of roadside assistance services at Top 10 Reviews doesn’t even recognize MCA as a legit provider of this service.

The business model of MCA is an endless chain of reps signing up reps and collecting commissions without anyone really consuming the service.

The service is overpriced and no one is using it. So how are there so many people in MCA flashing money and using it as a marketing angle to get others to sign up?

The true purpose of MCA is not to offer roadside assistance but to make money through the operation of an illegal pyramid scheme and this is evident in the fact that MCA was started by a company called TVC Matrix.

For more on why Motor Club of America is a scam, check out this short video.

You can find part 2 of this video here and part 3 can be found here.

Can You Make Money with MCA?

Making money with MCA is possible.

All you have to do is sign up for $39.90 the first month and pay $20 per month for the opportunity to earn money. What are you paying for? You’re paying these fees so someone further up the line can get paid.

Then you’ll have to find people dumb enough to not do their research on roadside assistance or who is going to believe that MCA is a legit enough company to work for. They end up signing up and you get paid.

People are making money with MCA but they’re not making money ethically and they’re also involved in an illegal pyramid scheme that could get shut down if the right authorities take notice and decides to take action against them.

Wouldn’t you rather build a stable online business instead that can make money for years to come?

What Should You Do Now?

Avoid MCA.

Do your research and avoid pyramid schemes and get rich quick scams.

You have choices when it comes to making money online and it should not be based around any one company.

Your options online are many and include ecommerce, affiliate marketing and micro-jobs just to name a few.

Since this blog is about affiliate marketing, and because I do affiliate marketing full time from home, this is what I recommend as a great alternative to crap like Motor Club of America.

Affiliate marketing is a business model that has been embraced by big brands like Amazon, Walmart, Microsoft, Target and almost any other retail company that you can think of. Check out these awesome reasons to do affiliate marketing.

Learning to do affiliate marketing is easy and you can find a number of sources online that will give you training. Check out my review of the one that I used and still use because they have more than just training all in one place.

Has someone asked you to join MCA? Are you a current or former rep for Motor Club of America? Share your experience below in the comments section.


  1. I have gotten my fingers burnt a couple of times by multi level marketing schemes and I have regretted all the times I clicked on the links in my email to try them out.

    MCA does not seem to be any different. Think makes me cringe at the thought of spending a dime towards it. Aren’t there any legit mlm based programs out there?

    • I’m sure that there’s a legit one somewhere. Avon seems to be legit enough but I’ll have to do some research on it to make sure. MCA though is one of the worst ones you could ever get involved with.

  2. Well, it would appear to me, that from what I have heard there actually is roadside assistance, including a call center, among other services offered. Since there are products involved how could it be a full blown marketing scheme? I’m just an unbiased reader tring to see the pros and cons, but the reviews I have seen have not been good.

    • That is a very good question, Andrew.

      Just because an MLM has a product doesn’t mean it’s not a pyramid scheme. This is a myth that people often believe and get themselves involved with some of the worst MLM schemes.

      A product-based pyramid scheme is one where recruiting others is the main focus even when there is a product. The product is sold to new recruits so that the money flows up the pyramid. This is the case of MCA. Nearly all MCA reps join MCA for the opportunity even though they have to buy the service. And they join the never-ending cycle of recruitment.

      Taken from the FTC website:

      A lack of retail sales is also a red flag that a pyramid exists. Many
      pyramid schemes will claim that their product is selling like hot cakes.
      However, on closer examination, the sales occur only between
      people inside the pyramid structure or to new recruits joining the
      structure, not to consumers out in the general public.

      • Ok. First off very and i mean Very bias Article… But Let’s point out some stuff that you’ve might have left out.
        as i went and did some research on the company myself, to see if this article was written with an unbiased mindset, Boy What did that company did to you LMAO you was so BIAS
        and no i do work or associate with MCA i just don’t like when someone Being Bias and lying I was hoping i came here to find what i was looking for about the company and you Failed.
        so lets see..
        Id like to point out, I’ve seen marketers on FB promoting MCA and I can tell a lot of them promoting it wrong, Flashing money on every video is not the MCA way..Promoting it as a business is not the MCA way, but i understand Internet Marketing .
        MCA actually have warn them and have taking many account down.

        MCA VS AAA
        MCA is not a Roadside assistant service
        MCA stand For Motor club of America, it’s a Motor club discount
        that offers Unlimited roadside assistant
        Free 100 Mile Tow (UNLIMITED)
        $5,000 Vehicle Theft Reward
        $1,000 Credit Card Protection
        $500 Arrest Bond Certificate
        $25,000 Bail Bonds
        20-50% Dental Discount
        65% Prescription Saving
        $500 ER Reimbursement
        $54,000 Hospital Benefits
        $10,000 Accidental Death Benefit
        AND MORE! It Offers Their Customers $80 for each referral that they refer to the company. WHAT”S WRONG WITH THAT?

        TRIPLE AAA By the Look of it do not compare.
        Free 100 mile towing (3 calls per year)
        $2,000 Vehicle Theft Reward
        No Arrest Bond Certificate
        No Bail Bonds
        No Dental Discount
        24% Avg Prescription Discount
        No Emergency Room Benefits
        No Daily Hospital Benefits
        No Referral Program
        and it doesn’t have a referral commission for it’s customer and members

        MCA is free to become an Associate,
        It is not your Typical pyramid Scheme, Because you actually getting yourself an actual Product that you can use for yourself and family also.
        _ Someone people have use the many Benefits that MCA offers, and as i was talking to the Rep she told me MCA now Offers Insurance, Car and Home owners Insurance in certain state. and you need a state License to sell the MCA Benefits what scam would allow you to do that.. WOW man

        The company Is not a Scam , nothing scamming about the company
        People represent the company wrong
        it’s not for everybody in conclusion
        You have good and bad Some making money ethical some are not but who am I to Judge
        And you said you’ve try to find their real website yet you lied again..
        their website is
        TVCMATRIX dot com
        TVCMARKETING dot com
        MOTORCLUBCOMPANY dot com
        Tvcmatrix is who that pays you/ MCA is their Service SMH LOL
        Like GM
        General Motors produces vehicles in 37 countries under twelve brands: Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Holden, HSV, Wuling, Baojun, Jie Fang, and Ravon
        SO NOTHING FISHY here. the only thing Fishy here is this Article, lying doing UN ethically things to get people to your website affiliate shame on you..

