8 More Affiliate Networks For Affiliates


When I published my list of affiliate networks as the best alternatives to the scam-filled Clicksure network, I only listed five of my favorites.

These were some of the most popular networks among affiliates and the ones that I use the most.

My list included:

  1. Clickbank
  2. Amazon
  3. CJ Affiliate
  4. Shareasale
  5. Rakuten Marketing

There are certainly more affiliate networks than the five I mentioned and they all have different advertisers that you may not know about. If you’re looking for offers that suit your audience, then it may be worth taking a look at other networks.

In this blog post, I’ve decided to list just eight more networks that you can add to the list. You may or may not have come across these networks in your online searches for affiliate programs.

1. Avangate (2Checkout)


Avangate is an affiliate network where you will find mostly software and digital product companies. They recently changed their branding to 2Checkout.

If you’ve ever wanted to promote software such as antivirus, games and even multimedia software, then you will find Avangate useful.

I don’t have a website where I need to promote software type products but I do use them to promote products like Movavi, which is a video editing suite that you can use if you’re doing video marketing and they also have a few WordPress theme vendors on there also.

The dashboard isn’t very user-friendly (at least it’s not to me) and the default currency is Euros until they pay out. This is because Avangate is based in Netherlands but has lots of global companies as vendors that you can promote.

Avangate sends out a regular monthly newsletter to affiliates and you can find tips and even contests to help you promote their programs.

Some notable vendors include:

  • HideMyAss (VPN)
  • Movavi (Video editing suite)
  • Bitdefender (Anti-virus)
  • 123 Form Builder (Web forms)
  • SEO Powersuite (SEO software)
  • Manycam (Live streaming)

One feature that I like about Avangate is that in the marketing tools there is a discount coupon generator that lets you give discounts as long as the vendor has enabled the feature.

For example, if a vendor gives you 30% commissions then you can give a discount of 10% and keep 20% commissions for yourself.

Check out Avangate and see if there are any products you’ll want to promote to your current website audience now.

2. PepperJam Network

Pepperjam Network

This network was formerly the eBay Partner Network before going back to the brand that they started out as, Pepperjam Network.

This is an affiliate network that I’ve used before but never did anything much to get paid from. I think I still have unpaid commissions in there which haven’t yet reached the payment threshold.

There are lots of big shopping brands on Pepperjam but I mainly use them for a Halloween costume campaign that I have where I affiliate with a couple of costume vendors.

Pepperjam Network is a bit easier to use than most networks and they have a regular newsletter as well as multiple creatives. Anything you need to promote your programs can be easily found in your dashboard including reports.

Some notable brands you can promote include:

  • Adam&Eve (Adult)
  • JCWhitney (Auto)
  • TimeLife (Media)
  • BJs Wholesale (Shopping)
  • Timberland (Apparel)

Of the eight affiliate networks I’ve listed on this page, I think I’d pick Pepperjam Network as my favorite but I just don’t use it as much as the five I listed in the other article.

3. FlexOffers


I found out about FlexOffers while doing research for affiliate programs for Amway Partner Stores. Some of the stores had affiliate programs that were on this affiliate network.

FlexOffers is quite popular and has some great affiliate programs on it in a wide array of categories from clothing to health and business.

As long as you have a website, no matter who your audience is, there should be something on FlexOffers that you can promote to them.

I don’t have any experience with this network so I can’t really talk about what’s inside the publisher dashboard or if they have a newsletter.

From what I’ve read on the website, each affiliate is assigned an affiliate manager who you can contact if you have questions or need help with creatives.

Some of the featured vendors that you might know about are:

  • TimeLife
  • Skechers
  • Kohls
  • Macy’s
  • Priceline
  • Soccer.com
  • Lenovo
  • Barnes & Noble

Some aspects of FlexOffers just seemed a little puzzling to me but I plan to sign up to the network in the near future so I could check out what they have to offer.

4. Impact


Impact has been around for a while but they’ve recently rebranded from the name Impact Radius.

This is another affiliate network where I have an account but haven’t used it at all to make any money. The last time I can remember logging in was to check out the AllState affiliate program as an alternative to Motor Club of America.

This is definitely a great affiliate network with a wide selection of quality affiliate programs to choose from. Techsmith (makers of Snagit & Camtasia), Enterprise, Swagbucks, Backcountry and Everlast are just some of the programs that can all be found on Impact.

