4 Motor Club of America Alternatives: Promote & Make Even More Money

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If you’ve read my Motor Club of America review, whether you agree or not, you may have wondered what next.

Well, the article you’re about to read isn’t just for those who believe that Motor Club of America isn’t for them. It’s for those who are involved in Motor Club of America and those that disagree with the opinions expressed in the aforementioned review.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to a much bigger opportunity. An opportunity for you to build a long termed business by helping people who need what companies like MCA offer.

You will be introduced to companies that offer a more legitimate roadside assistance product and how you can make money promoting these companies to people who need these services.

You wouldn’t have to convince anyone to join any money-making scheme by employing shady tactics or convincing them to sign up with companies that have a questionable reputation.

And if MCA is your thing, you can use the same techniques you learn to blow up your current MCA referrals and make even more money.

To begin, here are four alternatives to Motor Club of America that all have affiliate programs and the opportunity for you to partner with them and make money.

#1. Allstate on Impact Radius

You might have seen commercials before for Allstate Insurance featuring actor Dennis Haysbert.

Allstate is a well known brand that has way more visibility and trust than Motor Club of America and they have an affiliate program so that online businesses can refer customers and make commissions in the process.

You can leverage the fact that Allstate has commercials on television that are seen worldwide. Besides insurance, the company also offers roadside assistance services as you can see in the short clip above.

To sign up with Allstate, you’ll need to join an affiliate network called Impact Radius and then apply for the Allstate Motor Club affiliate program once you’re signed up.

The Allstate website provides information on their affiliate program but this is separate from and doesn’t mention the commission rate for the motor club.

The commission rate for the Allstate Motor Club is $10 per sale. It’s not $80 per sale like MCA but it’s a much easier sell because of the trust factor and brand visibility so conversion rates should be much higher.

Also, this service is much cheaper compares to MCA which I think is very overpriced. According to the Allstate website, you can pay just $52 the first year for Allstate Motor Club compared to the $200+ per year you have to pay for MCA.

Reasons to promote Allstate Motor Club:

  • $10 per sale
  • leverage brand visibility and trust
  • more affordable service
  • third party payments (Impact Radius)

#2. Better World Club

better world club

Compared to Allstate, Better World Club is a lesser known brand and bills themselves as “America’s Only Eco-Friendly Auto Club”.

The cool thing about promoting this service to people who need roadside assistance is that you’re focusing on a niche – people who support green or eco-friendly products and services. With bicycles being a green means of transportation, Better World Club is just one of the only motor clubs who offer roadside assistance for this vehicle type.

To become an affiliate of Better World Club, you can check out their partner information (PDF) before contacting them about becoming an affiliate. I didn’t see any way to create an account.

Better World Club offers from $4 commissions on bicycle memberships up to $20 for premium memberships. There is one downside and that is they pay by the quarter (every 3 months) so this should only be considered if you’re promoting other programs alongside this one (which you should be doing anyway).

They do have a nice bonus offer – if you send them 100 customers during any month, you’ll receive a $500 cash bonus and your referrals will be increased by $5 for each sale.

Again, it’s not $80 like MCA offers but it’s much more affordable and appealing to persons into green products and people who aren’t interested in making money but just want to be a part of a trustworthy auto club.

Reasons to promote Better World Club:

  • $4 – $20 per sale
  • performance incentives
  • green product
  • more affordable service
  • caters to a niche market (roadside assistance for bicycles)

#3. Good Sam Roadside Assistance on Rakuten Linkshare

After checking out most of the roadside assistance services, I would have to say that Good Sam is probably the one I would go with.

This is another well known auto club and they provide assistance for all vehicle types including recreational vehicles.

To partner with Good Sam, you’ll need to sign up with the Rakuten Linkshare affiliate network and join their program. The program offers affiliates $13 per sale on memberships. You can earn up to $15 per sale as a performance incentive for sending more customers.

At their undiscounted price of just $84.95 per year, this motor club is way more affordable than Motor Club of America and with their brand awareness, you should convert more sales compared to promoting MCA.

Reasons to promote Good Sam Roadside Assistance:

  • $13 per sale
  • performance incentives
  • leverage brand awareness and trust
  • third party payments (Rakuten Linkshare)
  • more affordable service

#4. Paragon Motor Club

Paragon Motor Club is another option for drivers and car owners looking for roadside assistance.