        For some of you guys that agree with this bias article without doing your HOMEwork Shame on you own. Stop letting people spoon feed you go and do the research your self
        MCA is Back by the BBB with A+ Rating..
        This is crazy. how this company get bad rep but not the People who mis represent the company..

        • Thank you for your comment Pete. There are some things that you’ve challenged that I must address.

          Am I being biased?
          What did the company do to me?
          MCA is not a roadside assistance company?
          You need a state license to sell MCA?
          MCA’s real website?
          MCA’s BBB A+ rating?

          OK so your claim that I’m being biased is based on the fact that you disagree with me giving MCA a bad rating and that you think I’m lying about certain things I said to back up my opinion.

          I don’t think that I’m being biased. MCA us either good or bad and from what I found it definitely is not something that I would align myself with. If I could find a good reason that outweighed all the bad reasons, I’d probably join myself and make some good money with this opportunity. But I couldn’t find that good reason.

          The company didn’t do anything to me. I had no prior relationship with MCA before writing the review. All of my findings is based on research and other people’s experience with MCA.

          MCA is not a roadside assistance company. It’s a motor club discount that offers it’s customers $80 to refer other customers. The problem here is that the company as it seems was created solely to offer the referral program and they’re overpricing the service compared to other companies that offer the same service.

          TVC Matrix, which was created by network marketers, created MCA as their product (service). And they somehow ended up creating a pyramid scheme. Even if that wasn’t their intention, the way they structured it allows for their customers to perpetuate this pyramid structure by selling the opportunity to customers who end up selling the opportunity too.

          You need a state license to sell MCA?

          This is a strange one because I went through the registration process as far as I could go without paying and it seems all you needed to have was the registration fee. Maybe they sent you a kit but the problem is that even I who isn’t based in the United States, am able to register and sell MCA. Do I need a state license? From what state? What are you telling me that I don’t know?

          MCA’s real website?

          It would be so helpful if one of these is the official website of MCA (not the parent company TVC Matrix). I understand your reference to General Motors but it doesn’t work the same way for this.

          Anyone searching for the real company website for MCA should be able to at least land on either a page on TVC Matrix’s website dedicated to MCA and what it does or on an official MCA branded website – NOT a website owned and operated by an affiliate.

          I know about the two websites you mentioned for TVC Matrix and the last one isn’t an official MCA website – it belongs to an affiliate.

          Finally, about MCA’s BBB A+ rating.

          If you know anything about the BBB and how companies get their ratings, you would take these things with a grain of salt. BBB ratings is nothing to go by when trying to determine the legitimacy of a company. I won’t mention too much about the shady dealings of the BBB – you can go research it yourself. Hint: the difference between a company with an A rating and a company with an F rating can sometimes be the color green.

          I did my research. This is my review with my findings. I wish I could have given MCA a more favorable review but this is just what it is.

          • I joined MCA in 2013 and all they had were the services and a stra8$80 dollars for referrals. The services are real and so is the business and better business A+ rating. You can’t scam that. Because network marketers recognize an opportunity to grow a business through referrals and beginning training people to share that’s nothing wrong. All the competition does the same. They have employees to market but they get salary not commission. How a business chooses to grow a business does not make it a scam. Who made you the resident expert ? Network marketing turns out the most 6 figure earners globally so with good business and services and comp plan it’s a win win and in bis8there is always someone to take over or buy majority stock or stake in a company for control. It’s business!duh. Go find some business while you’re trying to discredit a legit business bec8one thing you can’t dispute are the services. And they have all the websites you need for straight services opposed to recruiting

          • Actually, Mr. Crump, you can scam a BBB A+ rating. I’ve known for sometime now that you cannot look at Better Business Bureau ratings at face value because it’s pay to play (and if you don’t know that dirty secret then you better open your eyes). There are some companies that have a terrible rating like a D or F and it’s because they got one bad review and the BBB tells them they can pay to get it adjusted. The company, even if they’re great with one bad review, they end up with a bad BBB rating. Then there are companies who get tonnes of bad reviews, the BBB tells them they can pay to get it adjusted. The company pays and all the bad reviews disappear. All of a sudden they have an awesome profile at Better Business Bureau. It’s business duh.

            You might want to watch this video:

            I’m no expert anyway but when I see red flags like the ones that MCA is throwing out, I just point them out and offer my opinion. I’ve reviewed companies like Wake Up Now, told people to stay away and took heat from people involved in those companies only for the feds to shut them down later on.

            Nothing is wrong with a good network marketing business with legit products like Avon or even Amway (please don’t take that as an endorsement or recommendation) but it has to clearly not be a pyramid scheme. Sure the services might be real but you have to admit it, nobody is really selling MCA’s overpriced (when compared to the competition) packages. They’re all in it to recruit other associates and earn off the join fee. What’s the definition for pyramid scheme again?

        • Funny how I’ve never even heard of MCA until people started marketing it on social media, flashing their easy money and what not. AAA and half the price of “MCA” and the benefits are much better! Anytime I’ve ever made a hotel reservation, most of the time I see the AAA discount option. I shop at the outlets quite often-they offer a AAA discount. I have NEVER seen MCA discounts anywhere! And for $240 per year? That’s more than my amazon prime membership, more than my Netflix-and hell those are things I value! Lol. Nah, not sold. Eventually this pyramid will collapse.

          • Thanks. MCA just doesn’t make sense to me but some supporters of MCA seem to have all the answers. Anyhow you put it MCA is just a bad choice for customers or persons interested in marketing it.

        • ohh pete, pete, pete, you arr so lost in what you think you know about MCA lol boy are you in for a big surprise. This company is a scam. the workforce is comprised of a bunch of GULLIBLE people. that’s the narrative. END OF STORY.

      • Sir you don’t understand every job is a pyramid you can’t start a job and go take the owner job. Most jobs you start at the bottom but unless you got connections like a son or daughter etc….. you work in the structure of the pyramid. I get sick of people always calling something a pyramid when every job is setup as a pyramid. Just with this opportunity you can make money and depending on your work efforts is how you get paid.

        • I get sick of people not understanding what an illegal pyramid scheme is. Never mind what’s set up as a pyramid. Most people’s jobs don’t have them recruiting others for the same job and getting paid a fee from the job applicant to make up their salary.

          An illegal pyramid scheme as defined by the FTC is where the majority of income is made up of recruitment fees instead of income from sales of a product to a retail customer independent of the same organization. MCA is NOT primarily sold to people looking for roadside assistance but to others who want to make money with MCA (the opportunity) and that is why it’s called a pyramid scheme. I know other MLMs like Herbalife and Amway have escaped being shut down because they have legitimately separate retail customers who only buy product and aren’t involved in the opportunity. They weren’t proven to be pyramids.

