Sunday Shares #04: How To Learn Anything Faster

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It’s Sunday again and that means I have three more articles to share with you this week.

The articles that I share are articles that I’ve read during the week , have found very interesting or learned something from and feel the need to share them with the hopes that you too would find them interesting or learn something from as well.

This week I’ve included one that two that I’ve read and one that I wrote myself (because it contains a powerful lesson that more affiliate marketers should apply to their marketing).

I chose these three articles with a certain type of affiliate marketer in mind – the beginner. They’re relevant to the marketer who hasn’t yet made their first sale and is just beginning to grasp what affiliate marketing is all about. Or still trying to figure it out.

Here are this weeks Sunday Shares.

(1) How to Learn Anything Faster

This article is from the Hubspot blog which is one of the blogs I read on a regular basis.

It was useful to me because it has tips on how to learn anything faster and effectively. I figured that I could apply these to learn new hobbies like how I’m interested in music production.

It might also be useful for learning about new niche markets that I would like to get into. This way I can become an expert and be able to communicate with my niche and solve their problems.

One way that I thought about that new affiliate marketers could use this is for learning affiliate marketing.

The 10 tips shared can help you to learn affiliate marketing faster which means you’ll earn money quicker and lessen the chance that  you’ll quit before your time.

These tips include:

  • breaking the skills into parts & learning the most important parts first
  • learning from an actual expert
  • getting immediate feedback on your performance
  • not quitting after the “honeymoon phase”
  • why you should get enough sleep

(2) Have You Missed the Boat On Affiliate Marketing

One of the concerns new affiliate marketers have about affiliate marketing is whether they have started too late.

Maybe all the good niches are too saturated. Or all the good keywords have been taken. Or there is too much competition from people who are already competent marketers.

My buddy Nathaniell from Wealthy Affiliate blogged about this this week and he gives some great reasons why NOW is an even better time to get started as an affiliate marketer than when he (and I) started years ago.

I’ve always said it myself. People nowadays have things so much easier. Technology is advancing so much faster.

For example, I:

  • didn’t have internet at home when I started in 2006
  • didn’t have my own computer initially
  • had to struggle to build websites with software like Kompozer which took time and know-how.
  • didn’t have access to the quality of training Wealthy Affiliate now has
  • didn’t have access to the kind of support channels now available whenever I had questions

This post gives assurance that you are starting at the right time and you can do this and be successful. Use the previous link to learn affiliate marketing faster and the next link as a way to make sure your efforts will bring you profits.

(3) Service to Others is the Rent You Pay…

I just posted this yesterday and the response was great. It’s a timely post following the death of one of the greatest boxers and individuals who ever lived – Muhammad Ali.

The post talks about one of his most popular quotes – my favorite – and how I have used it to guide my online business.

I’ve chosen to share it this week as one of the links because I think that every affiliate marketer should use this in their marketing. If you’re just starting out, this may help you to see things clearer and it will make you a whole lot of money.

Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section after you’ve read it.

I hoped that this week’s links were useful to you. If you enjoyed these then check back next week for more. Can’t wait? Check out the previous Sunday Shares.


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    Thank you for your timely message…I can tell that you really are a leader in this field. Your work is definitely inspiring.

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