Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting Review

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Web hosting is one of the basic essentials for building an online business.

Besides a domain name, you need quality web hosting to display your website to potential customers browsing the internet.

There is no shortage of web hosting providers that you can choose from and some even specialize in certain areas ie. WordPress hosting, business hosting, eCommerce hosting etc.

For affiliate marketers, we need fast, reliable web hosting with fast tech support and a number of other features since we host our websites to make money.

Wealthy Affiliate, my number one recommendation for affiliate training, offers web hosting for affiliate marketers as part of their premium membership and this is what this review is all about.

Maybe you’ve heard about Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting and want to know if it’s any good. This is the review you’ll want to read.

I Moved All My Sites To Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

When you choose a web host, you need to know that:

  • your websites are always up and accessible to visitors
  • your website is fast and visitors don’t have to wait to view the pages they want to see
  • your website is safe from spammers and intruders
  • when you have a problem, you can get it dealt with in a timely manner
  • you can stop worrying about your website so you can focus on your business

These are some of the problems that most web hosts try to solve and while some do a great job at it, there are some that do a terrible job in some or all of these areas.

Wealthy Affiliate’s website hosting is for affiliate marketers who want to grow their business while getting all of the best that a web host can offer.

I have been hosting all of my websites at Wealthy Affiliate since April 2016 when I left Bluehost, but have hosted at least one website at Wealthy Affiliate since they started offering web hosting back in the early part of the decade (can’t remember which year).

From this experience, I can tell you that the reason I only recently moved my websites from Bluehost is that I never used to want to host at Wealthy Affiliate because the sites I hosted there would be down constantly.

However, they’ve significantly improved the web hosting service to the point where it is more powerful than some of the most popular web hosts available online right now.

My confidence in Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting has allowed me to move all of my websites to this service and I’ve never had to regret that decision.

The following graphic shows what’s available when you host your website with Wealthy Affiliate.

Site Rubix Hosting Features

Below I’m going to tell you why you might want to consider using Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting service, especially if you’re currently doing affiliate marketing and using a WordPress based website/blog.

Managed WordPress-Optimized Hosting

The first thing you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting is that it’s managed and it’s WordPress hosting.

Only websites built with the Site Rubix website builder are hosted on this platform and Site Rubix is a WordPress builder that simplifies the website creation process.

The servers are therefor optimized for hosting WordPress websites and there isn’t any reason to use a CPanel type interface because everything you need to manage your websites is available through the Site Rubix dashboard.

If you have a site that is currently based on something other than WordPress (Weebly, Joomla, etc), you wouldn’t be able to move it to Wealthy Affiliate because only WordPress sites are supported.

Free SSL


Another reason you’d want to consider using Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting is because they offer free SSL certificates to make the browsing experience for visitors more secure.

As you can see this website has the https in the browser bar because I turned on the SSL certificate in my dashboard.

Using https, even though you don’t store credit card info or collect any sensitive information, is now considered a ranking factor for Google in search. So you’d actually benefit from higher rankings if you have an SSL certificate.

Wealthy Affiliate wants members to succeed and part of that commitment to members success is offering the everything you need, like secure websites, with their premium membership.

There are some other web hosting providers that are starting to offer free SSL certificates but there are others that continue to charge high prices.

What About Speed?

As you can see in the screenshot above, SSL can be turned on through a dashboard setting called SitePlus. Another feature that can be turned on through dashboard is SiteSpeed.

SiteSpeed, when turned on, speeds up your website significantly by optimizing different aspects of the page being served.

I’ve applied it to this website and the first time I tried it, I noticed a big difference in the way my pages were served. The site is much faster after turning on SiteSpeed.

You Don’t Need Spam Protection Plugins

The other feature in SitePlus is SiteProtect which eliminates the need for spam protection plugins like Akismet.

Before they added this feature, I had to be constantly finding alternatives to Akismet because it seemed as if this plugin just didn’t work to keep spam out. Other sites would use Captcha with comments but I didn’t like this option.

SiteProtect works at the server level to keep spam from getting into your comments. Only legitimate comments submitted by a human being ever reach your moderation queue. This feature of Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting cannot be toggled off.

Support is Super Fast

Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting doesn’t have a live chat. It does have a ticket system for support.

However, this ticket system is super fast and you can have problems resolved in as little as 3 minutes.

Back when I hosted with Hostgator, my experience with their live chat was very slow. I had to wait 5 to 10 minutes in a queue before I could get a technician and then I had to answer a couple verification questions. Then I could talk to someone on chat to hopefully get my issue resolved.

One time with Bluehost, the guy I was on the chat with took forever to respond to one questions and then told me he was on a chat with another customer and would appreciate my patience.

So I’m really glad to know that I could submit a ticket to SiteSupport on Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting and have my issue resolved within minutes.

There are countless testimonials on Wealthy Affiliate attesting to the speed and efficiency of the support system.

Your Website is Always Secure

There are a lot of security features in place to keep intruders out of your website.

WA hosting protects your site from hacking, DDoS attacks and malware. Other web hosting providers leave this responsibility solely on you and if you do get hacked, they remove your website and it’s up to you to get it cleaned.

I think most managed WordPress hosting try to give you this type of protection though. It’s good to not have to worry about these things and WA hosting lets you focus on your business while they keep your website secure.

Some other features that keep your website secure are one click logins from Site Rubix dashboard with a secure password that you can reset with one click also.

And you also have daily backups just in case something does go wrong so you can recover your website.

How To Move Your Website to Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

If you’ve decided that Wealthy Affiliate hosting is a good fit for you and you want to move a current website there, the process is simple. You just need to sign up for a Wealthy Affiliate account and go premium.

A premium account is required if you want to host a website with your own domain name.

Remember, only WordPress based websites are allowed on Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting. To make the request:

  • open a SiteSupport ticket
  • make the request – they’ll ask for the domain name and FTP info.

Migration to Wealthy Affiliate hosting is free and without any hassle.

More Than Just Web Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting isn’t for everyone with a WordPress website.

If you just want to host your website and don’t need the training and community aspects of Wealthy Affiliate, it might be better to go with another managed hosting company like WP Engine or try my recommended web hosting alternative SiteGround for shared hosting plans.

If you like the idea of hosting your site with Wealthy Affiliate though, you have a lot more than just hosting to look forward to.

No other web host is going to offer training on how to promote and monetize your website. This is the main purpose of Wealthy Affiliate and you can read my review here to check out how they can help you make money online or grow your business.

Then there is the website builder, Site Rubix, which has a host of features not found in other website builders including:

  • Site Comments – leverage the huge and active WA community to leave comments on your website articles
  • Site Feedback – get community feedback to help you improve your website (useful if you’re just starting out)
  • Site Domains – you can buy domains right inside Wealthy Affiliate
  • Site Email – you can set up unlimited email accounts for your websites.
  • Site Content – manage your website’s content from your Site Rubix dashboard

You also have access to the Wealthy Affiliate community for networking and support in building your online business.

To get started with Wealthy Affiliate, all you need to do is create a free starter account, complete the starter training and go from there.

If you have questions, comments, experience you want to share about Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting, drop them in the comments below and let’s talk about it.

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