          So forget about the notion that people’s jobs are set up as a pyramid. An illegal pyramid scheme has certain qualities that make it what it is.

          • MCA does offer their services without the opportunity of any commission. Sales associates only make money for recruiting members through the premium sales, not from all the 3 that they offer.
            In response to everything else, it’s mostly biased. You’ve repeated quite a few times that you’re not being biased, yet all your sentences started with the letter “I”. Only facts I see are your definitions.

          • MCA is either good or bad and from what I found it definitely is not something that I would align myself with. If I could find a good reason that outweighed all the bad reasons, I’d probably join myself and make some good money with this opportunity. But I couldn’t find that good reason.

            It’s a review which means I have to give my opinion. My opinion is based on my findings. What is there to be biased about?

            I go into a restaurant to enjoy a meal. The meal tastes bad. Am I being biased if I was to say that whoever cooked the meal isn’t a good cook?

        • Hello Greg Sir, again I believe I do understand that every job is a pyramid to a degree this is absolutely true. Nothing against anyone working in any profession. I’ve always believed that SUCCESS is only limited by an individuals perception of it. There is no limit to bring successful. All I’m warning people about is certain pyramids that have far greater risks like MCA which, obviously you are defending because you unlike the higher percentage of people who are not as presumably successful entrepreneurs with this fulgazi company to be reserved and wise in the invest of time and money. I would hop you believe that the pros far outweigh the cons of a person working a career job with hourly or salaries wages versus MCA as a viable source of income. Better yet if this company is so great. You go find a baby 👶 daddy paying child support only doing MCA and let’s see if he is on top of his game sleeping well at night knowing that his SALES are more guaranteed with MCA then with a 9 to 5 I’ll wait …….. allllllrighty then let’s continue shall we. As I was saying, to each his/her own sir , I’m not bashing MCA I’m just issuing a warning to those innocent 😇 people especially the kids out there thinking that they are investing the most efficient time money and resources into this type of pyramid. I would rather see people working jobs that help stimulate the economy the old fashioned way. Not this undercover telemarketing crap in disguise called MCA. Wishing you Nothing but the best in your endeavors as you must be one of the top salesmen/entrepreneurs in this company. Just remember that the guy at the top of the pyramid isn’t always the Boss and the little minions that have been snowed over don’t have to get so touchy feely when other people don’t agree with this particular type of pyramid. I prefer the better pyramid the one we’re you get to pay into a 401k or something. Hopefully I have convinced you to close your MCA account and come back to reality who’s thee goes rabbit he….. my bad I was typing the lyrics to Eminem’s lose yourself record. I sometimes go into song lyrics when my mind gets bogged down with thoughts of Ponzi schemes. So in closing….. “THEY SAY THIS IS A BIG RICH TOWN…. I just come from the poorest part” oops I broke out into song again that was the theme to the Starz network show “POWER” smh 🤦‍♂️ I’m done bro good luck at MCA sir !!!

      • You do not have to pay to become an associate. If you want to purchase the benefits, you can. Many people of course take advantage of people and expect people to pay for their training classes, websites, etc… It is a legitimate way to bring in extra income. I don’t think the Department of Insurance would provide people with fake “licenses” to sell for a “fake” company.

        • I’d like to know why MCA’s roadside assistance is about $200+ per year while it’s competitors provide the same service for less than $100 per year. I feel like anyone joining MCA isn’t joining for the benefits – they’re just joining to push MCA and they never try selling just the service. If this is how business is generally done within MCA then the “p word” applies.

        • I could not have said that any more clear or better Crystal. Some People are always gonna sit back watching others make money and assume it’s fake or scam cause it seems unreal. Online Marketing MCA is as real as any other company out there.

    • MCA Motor Club of America is real. The main corporate office is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This company provides an amazing amount of services to all of their members. If you can read, follow directions and be honest there is a substantial amount of money that can be earned. Whether you sign up for the benefits or you choose to market the business opportunity, either way you earn money for every new member you bring to the company. This company originally began in 1926 back east and has grown exponentially. Yes, there are multiple referral websites available for members who want to share. Of course there are skeptical people who are only interested in lying for attention, but I assure you that it is very real. If people stop worrying about the bonuses that are available to the members who are actively seeking customers, they could also join and learn how to properly market this Amazing Opportunity. Please check out this website and give it a try. A business where you can set your own hours and work from anywhere then receive direct deposits each Friday for the previous weeks sales.

  3. I have a great MLM story I like to tell. I had a guy get me involved, about $400 bucks in I’m like, I’m not going to be able to sell this product and I can’t make money unless people join, this is dumb…..He tells me later on that he got his big bonus check for the years we were all lured in with……drum roll……$2.00……that was it, not even enough for a value meal. Thanks for the heads up, call out the junk companies and protect peoples money

    • Lol. Big bonus check for 2 bucks. That is the reality that a lot of these MLM people who claim to be making a lot of money have to live with. Some of them are just faking it until they make it. Great story, Jeff.

  4. I will be pointing a lot of people to this article.

    I keep getting thrown in the dog house on FB online job groups for saying that this company is a pyramid scheme!

    I knew there was something fishy the moment I saw that people were paying to represent a roadside assistance company… to get customers for the company…like whaaaat???? Obvious much.
    All you do is recruit people and a percentage of this money goes to the people who recruited you. Definition of a pyramid scheme right here.

    • Yes. MCA is textbook case of pyramid scheme. How they aren’t shut down yet is a mystery. Just be careful with the MCA crowd because they can be quite nasty when defending their decision to be part of this scam. Definitely send them my way if you want, Crystal.

      • Jay Gumbs you really sound uneducated about MCA and TVC matrix. You mentioned a lot of stuff that was wrong. and that was OFF….. I mean completely off! You said MCA was not a Roadside assistance company but a Roadside Discount service offering its Members $80in return……. that was very Contradicting. so MCA is not a Roadside Company and Its a scam…… so Why would you mention that they pay $80 if it was a scam??? And MCA is free to become an associate…. thats why the FTC has not Came and shut them down……. because TVC is not Structured as a pyramid Scheme. lol man I need to make a Video of the Truth About MCA and let it Go Viral

        • Actually, in the review I did say MCA is a roadside assistance company but someone who is apparently promoting MCA responded saying that they were not and I was merely quoting them and questioning them at the same time. I know they’re a roadside assistance company but the commentator seems to think they’re a roadside discount service offering $80 in returns. So ask him about that not me.

