Castaway Commissions Review

Castaway CommissionsProbably the hottest internet marketing product to be released this week, if I had to guess, I’d say is Ben Martin and Anji Long’s Castaway Commissions.

I just got through checking out the training for the front end training and I’m presenting my review here so you can be better informed about whether Castaway Commissions is for you or not.

There are things I liked about this product and there are things I disliked about it. Read on to see what I think about the course that wants to show you how to “copy and paste your way to the money”.

What is Castaway Commissions?

I wasn’t sure about this either before I bought it but it promised to show you how 31 year old Ben Martin makes $719.45 a day from a Caribbean island away from home.

The course is also presented by his girlfriend Anji Long.

When I bought Castaway Commissions, it turned out to be a course on how to use social media to make money specifically with Facebook and Instagram, the two hottest social networks with the most engagement right now.

Upsell SOS Kit
Upsell – SOS Commission Kit

This is the front end training and there are two upsells, one for a Done For You campaign and the SOS Commission Kit, both of which I haven’t bought.

The members area also has a couple of bonus training courses.

All of the training including bonuses are in video format and there are accompanying PDF guides if you prefer to read and take notes.

When you purchase Castaway Commissions, you get the Facebook and Instagram training plus the two bonus training so for less than $10, you get a pretty packed members area full of content.

What I Liked About Castaway Commissions

I have to say that I liked Castaway Commissions because:

  • the members area is well laid out and training is easy to find
  • option of PDF or video training (same content)
  • videos are easy to get through and well labeled
  • training is well presented by Ben Martin (Facebook) and Anji Long (Instagram)
  • there are actually practical strategies being taught

I learned a couple of things from Ben in the Facebook marketing training and he actually addressed a question I had about when your Facebook account is mainly your friends and family who aren’t interested in what you do.

I don’t know much about Instagram marketing so that part of the training was an eye opener for me and very useful in terms of how to set up your profile and have the marketing automated.

Things I Didn’t Like About Castaway Commissions

Castaway Commissions made me cringe at times though.

Some of the marketing had so much hype I was a little skeptical about what to expect. I guess it worked for them because a lot of people bought the course.

Some of the video segments had titles that were a little misleading. For example, what would you expect from the following training?

dining out for dough

Well, I didn’t expect that it would be to take a picture when you’re out dining and share it on your profile. Then you can add a link to an offer in the description after it has been engaged (liked, commented on) a few times.

Another thing I didn’t like were some of the other products recommended by both Anji Long and Ben Martin. I’m specifically talking about Global Domains International for a domain name recommended by Anji Long in the Instagram training and MCA (Motor Club of America) by Ben Martin in one of the bonus training.

Actually one of the bonus training is focused about making money with Motor Club of America which has been called a scam for it’s focus on recruiting people to the business opportunity instead of selling the service that they offer. It’s an MLM scam that I wouldn’t want to be associated with.

Can You Make Money with Castaway Commissions?

Probably not as fast as they make it out to be. But you can make money if you implement the training.

And as for beginners with no experience, I’d suggest knowing the basics first because from what I get with this course is that it assumes you know a little bit about how money is made online. It assumes you’ll know how to do email marketing if they tell you to get an autoresponder.

I would recommend that you start with the free training at Wealthy Affiliate so you can get the basics down. You might even find that you rather that method over Castaway Commissions.

However, I’d say Castaway Commissions is still a good supplemental training course if you’re doing Wealthy Affiliate because it focuses on social media marketing whereas Wealthy Affiliate focuses on building an online business using websites. The two can go hand in hand.

Anyway the main thing here that I want to say is that you can make money with Castaway Commissions if you follow and implement the training.


The tl:dr of this Castaway Commissions review is that this course isn’t a scam. It’s packed with easy to digest and implement content but you have to be wary about some of the recommendations.

Although, Castaway Commissions is OK, my number one recommendation for making money online is still the one that I use every day for affiliate marketing training. You can read my review here and try it out for free.

If you have questions about this review, or you want to leave a review of your own about Castaway Commisssions, I’d like to hear from you in the comment section below.


  1. Hi there Jay,
    Impressive career!
    Would love to be a succesful IMer AND live on a Caribbean island :).
    Just signed up to Castaway so maybe this is the beginning.
    Thanks for your take on that – very helpful.
    Yes, was wondering myself about MCA though I’ve never heard of it – I’m from uk.
    All the best

    • MCA is like RAC or AA in the UK.

      But somehow with the MCA business opportunity the people involved only promote the opportunity to others instead of trying to sell the service. When this happens you have a service/product based MLM pyramid scheme. I’m sure even Ben doesn’t promote the service so this is why I don’t like the way they have an entire training on MCA. It’s obvious they want to pull you in so that they can sure you how to do the same thing – promote the opportunity.

      Aside from this the rest of the course is OK.

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