How To Make Money With Halloween Affiliate Programs

children trick or treatingThere is a big opportunity to be had in trying to make money during the Halloween season.

The yearly spending in this industry amounts to nearly $10 billion primarily on costumes and candy.

Whether you choose to make money online or offline, you can make a lot of money during the Halloween celebrations around the end of October.

If you’re not familiar with affiliate programs then read on as I’ll outline how big an opportunity there is online and how you can get started.

If you know a thing or two about affiliate programs then this post will open your eyes even further about the opportunity to capitalize off an event where online spending can mean big conversions and huge commission checks.

Promoting Halloween Affiliate Programs

A huge chunk of the almost 10 billion dollar spending each year during Halloween is spent on Halloween costumes. This isn’t surprising because everyone wants to dress up as a witch or vampire and go trick or treating or to a Halloween party.

Costumes usually average around $35 and some even go up to over $100 and if you take an average family of four this means that the average purchase per family comes up to around $140 for costumes.

Commissions are usually small ($3 – $15 per sale) but you’ll make up for it in volume if you position yourself right and promote niche costumes. The object is to be creative when it comes to knowing what people are looking for.

For example, while vampire costumes may be very popular, the competition for this type of costumes is very tight and it would be better if you positioned yourself with a more specific approach like “plus sized male vampire costumes”.

Getting started promoting Halloween affiliate programs isn’t too hard. You’ll need to sign up as an affiliate to one of those sites that sell Halloween costumes. These sites have their affiliate programs on networks like, Shareasale and other big networks.

Below are some sites that you can become an affiliate with to promote Halloween costumes.

Four Halloween Affiliate Programs to Promote

There are lots of sites that sell Halloween costumes that you can become an affiliate and earn a percentage of each sale. Here are four sites that I’ve handpicked based on my observation of certain metrics like network earnings, what they offer and other criteria. is available on both and Shareasale.

They offer 10% on every sale and their average order size as quoted by the site is about $70. also ship products worldwide to over 200 countries and not only do they have Halloween costumes but costumes for every event so you can make money year round from celebrations like St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Mardi Gras, Easter and Valentines Day.

CostumeCraze.comCostume Craze is another great website that sells costumes for all occasions and is available on

They offer 8% commissions on every costume sale. Their referral period is 90 days meaning that if you sent someone to their website who was only researching costumes and they went back sometime later before 90 days and made the purchase, you’ll get the commissions. And if the person you referred decided to shop at Halloween and later bought Christmas costumes then you could also get those commissions too.

Spirit HalloweenSpirit Halloween has physical locations in 48 states in the US and has been in business for over 30 years so people know and trust this site when it comes to Halloween shopping.

Their affiliate program is available on multiple networks including, Ebay Enterprise, Linkshare and others. They pay 13% which is one of the highest commissions I could find for any Halloween costume offers and they have an average order size of about $81.

BuyCostumes.comOf all the sites I mentioned here, has the highest commission rate at 14%.  They’re one of the most popular destinations online for costumes and are available on

The one downside to the affiliate program is that affiliates in states with online sales tax cannot join the affiliate program at the moment. However, you can join any of the other 3 listed here.

If you’re going to promote Halloween costumes, it’s best to just pick one site and use that on your website.

How To Get Started

Ok it’s August and at the time of this writing Halloween is just 74 days away. Now is the perfect time to get started building your website to promote Halloween costumes if you want to earn a slice of the 10 billion dollar pie.

I realize that you may not know anything about promoting affiliate programs or websites and if that’s you then you need not worry.

Here’s a quick outline of what you need to do:

  • Get a specific idea of what you want to promote (remember the plus size vampire costume example above)
  • Pick one of the websites above that you’ll use and research your idea
  • Get a website. You can get a free one from here but I recommend you get a domain for your site.
  • Write some articles based on the costumes you’re promoting. (If you can’t write you can get this done for you.)
  • Get your website ranking on Google.

This is just a quick outline of what is involved. Online marketing involves a lot more than what I can write here in a short blog post so if you’re looking for specific, step by step training on making money with Halloween costume affiliate programs, I would recommend starting with the free online marketing course over at Wealthy Affiliate.

This course is responsible for a lot of people going from not knowing how affiliate programs work to making full time incomes online. You’ll follow a simple 4 step process for building websites and making money with affiliate programs just like these Halloween costume sites.

Check out the my review of Wealthy Affiliate if you want to know more about that training website.


    • Actually Alex, now is the best time to get started on a Halloween site if you’re starting a brand new website because it gives you time to get up some quality content. It might even be too late to get started. New websites don’t usually gain traction on Google until around the 3 month mark. If you post something on a new site every day until Halloween, by then you’ll get some good rankings and start to see some good traffic from which you can earn money from.

      If you have an established Halloween site then maybe you can wait until later but this post was made for people who are looking for a niche or niche ideas. Halloween is a very good and lucrative seasonal niche.

  1. Hi there! This is a really good site! I learned a lot from you. Now I am thinking to join WA. I am just wondering, if you are an affiliate, how are you earning in this website? I don’t see any link in here that you promote except WA. Thanks in advance.

    • There are other affiliate links but they’re contextual links that are in the posts, not banner ads. I promote other programs relevant to people who want to make money online such as web hosting, WordPress themes, domains and other legitimate courses. You’d have to read the other posts to see those.

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