          I don’t think I ever said that MCA was a scam throughout the entire review. I might have said that they were a pyramid scheme based on the fact that you had to pay $40 to promote it and encourage others to sign up but now I know that you can join for free (I have to investigate this some more), then that changes things. However, I do think that the service is still overpriced compared to it’s competitors and something is still funky about the entire thing. I’ll have to write a completely new review to clarify some things I’ve said here.

          Thanks for your contributions to this post. I really appreciate it.

          • Becoming an affiliate for MCA is absolutely FREE! Unfortunately, their are many out there that are not stating this and being dishonest. They are telling people you have to pay for the highest benefit plan first and then saying you can become an affiliate/referral agent after… nope, not true. You can become an affiliate/referral agent FREE and of course, if you would like to also utilize the product you’re referring people to.. you can. I will say, that if you are going to be referring MCA benefits (or any product for that matter) that it helps with your sales pitch to actually utilize the product yourself. In MCA’s case, you have 3 different benefit plans to choose from. And remember, it’s a performance based business. If you don’t put in the work, you’re not gonna get paid.

            And to clarify again MCA has 3 different benefit plans… not just 1.

            1. MCA Security – start up cost $19.90 (1st and last month payment) then $9.95/mo
            2. MCA Security Plus – start up cost $29.90 (1st and last month payment) then $14.95/mo
            3. MCA Total Security – start up cost $39.90 (1st and last month payment) then $19.95/mo

            Anywho, I mainly wanted to clarify that it is in fact FREE to become an affiliate. Unfortunately, some are taking advantage and not stating this and they are bad bad seeds.

        • How do you become an agent for free? All sites for MCA ask for payment of $39.90 for first and last month and 19.95 every month.. Just not seeing the free sign on any of these sites so I don’t understand how you think it IS free.. ???

        • Antonio, boy you sound hurt. MCA is a legitimate SCAM that’s the only truth to it. don’t worry about getting into the semantics’ of this or that. I know most people wont want to admit that they’ve been had. so I will do it for you guys. YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED, HOODWINKED, BAMBOOZLED, RUN AMOK, ETC.

  5. Hey, Jay. I have been “conned” into joining multi-level marketing a few times by friends and relatives. LOL! Never again will I be fooled! And I am new to affiliate marketing. So far I am enjoying it. Thank you for sharing the awareness on Motor Club of America. I don’t live in America (so there’s no chance of me signing up with them!) however there are lots of MLM and get-rich-quick scheme out there that is for sure. Cheers!

    • Glad to know that you’re enjoying affiliate marketing Cindy. You’re building a real business for yourself which is something MLMers can’t say. They’re building a business for whoever owns the MLM.

      I think even if you’re not in the United States, you can still sign up with MCA though. But I know you won’t anyway.

  6. Hi there! I just finished reading your MCA review and thought I would just drop you a quick comment to share my thoughts with you. I’m actually quite amazed at the lengths some people will go to get people involved in these MLM programs. The one thing that I can say for MCA is that it’s certainly a unique system. I can’t believe that people would simply sign up with this product, just because they are told that they are going to make some money by getting others to join. This is crazy, but I really appreciate you sharing this with everyone!

    • That’s about the only reason people seem to be signing up to MCA. If they were truly looking for roadside assistance there are so many other cheaper, more genuine options. Unfortunately though, this is a scam on all fronts so it’s really not something people should get involved with. I just had to say something.

  7. Who, indeed, is going to pay a lot of money each year for roadside assistance. Most insurance companies, such as Geico, already offer it as part of the policy.

    I lasted in MCA for about a month before I realized my mistake and got out. In order to thrive in this kind of MLM system, there has to be more and more people joining. I could see a bleak future really quick.

    • I’m glad to hear from someone who was once involved with MCA. Hopefully more people realize they’re making a mistake and get out too.

  8. It is really sad that so many companies exist just for the sole purpose of making money off of good honest people trying to better themselves by starting a business. However I also see folks falling victim to stuff like this because they do not do their homework before hand. This is obviously a scam and should be avoided at all costs. The link you have of other opportunities is a good place to start for legit business chances. Good Job Calling this scam out. I have AAA and have legitimate roadside assistance. This will blow up eventually on the MCA folks. To bad it will take some good folks with it.

    Nice post Good job. Very helpful

    • I agree with you. If people do their research they won’t have to join MCA for roadside assistance. It’s overpriced and not even a genuine service. The company was built only for the purpose of the opportunity.

  9. Hi Jay,
    I too think this is more of a pyramid scheme than a legit MLM business opportunity. As you mentioned there are too many legit companies that provide roadside assistance for less money and will do a great job. One of the potential problems with a company like this is that the people that will get involved will be more interested in making money than in the service end of that business which can be very costly and time consuming.

    • Thanks Harrison. I’m glad that you agree this is a pyramid scheme. Its a clear example of one where the focus is on recruiting instead of selling the service.

  10. Hey Jay, good lookin’ out on MCA. To be honest, I tried it and I agree with what you say here. On the service side of it, it was rough. I got a flat once and had trouble with my jack so called them. I finally got the thing to work and changed the tire before anyone ever showed up. I went ahead and switched to AAA. Your affiliate marketing suggestion is a better alternative to building a business online for sure!

  11. So many scams and not enough time to avoid them all. A good review of MCA. Exposing something like this is a good thing to do. The name itself lends it an air of respectability Motor Club Of America sounds so American it couldn’t be a scam. It seems these MLM schemes keep getting sleazier and sleazier. I’m glad i read this review since roadside assistance is something everyone should have, and if it appears you can make money having it, so much the better, I’ll be sure to avoid MCA. .

    • Everyone should definitely have roadside assistance.

      If I didn’t know about MCA and I was looking for roadside assistance, I don’t think I would even go with MCA providing I did the proper research. And that’s not even looking into money earning opportunity they provide. It just doesn’t make sense to pay almost three times what the next service is charging.