I hadn’t heard of this one before researching this article but they do offer the chance to make money promoting their service. Although all of the motor clubs listed here offer services in USA and Canada and are likely only looking for affiliates from those countries, I was still able to find a lot of general info about their programs. Paragon has an affiliate page but I couldn’t find out how much they were paying in commissions without contacting them.

The affiliate page goes straight to a signup form and you would have to tell them about your website before they consider your application.

All that aside, I’m mentioning it here so that you know about it. You can make money with them and who knows, they might end up being your best performing offer.

Paragon Motor Club is significantly cheaper than Motor Club of America also. At just $5.99 per month vs MCA’s $19 per month, or just choosing an annual plan which saves you 20%, you can already see that MCA has a grossly overpriced roadside assistance service only designed to pay associates a hefty commission amount instead of helping people in need of their service.

Why Promote These Instead of Motor Club of America

What would happen if MCA got shut down tomorrow?

What would happen if MCA booted you from their opportunity?

A lot of MCA associates think that they have a business just because they’re making money with MCA. The reality is that they’re just hustling and if something happened to MCA and you no longer had that income, would you still have a business?

Item 10 of the TVC Marketing associate agreement makes this statement:

“I agree that I will not solicit any business for any competitor of TVC during the existence of this Agreement. Further, I agree not to solicit members of TVC for a period of one (1) year after termination of this Agreement. In addition, I agree not to induce or attempt to induce, directly or indirectly, the lapse, cancellation or non-renewal of TVC members during their membership period, or for a period of one (1) year (12 months) after the expiration of such TVC memberships. I agree that I will not directly or indirectly divulge the names of any TVC members. Further, I agree that I will make no derogatory comments, statements or communications in any form regarding TVC, its employees, representatives and agents and its products and programs.”

This means that while you’re a member of MCA, you cannot promote any other roadside assistance services. If the focus of your business is to help people who are looking for roadside assistance then this isn’t going to work.

This sounds more like you’re working for MCA and you don’t really have your own business.

A better business model would be where you’re able to offer people who need roadside assistance the best roadside assistance that is right for them. You should be able to offer them choice instead of shoving the overpriced one down their throats.

Another reason why you would want to promote these instead of Motor Club of America is because that company is shrouded in a lot of negativity for the reasons I pointed out in my review.

Not many people are involved with MCA primarily for the roadside assistance service but rather for the opportunity to make $80 selling memberships to people who wants to make $80 per sale.

I’m sorry but I’d take promoting a legitimate roadside assistance service that pays $10 per sale instead of a shady one that doesn’t even have it’s own Wikipedia page.

How to Promote These Motor Clubs

To make money with these roadside assistance affiliate programs, you’ll need to promote them by building up traffic to get as many interested people in front of your affiliate links. There are a number of ways to do this so I’ll outline a couple of the main ones below.

Firstly though, I would like to touch on how not to promote these services.

All that nonsense being done on Facebook and YouTube with MCA associates flashing money and bragging about how much they made this week won’t work.

This is because you’re promoting a real service to people who want roadside assistance and not the option to make money. None of these services are built like pyramid schemes where the customers aren’t really interesting in the service but rather the opportunity.

To start off, one of the requirements for promoting these services is that you have a website.

Starting and developing a website focusing on a niche topic like roadside assistance is a great way to build a solid business asset and a great way to make a lot of money.

You can get two free websites by joining this website.

To get people to your website where you will have content about the services you’re promoting, you can use a number of techniques including SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and even paid advertising.

The content you create should focus on the keywords that drivers and car owners use when they’re interested in shopping around for roadside assistance.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what these keywords are now or if you don’t know the first thing about building a website. These are things that you can learn and I’ll introduce you to a training program that you should consider if you really want to be successful promoting affiliate programs.

And if you’re pro-MCA, you can use these strategies if you like to promote Motor Club of America and make even more money than you’re currently making.

Where To Get Training

If you’re going to run a successful online business, then you need this.

You didn’t just wake up one day and decide that you can drive a car. You wanted to learn how to drive a car, you got a tutor who taught you how to shift the gears, how to signal and steer the car and then you drove the car without thinking about all these things.

You need to have access to great training and Wealthy Affiliate is a good starting point.

Even if you do not want to promote motor clubs and roadside assistance but you want to build a successful long term business with something you’re passionate about as the topic.

Maybe you’re into sneakers, or you play lacrosse, or you love playing video games in your spare time. You can build a website about any of these topics and succeed.

You can read my review and join Wealthy Affiliate for free to check out the courses and resources you’ll need to get started.

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