Forget Writing Articles – Write These Instead…

Writing articles

“I can’t write articles.”

Or so the complaint goes. For some people, writing articles to promote affiliate programs can be the hardest thing for them to do.

So hard that they quit before even attempting to write anything.

And if you’re going to be doing any affiliate marketing, you would know that it’s impossible to avoid writing. As a matter of fact, in any business whether online or offline, you’ll need to write.

My advice?

Forget writing articles. It doesn’t mean that you can’t write because chances are that you’re doing it every day without even realizing.

All you need to do is to come up with content.

And this isn’t college either. No one is going to grade you but at least make sure that you adhere to basic grammar rules and spelling.

5 Simple Ways to Make Article Writing Easier

So like I said, forget writing articles and write these instead.

1. An email to a friend – pretend that your friend just emailed you asking you about the product you’re trying to promote. What would you tell her?

2. A blog comment – Do you comment on blogs? Do you have opinions after reading articles on the web? Write your thoughts. Some comments I read are just as long as articles  and most comments can also be extended.

3. Facebook comment – Most likely you have a Facebook profile. And I’m sure you’ve either wrote a post or commented on someone’s wall. Or someone commented on your wall. Well, just imagine you’re replying to a friend’s comment on your wall.

4. A forum post – Again, I read about 5 to 6 paragraphs from someone complaining that they can’t write on forums. And in the most conversational tone with very few spelling and grammar mistakes.

5. A diary entry – Keep a diary? You can write from the perspective of a diary entry and make your articles even more interesting. “I tried that new widget today…”

Seriously, writing an article isn’t any different from the other types of writing you do every day.

Even Easier Ways…

Here are two ways you can make the process even easier.

All smartphones (and even some regular cell phones) have an audio recorder you can talk into. You can record your thoughts, which may be easier to organize this way, then transcribe them later turning it into an article.

Secondly, just turn on your web cam and record yourself. This is great content creation that you can upload to Youtube then embed on your site. And you can also turn it into an article by transcribing the audio just like with the smartphone audio recorder example above.

So don’t let the feeling of not being able to write an article stop you from doing affiliate marketing. Instead, forget writing articles and use these suggestions to produce content that makes money.

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