  12. Since reading your article I looked into MCA and I have to say that it is in no way a MLM scheme. I’ve been involved in some MLM’s and one of the biggest differences I found with MCA is the cost to join. It’s free to join and you do need a state license to sell it. You can purchase their roadside assistance for $10 per month or $20 per month. What they offer is superior to other companies like AAA. When you sign up for their service you are not automatically a rep for them. You have to finish the process submitting a W9 and filling for your state license. I just joined MCA for FREE and I do not have their roadside assistance package. From what I can see it’s just like any other company. It’s not a MLM company because you don’t make much money signing people up to be reps. You make $40-$80 for signing a custermer up for their roadside program, if the person cancels they take back part of the commission they paid you. AND BEFORE THE NAY SAYERS GET INTO AN UPROAR ABOUT THAT, AAA DOES THE SAME THING TO THEIR REPS WHEN A CUSTOMER CANCELS. You can make a decent amount of money selling their roadside packages. But you will not make a living signing up reps. The company does not pay you to sign people up us reps. They will give you $6 for every sale a rep you signed up for free makes. The same as being a AAA office manager or opening an Independent All State insurance business. I’ve had AAA tow service and have had to wait 30 min sometimes or 2 hours sometimes so as a tow service they are on par with everyone else. People trust AAA because they have commercials but they are a company just like MCA and they have a very high cancelation rate. I know a few of their reps who have had their checks garnished due to AAA customers canceling.
    My advice for people interested in this company to disregard this article and sign up to be a rep for free and see how you like it. If you really question the “morality” of it then try out their $10 service to see if it really works, if not just cancel if it does and you don’t need it still cancel but at least you will know and trust what you are selling.
    To sum everything up this article is not accurate in its description of the company.
    I don’t know if it’s a great company or a poorly run company but their is nothing in that suggest it’s a MLM scheme.
    You don’t make money for signing up reps.
    You only make money by selling their product.
    You will get a $6 bonus from any sale a rep under you makes.
    Also I found out that you will only be paid the $6 if you yourself are actively making sales.
    So for example if you sign up as a rep which is free, and then sign up a friend under you and expect to sit on your but while your friend makes sales and you just collect the $6, it won’t work. You will not get the money from the people under you if you yourself aren’t active. That is nothing like an MLM scheme. All MLM schemes pay more for signing people up as reps than they do for selling the actual product. MCA pays nothing for signing up reps. If you see anything that says you have to pay to sign up that’s an individual person charging you not the company. It’s the same as somebody selling free concert tickets online but if you actually go to the venue directly you see that the tickets are free. Anyways I hope this actually helps someone to make an informed decision about the company. It may not be for you but it’s not a MLM scam. You will not make money recruiting people. It’s no different than what AAA does when it sales their roadside packages.
    AAA $100-$120 per year
    MCA $120-$240 per year
    It’s not three or four times as expensive as others and they offer more services than their competition.
    Also they have a great customer service department.

    • You do need a state license to sell MCA in 20 states but the other 30 states do no require you have a license.

      From the way I see it, MCA was started more as a business opportunity and not really a service to meet motorists needs. It was started by some guys who were involved in MLM and although the structure isn’t typical of MLMs, it’s marketed that way and statistically, the majority of business being done is not the way you’ve described above.

      You’ve made some points that I didn’t make so thanks for your contribution. People should definitely do their own research and decide for themselves what direction they want to take.

      For now, I’ll stick by my review and my position is to not recommend MCA. There are things that just don’t seem right about this company to me.

  13. Im going to just give you the truth about MCA.. First of all you do not Need to pay $40.00 to be Qualified to earn money in MCA. 2nd the name of the Division that pays out Commissions is called TVC marketing…. its not MCA. 3rd.. MCA is FREE to join as an Associate. There is no FEE to joining as an Associate. The only thing you Need to do is fill out a w9 From and send in an associate Agreement Document and you can be approved depending on what state you are in. some states require you to Pay a license Fee to even sell roadside services.

    I wish People will Find out the Correct information about MCA and TVC matrix because A lot of people are Misinformed Greatly.

    MCA/TVC matrix is just like amazon, walmart and Autozone. They have an program called an affiliate program that will pay members to market and sale Their products for them. The same with MCA. The only Problem with MCA is they are not strict on their opportunity. Reason being is you have uneducated people signing up as an associate and they do not know how to properly Market and sale services or products. They Flash Money instead in hopes of getting sign ups that way. Advertising MCA that way is a Scam. IF you actually Promote the services and Benefits it is not a scam and letting people know that you do not need $40.00 to join just to earn money. PEOPLE HAVE IT ALL TWISTED. AND I HAVE OVER 10 years of economic and Business background by the way.

    Antonio Collins marketing specialist

    • MCA/TVC Matrix (which one is it?) isn’t just like Amazon, Walmart or Autozone. They all have affiliate programs but MCA is very much different. MCA doesn’t do any marketing of it’s own services and they do not protect their own intellectual property to the point where you can’t even tell the official website from the unofficial websites that represent MCA.

      Truth is, you’re an MCA rep and have every right to defend them. I would have loved to promote a company like this but from my findings I just cannot.

      One thing you were right about and I was wrong about is the part where you said that you can join MCA for free as an associate. I’ll update my review to reflect this. I found this one the TVC Marketing site:

      You CAN sell without a personal membership, but you SHOULDN’T. Very few Associates succeed without one. Understanding the product is essential to becoming an effective marketer. Click “Get MCA” at the end of this registration process to become a member.

      So what they’re really saying is that you don’t have to pay for MCA to promote it but you’ll certainly fare better if you get a membership to understand what you’re selling.

      • Next time you want to research a company how about just going to the website🤔. A real company will assume one may have questions and provide a FAQ page which is there on plain text if you LOOK! Mca is 100% LEGIT! It’s gummu how everyone claim they want money but when a great oppurtunity is presented people always think negative. Lol who really did their research. I work for Mca. Best decision I made this yr. I invested only 40 dollars on my own BUSINESS❤