The international version of some brands have their affiliate programs through Impact. For example, I found both Adidas Brazil and Adidas Australia here as well as the French and German stores for New Era.

So if your website has mostly traffic from specific countries then it’s worth it to look into getting an Impact account so you can find these vendors.

5. Peerfly


Here’s an affiliate network that is different from all the others on this list. I was considering leaving this one off but I have an account with them so I’ll include it so you can decide if it’s one that you’d like to use.

Peerfly is mainly a CPA affiliate network which means the programs on here pay to acquire a customer whether it is in the form of a lead or sale. Your visitors do not have to buy anything for you to get paid. Most offers pay for an email submit or a zip submit and there are also offers that pay for free trials.

I haven’t really experimented much with this kind of stuff but I’ve heard that some affiliates make thousands per month using the CPA method. Since they’re paying to acquire a customer it means that for stuff where the sale has to happen for you to get paid, you would sometimes get more than what the product costs initially.

As an affiliate for Peerfly, I would usually get a regular email with a list of best performing offers on the network. An affiliate manager is also readily available to talk about the best offers and usually encourages that you reach out to him.

There are other CPA networks around but this business model is slightly different to promoting offers through your website so I wouldn’t touch on them in this article.

6. Affiliate Window (AWIN)

Affiliate Window

AWIN, then Affiliate Window was probably one of the first affiliate networks that I signed up with when I was just starting out.

The UK company had some interesting affiliate programs like the one I signed up to promote, a product called the Beer Belly, a bag you could fill with beer and wear under your clothes like a beer belly so that you could sneak beer into an event.

I don’t think I used the account much though but they have evolved and are now AWIN, a company much bigger than the one I signed up with.

Many of their advertisers are UK companies but you can also find some US companies on there as well such as Fiverr and Udemy.

If you’re a member of Shareasale, you may not realize this but that affiliate network is a part of AWIN after it was acquired last year. I don’t know if my AWIN account still works or if I even know my login details but I’m sticking with Shareasale because my websites have mostly US traffic.

7. LinkConnector


I’m not too familiar with LinkConnector but I’m mentioning it in this list so that you can be aware that this affiliate network exists. They also seem to have some really good merchants too.

Some brands I see mentioned on their merchants page are:

  • Bitdefender
  • Sunfrog Shirts
  • Wondershare
  • Build A Sign
  • Liberty Tax Service

It looks like you’re able to build vanity coupons for offers on this network. A vanity coupon would be like me offering a 10% discount if you use the coupon AMVSMLM10 for a product I’m affiliate with.

If you’re looking for offers to monetize your website, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at this network.

8. Revenue Wire


This is another one that I’m not really familiar with and I’m just mentioning it so you know it’s there as an option.

This network, like Avangate, mainly carries software and digital product vendors and has been around since 2007.

Since the majority of their products are digital, you can get up to 75% commissions and they have a minimum payment threshold of $100. It’s easy to sign up and get started with RevenueWire and if I had to compare this to any of the other affiliate networks it would be Clickbank although it’s not as popular.

Things To Consider

So now you have 13 affiliate networks that you can sign up to. This is more than you will actually need.

These aren’t all the affiliate networks available obviously and you can certainly find affiliate programs that aren’t a part of any affiliate network.

Joining an affiliate network is a great way to find relevant offers for your website and to promote a wide range of related merchants and get one check or payment for all of your earnings.

Also, depending on your website, you might want to join them all to find more offers that you can introduce to your audience.

One thing you’ll notice is that some advertisers are also part of multiple networks. For example, micro-gig website Fiverr has an in-house affiliate program and they can also be found on CJ, Linkshare and AWIN. You shouldn’t join them all – just the one that is most convenient for you. For example, if you already receive checks from CJ, then joining the Fiverr program on that network might be the best option.

Another example is Udemy. Udemy has it’s program mainly on Linkshare and I didn’t think it existed anywhere else but saw that it was on AWIN. However, I wouldn’t join the AWIN program because they only give a baseline of 15% and up to 30% based on performance. On Linkshare, I get as much as 50% commissions for promoting Udemy. So this is something to look for as well.

If you’re unsure, always check the merchant website first and look for the affiliate page to see what networks they’re a part of. You can also contact the affiliate program manager and ask about commission rates.

Sometimes it’s better to join the in-house program for these reasons. Other things that might influence your decision are availability of creatives to promote the program and support.

Are there any affiliate networks that you’re particularly fond of that I didn’t mention? How about affiliate networks that are popular in your country?

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