        ***MUST READ THESE FAQ ***

        Motor Club of America Business Opportunity FAQs

        Q. What is Motor Club of America?
        A. Established in 1926, Motor Club of America is a premier auto club with over 10 million members in the North America, specializing in roadside assistance & tow benefits, as well as 150k in other driver related benefits, see here to find out more about What Is Motor Club of America?Q. What kind of support does TVC Marketing provide after I set up my business?
        A. We provide all the tools to help you succeed. Presentation materials, phone conference training, web training, iPad and iphone apps available for download, weekly email tips and techniques, just for starters. Your TVC back office also comes loaded with downloadable MCA brochures and marketing materials. There are also a variety of free and paid readymade MCA marketing systems and websites, aside from your stock TVC site, that will be made available to you by your sponsor upon enrollment. We also have a TVC marketing Facebook group with over 12k members dedicated solely to marketing Motor Club Of America.Q. How do I sign up others to MCA?
        A. You will direct your prospects to your personalized TVC site, example: Q. How do I get paid for my new MCA business?
        A. You will receive a welcome email from us after you sign up. It will include all the necessary info you’ll need including a link to a direct deposit form that you can fill out and send. That way, we can start sending your commission payments immediately. You will receive $80 per referral for as long as your are an active associate.Q. What is considered an active associate?
        A. An active associate is someone who is enrolled in the total security package at 19.95/m with an ongoing form of payment with an initial payment of 40.00 for the first and last month.Q. When will my membership kit arrive?
        A. Your membership kit should arrive within 4-7 business days.Q. How much do I make when an associate I sign up, signs up another person under them?
        A. Initially about $6. And, after ten months, you get a monthly commission for the life of the client.Q. How do I go about marketing my MCA business?
        A. Once you sign up as an MCA member on our TVC Marketing page, you will receive an email that contains all the info you’ll need to begin marketing your MCA business If you do not receive this email within 24 hours, please check your junk/spam. Initially alot of your referrals can be obtained through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Youtube, Craigslist, Ibo are also great resources, as well. You may also market offline with brochures, flyers, biz cards, door hangers, car magnets etc. Your TVC Matrix back office contains various MCA marketing materials, and your assigned sponsor will offer any further support.We’ll also periodically have training meetings and seminars available to our MCA associates.
        Q. I’ve received your welcome email and read through it. What’s the next step?
        A. Print the MCA Associate Agreement Letter, W-9, and Direct Deposit form. Send these in to us as soon as possible. Next, download our Training Guide and review it—then login to TVC Matrix back office and familiarize yourself with its contents. Finally, develop a marketing plan and then tell everyone you come in contact with about MCA. Your sponsor will contact you and provide you with different marketing options.

        Q. Do associates receive residual income?
        A. Yes after your initial $80 per referral income you will receive $6 on 2nd generation signups. The entire downline payment structure is explained in the mca training manual.

        Q. How are my taxes paid as an MCA/TVC associate?
        A. You will be given a W9 tax form for independent contractors to return to file you own taxes.

        Q. What is the pay cycle as an MCA/TVC associate.
        A. Commissions for TVC Matrix associates go in every Saturday at 11:59 You will be paid you weekly earned commissions the following friday, $80/referral!

        Q. What industry will I be considered under as an MCA/TVC associate.
        A. This is a “be your own boss” position. This is considered network/associate marketing or direct sales.

        Q. I have never been able to work from home and make money, how is this different from a pyramid scheme?
        A. People who are not familiar with direct sales sometimes confuse it with a pyramid scam. Firstly, every company is a pyramid, the money flows up naturally. In a pyramid “scheme” people bring others in, and are paid from the new people being brought in with no tangible product and the person at the top makes %60 of the money. In direct sales a successful company pays its members or associates to word of mouth refer as opposed to paying millions for advertisements. A top associate can earn more than a top exec at the company. Donald Trump & Warren Buffet and The best selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad series have all touted the financial advantages of network marketing. Avon, Mary Kay, Amway and Dish Network are all direct sales companies.

        Q. How can MCA/TVC afford to pay associates a 200% commission, $80/referral for someone signing up for 19.95/2 months?
        A. That commission is an advance, contingent upon your signup staying with the company for 17 months, for example, divide $80/17 months, that is how much the commission for your signup is on a monthly basis, $4.71, but you are paid it all up front as an advance. That initial $39.90 is for first and last months, although there is no contractual obligation, if they decide to cancel early the balance of that advance commission is taking out of the associates future commission but in very small increments, for example, if a signup decided to cancel after 7 months the balance would be 47.00. Any new member has the opportunity to earn $80 per referral, you flip your initial fee on your first referral, so fallout rate is very small.

        Q. What Is the official Motor Club of America website.
        A. The official website for Motor Club of America benefits and TVC Marketing is It will have your assigned sponsors affiliate link at the end. Example:

        Q. So how do I join MCA and become a TVC Matrix associate?
        A. Click the BECOME AN AGENT link below, pick a package that fits your needs, and upon checkout click the become an associate prompt. Follow the steps in your welcome email to get started.Visit our TVC Marketing page for more info on how to become an MCA TVC member, step by step.

        Q. Do I need a bank account to receive my MCA commission?
        A. All MCA commissions are now paid via direct deposit every Friday. If you do not have a bank account to receive your payments you can order a free NetSpend prepaid Mastercard to setup free direct deposit. You also will receive a $20 bonus when you load $40 on your card through our partner NetSpend, as well as $20 per referral.

        Motor Club of America Service FAQsQ. How is MCA’s plans different from other roadside assistance services?
        A. Although we provide incredible roadside assistance benefits, our life insurance benefits in all our plans are superb and affordable – there’s simply nothing that gives you more security than knowing you have emergency coverage in a variety of situations– from vehicle breakdown to emergency medical care. MCA also offer UNLIMITED yearly roadside and tow benefits, unlike othe roadside companies, as well as the opportunity for member to earn income through TVC Marketing. Visit MCA Total Security for a full list of your member benefits.Q. Does Motor Club of America lock me into a contract?
        A. No MCA members may cancel their membership at anytime. There is also no cancellation fee, and you will receive a full refund if you cancel with 72 hours. This is truly a no risk membership.Q. How do I get roadside assistance
        A. Simply call our toll-free roadside assistance number and describe your situation, including the vehicle’s problem, so we can send appropriate help to assist you.
        Call 1 (866) 860-1000Q. How long will it take for MCA Roadside Assistance dispatch to arrive?
        A.We average between 10 – 30 minutes travel time. However, a service representative will be able to give you a more accurate time when you call for service.Q. Does a plan cover multiple cars?
        A. Yes, as long as the car holder is present. We dispatch the best professional roadside service available to ensure quick service and to give you peace of mind.Q. How long does it take to activate my membership?
        A. As soon as you are signed up and in our system. Just call our toll-free number for any problem you have with your disabled vehicle or for questions on any benefits that are covered in your specific MCA plan.Q. How do i know when a tow truck is coming?
        A. The MCA team will be in contact with you through the entire process. Just describe your situation and your location, and we’ll be there to help.
        Q. Do you cover motorcycles?
        A. Yes, we’ll cover any of your vehicles including your cars, RV, motorcycle, boat, livestock trailer, even your Duley Pickup.

        Q. Do you cover horse trailers?
        A. Yes, we have a plan that covers trailer and horse trailers

        Q. How many times can I use my MCA road service benefits?
        24/7? 365?
        A. Yes, absolutely guaranteed! You can use your sign and go tow service and roadside as many times as you’d like at no cost.

        Q. Can you help me if I’m hospitalized due to an accident?
        A. Yes, we can. As an MCA member, you’ll receive $150 per day up to 365 consecutive days for hospital room and board as the result of injuries sustained in a covered accident, up $50,000!

        Q. What if my car is disabled and I’m out of town?
        A. Don’t worry, you can travel with absolute peace of mind. As an MCA partner, your benefits include up to $500 travel assistance reimbursement on such things as car rental, meals, lodging or transportation expenses if your vehicle is disabled due to an accident.

        Q. Is there a cap on towing benefits?
        A. Unlike other auto clubs there is no cap on yearly towing benefits.

        Q. If I need roadside assistance the same day I join MCA can I use my benefits?
        A. Yes, unlike AAA roadside assistance, there is no immediate service

        • I actually did read those FAQ’s and I’m now re-reading them. You know the part I find interesting? This part:

          Q. What is considered an active associate?
          A. An active associate is someone who is enrolled in the total security package at 19.95/m with an ongoing form of payment with an initial payment of 40.00 for the first and last month.

          So then I guess that does make MCA a pyramid scheme. Someone else said it was free to join but it appears that joining free doesn’t make you an active associate. Too many things wrong with this and only people already involved in MCA will try to defend their choice without even seeing the problems with this company.

          • MY EXACT THOUGHTS WHEN I READ THAT PATAGRAPH. Stand by your review and opinion. I see tbis company/scheme going belly up sooner than later.

        • Dear Kamilah, the first thing I look for in even a legitimate business are grammatical errors in dialogue. your post is so full of soooooo many grammatical errors that even if MCA was a great opportunity (and it is not by the way) I would be discouraged to proceed because of your grammatical error laced FAQ’s lol. You wont have top argue on these posts and in life with people when you stop defending a scam company that is not your own business lol.

      • Yes, maybe because if you use the service you fully understand it? I can market anything better if I have owned it (something like arguing ps4 vs Xbox one) or a service (sprint vs t mobile). For this to be a scam, shouldn’t they charge you to be an agent? And not the service? Lol. I’ve been doing my own research and think this article sounds incomplete in what MCA is, therefore sounding biased as hell.

          • I saw this page before and it was clear to me too that you did not have to pay. It’s weird because I’m sure that I saw somewhere else after that you needed to pay for the services in order to be an “active associate” but that seems to not be the case.

            I think that most MCA associates should have been banned already because I also read the rules and the associate agreement and I could point out a few rules that many of them are breaking. I believe that this may be where the common misconception that you have to pay to be an associate comes from. There are still a lot of things that are off about MCA so my opinion on this company still stands.

        • Of course. But I’m offering an opinion based on my findings so I’m not being biased. I’m not associated with MCA at all. Will you say that all the MCA associates who are defending Motor Club of America in this comment section are biased?

          I do agree that you should use the service to fully understand it but most of these MCA associates haven’t used the service (most).

          They do charge you to be an agent. A recurring fee at that. Yep. So tell me what that says.

    • It’s not about explaining how the technicalities make it a legal or legit business, it’s how the business operates in practice. In my short experience with the players on social media the pitch is here sign up for this product (roadside assistance) and don’t worry about the cost because whenever you sign someone up you get $80 bucks and so do they everytime they sign someone up and you get $6 bucks when they sign up someone so it’s a win win and everyone gets this fabulous roadside product. Am I wrong? Or is this the sales pitch in practice?

  14. After reading through and being a member of the Motor Club, I must state my disclaimer: I am biased due to my memberships, yes, plural.

    Start-ups and the Entrepreneurial Spirit run deep in the family. My father is a car enthusiast and with his knowledge came the Parental wisdom of rotating our tires and keeping the antifreeze 50\50…yet I somehow…

    One time I left my keys locked in my Saturn SC2….well actually more times than AAA would cover me for. My Dad showed up to help. Another time, my buddy got a flat on our bike–yeah, sharing made it easier for our parents to handle our “phase”. Sure enough, we were not covered by AAA. By pure luck, the tow truck driver was feeling benevolent and gave us a pro-bono tow…for five miles. Time passes and by some nonsense of life, I am unemployed. There I was, broke and willing to do whatever it took to cover my expenses. This fine gem is found in the Scam or Nah forums and I was damn, right certain it was definite scam with a side of pathetic. Nevertheless, my curiosity killed me.

    shoot, i paid the membership cost towards the club services. Even got a stupid sponsor–whom was not at all helpful in any way… and turned in all the documents, very well aware I may have just sent my identity to some server in North Korea I am in California and my dumb shit ” mentor” fails to mention the state licensing fee. What? the actual f—$200 more?! Nope passed closed the internet for the day.

    Fast forward NYE, on route to Oregon…Car does not start in Bakersfield. I am hundreds of miles from my Dad and cancelled AAA for that freaking club—“well, cannot get any worse right now”, I think to myself. I dial the 1-800, two rings later a person answer First of all, wow Vetches got me impressed.

    Within minutes, a tow arrives to attempt again in starting my car. We spend a solid hour trying and finally the tech calls the MCA 1800 and it was like a time warp:

    car towed to nearest repair facility and there was an Enterprise rental on the way as soon as I approved the account to have my travel money deposited. NYE was saved. Alright, so I did not get my license to get commissioned sales post, doesn’t mean it did not make for a wicked cool story, bro.

    I have been telling that story– along with the time my motor club covered my x-rays and arm sling after a collision and those films saved my lawsuit… which was also covered, be-tee-dubs– for almost a year and each time, for funsies to prove to my peers that a motor club CAN, has and did, I share my link…like Uber. lift. Freaking Herbalife…I did not check my back office because to me, I was not actively working for or with Motor Club of America. I was just sharing the times my membership came in clutch. I felt like in my stress, I created an opportunity to see a bigger picture in marketing. So, I’m paying my stupid licensing fee so I can grab my $8,682 just sitting there looking pretty. 😀

  15. Cindy, my 2 cents, I thought it was a scam, because it took 2 months before I made my first sale, but if you stay dedicated and consistent you will make money. I can say that. Be creative and get the word out don’t promote the biz opp all the time, the other benefits sale also. Good luck.

    • You can make money with scams too though. Doesn’t mean it’s not a scam.

      And depending on what you’re doing (or not doing), you can fail to make money with completely legitimate programs.

  16. I will say this I’m a former rep for MCA and now I’m an affiliate marketer yes they have a call center and yes they do provide roadside assistance, but get this let’s say someone buys the service off your website and they choose to pay with a prepaid card. Guess what you won’t get your $80.00 from Mca you get $6.00. Because they chose to pay with a prepaid card not a bank issued debit or credit card. It happen to me twice and i left. I will never do mlm again after that happen.

  17. MCA is getting bigger and bigger around here, up north Saguenay, Québec Canada. Its an invasion! obviously no need to be an american citizen a nd no state license. More recently, theyve been adding some insurance to the package. a guy ive been ‘,debating” with online sent me this website adress:
    the text is a few kilometers long, just enough to look legit. it mentions ”wellcardHealth” all along but it you look at the web name, and regstration it is not ”health” but ”heath”… so very shady. I wonder if there isnt a law about using a name looking alike one existing to falsy clame beeing affiliated? or something like this. it is terrible around here cause there is no french review on MCA and people in the area dont speak english at all so they just see big website big infos roman which sounds complicated and official and they just jump right in. sad sad sad.

    • Sad indeed because you can bet anything that they’re not really selling insurance and roadside assistance. They’re just recruiting other associates and making the money from the join fee – classic pyramid set up. If TVC Matrix cared anything about their company or it’s associates they would enforce their rules and do something about the way MCA is being marketed but obviously they only care about making money. The relevant authorities need to get involved – in Canada and wherever else they’re spreading this mess.

  18. It’s sad because the people who fall for these scam companies are uninformed, uneducated people. I mean, just look at the comments coming from the obvious MCA shills.

    You shouldn’t have to SPEND money to make money. It’s sad that people who are going through hard times fall for these scams and end up losing whatever little money they have.

  19. I’m fairly new To this MCA business never even heard of the company before at all. Let me tell you I’ve never did so much research in my life, research looking for cons,defaults,scam couldn’t find anything that states this company a scam. The company is absolutely real it does offer Roadside Assistance and many other benefits that no other company can match. Yes there are many MCA associates promoting the company the wrong way instead for the services but that’s on the individual not the company. Doing my brutal research I also found out that MCA has been terminating many Associate accounts due to false promoting. So the company does know what’s going on and are doing things about it. Is MCA a scam? Honestly no it’s not it’s direct sales simple as that we offer a product. Is MCA a pyramid Scheme? Sure it is Just like every other company out there. There is always the Top guy making all the money….. right? MCA is a direct sales job not a get rich scheme you have to sell the product. I think most people get confused with this. They join and expect to make a fortune in 1 day with no effort. Then when they don’t make out they quit and run away screaming scam! All I have to say is every company has it Pros and cons and just as a suggestion don’t just listen to other peoples opinions about a company. Actually go and do research yourself. Ending comment judging by the many comments on this site lot of Biased ignorant Minds here. Do full more direct research before trying to dis a company you obviously know nothing about.

    • Great thread and great comment. I believe you are absolutely correct in stating that yet MCA is a pyramid as there are many other legit “PYRAMID” schemes out there. My statement was also a legitimate opinion that should serve as a warning ⚠️ to those out there looking for a straight forward way to earn income. I only know a little about MCA and that’s because I’m not a member. Don’t want to be a member and already have the same services (mostly better) with my own insurance and roadside assistance etc. I always expect to get responses from people who are members of MCA lol because no one wants to look like they are members of a wild goose chasing club like MCA. Now if Warren Buffet has anything positive to say about MCA I might not be 100% biased against it, maybe 95% lol. I’m not interested in going back & forth with any of the so called “ENTREPRENEURS” at MCA either. I wish you all the best at selling roadside assistance and whatever else you outstanding non credentialed “ENTREPRENEURS” are selling. I hope you guys make a ton of money and pay a ton of taxes to stimulate the economy. Also, don’t forget to save a few dollars to one day buy some stock at TVC because I know one day you are all going to be franchising your own extensions of MCA THE MOST POPULAR LEGITIMATE PONZI SCHEME PYRAMID in the world !!! Congrats 🎈🎊🍾🎉 bro you have managed to do absolutely nothing to change my stance on this company. Although you have provided me with just the laugh I needed this morning. Salute & may the force be with you all !!! COVFEFE !!!!!!

      • Dear Quint
        You mentioned already having a service that’s “mostly better than MCA” . Just out of curiosity what company is that? Cause I’ve compared every single roadside assistance company and hands down MCA offers much much much more benefits. So please help me to understand this magic company that you are with cause just maybe il switch over my assistance. As for your comment as about Pyramid. What most ignorant high horse people like yourself don’t know is every company on this earth is built of the pyramid idea. Pyramid means there’s the 1 guy at the top making most the money. Thing about MCA is each members has his own opportunity to sell the product and make 200% commission. Now what company offers members that kinda of commission on there own product? Please inlighten me ! All I see is the owners of MCA really taking care of there members.

          • No problem Jon, no worries 😉 great comeback as well. Just think 🤔 on MCA bro and understand that I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle by any means, do your thing !!! Again I’m warning people against these types of pyramid schemes. Not all pyramid schemes are inefficient I happen to believe that MCA is though , especially if you are a person like so many of the so called “ENTREPRENEURS” that I’ve encountered. Meaning they have more faith in making tons of money with MCA than GOD. Look bro if MCA is your cup of tea ☕️ I pray that your cup runneth over with tons of MLM cash 💰 that means you are making taxable income to boost the economy ! I’ve never heard of an MCA “ENTREPRENEUR” getting anything financed like a car, home,or sofa & love seat 💺 with MCA being accepted as a viable source of income. I could be wrong though. Then again I would love to see a person paying child support with MCA as the income source since you get 200% commission or whatever that means your child support payment for a child if based off of your income potential would probably be a mind blowing number that you would see and faint from lol. Anyway I’m not interested in doing business with non accredited “Salesmen” would you take your vehicle to be repaired to an I certified non ASE mechanic ? Or better yet would you go have surgery by a person who watched doogie howser on tv 📺 but they really aren’t a doctor. A high percentage of the so called “ENTREPRENEURS” are people (just the ones I’ve personally known) are people who aren’t even certified or qualified to give sound advice to a brick wall.

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