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Cash Money Sites creators

I first learned about Cash Money Sites a few months ago when I got an invite to promote this to my readers.

At the time, it just so happened that they did not launch when they were supposed to and the creators of this product were listed as Jake Jasons and Harold Coleman.

Somehow, the link they had given me was to a site that looked as though they were selling the Profit With Alex software so initially I thought it was a rebranding of that product.

I decided to forget about it until earlier this week when I got an email again to promote Cash Money Sites this time with creators Jason Jordan and Mark Adams.

I don’t know who any of these people are or if they are real names for marketers but my first impression about this is not good. In this Cash Money Sites review, you’ll find out more about what this product offers and what my opinion about it is.

What Is Cash Money Sites All About?

cash money sites logoName: Cash Money Sites
Creators: Jason Jordan, Mark Adams OR Jake Jasons & Harold Coleman
Cost: $67
Years Online: Since May 2018
Verdict: Those who know how to make money online are not going to get any value from these sites and newbies are not going to know how to make money with these. There are quite a bit of red flags to look out for. Not recommended.

Cash Money Sites is a cloud-based website generator that lets you build websites that are populated with your affiliate links which you can promote to make money.

Your sites are hosted on a subdomain and you won’t need to pay for web hosting or a domain name because this is the only setup which they allow. This means that you won’t be able to actually own your own site even though you’re paying $67 for this.

iBuddyHost whois

Everything is hosted through iBuddyHost which is the web host that the Cash Money Sites creators use.

The weird thing about iBuddyHost is that this web hosting provider was only created in January 2018 so I’m not sure if there is any link between them and Cash Money Sites other than a client-host relationship. This detail certainly makes me a bit cautious because the presenter in the video said that they’ve been referring clients to iBuddyHost for years.

This doesn’t look like a “free website” scam though because you’re not actually forced to buy web hosting but instead you’re getting the free sites setup on a subdomain.

How effective this is for making “rapid mass profit” as the creators suggest in the headline above the video?

Well, for the target audience of this product, it’s probably not going to be very effective. Read on and I’ll tell you why.

Why Are They Lying?

Already, I’ve revealed a few things that look like the creators of Cash Money Sites are lying about including:

  • who’s really behind the site (Is it Jordan & Adams or Jasons & Coleman?)
  • the iBuddyHost thing (they haven’t been around for years)

But as you listen to the presentation, there are even more lies being told and I’ll just show you a couple of them here.

The first one is when they say that they’re only taking “100 members today and today only.”

This type of scarcity talk is used a lot in some of the scams that I’ve reviewed over the years. The truth is that they’ve probably taken on more than 100 people already and if you were to visit the site 2 weeks from today, they’re still going to be telling you the same thing.

Why make it sound like you’re only ever taking 100 people? Oh yeah, so people will hurry up and hit the buy button instead of searching for a Cash Money Sites review.

The other lie I found was them saying that you’re getting the software for free and that you just have to pay a one time fee to activate the offer which is supposedly valued at $498.

You’re not getting the software for free. You’re paying for the sites and nothing else. This is what they’re selling. There is nothing free to be had here.

Can You Make Money With Cash Money Sites?

The only way you’re going to make money with Cash Money Sites, is if you sell the offer as an affiliate.

The way I see it is that they’re targeting newbies with this offer – people who don’t already know how to make money online.

If you already know how to make money online then there is no value in using Cash Money Sites because we already know the reality of making money online. You must own your own website and domain otherwise you’re just wasting your efforts and building a business for someone else.

If you’re a newbie then you’re going to have a hard time earning with these sites because you do not know the basics of making money online – things like finding a niche and getting traffic.

Sites like what Cash Money Sites offer aren’t going to attract much search engine traffic so you’ll have to work extra hard to get traffic from social media sites and possibly paid sources for you to even get sales.

And the offer doesn’t come with any step-by-step training on how to build an online business.

The bottom-line is that you’re not going to be able to make any substantial profits from Cash Money Sites if any because it isn’t set up to create success for it’s users.

This Free Training Gets You Started The Correct Way

Paying $67 for something you won’t ever own doesn’t make sense. Especially if you don’t get adequate training on how to use it to actually make money.

If you’re a newbie, you’ll get more value from a free training that I recommend you take because it starts right at the beginning and shows you all the basics you need to know to understand how money is made online.

wealthy affiliate training

After taking this free training you’ll:

  • know how to choose a niche topic that makes you money
  • have your own high quality website set up in under 60 seconds
  • know how to create quality content that attracts people to your website
  • know the exact process of making money online
  • understand why Cash Money Sites is an uphill battle for any newbie

This free training is created by a website that I used myself to learn how to make money online and I was able to eventually quit my job to work from home full-time.

I’ve reviewed it here and the great thing about it is that you can join for free and if you think it’s helpful then you can upgrade to a premium account to unlock full access to all the training and resources.

Have you tried Cash Money Sites or even considered it? I’d love to know your thoughts. Let’s talk about it in the comment section below.


  1. Hey Jay, great and very thorough review.

    I agree with you that why waste your money on a business that you don’t even own.

    You can purchase you own domain name that cost almost 10 times less. There is also great training out there if people want to establish a business online.

    I think what people fail to understand is that investments are required when people are building a business.

    Also, people don’t do their research in regards to the best ways to build a business online.

    People see an ad that seems reasonable (especially if you are new to the online world of making money) then after all that hard work that they did, it turns out they don’t own anything and even worse, no money was made.

    It is a no-brainer to get your own domain name and hosting.

    That is what is online, websites! as you already know, Jay.

    • You’re right. You can get started the right way for way less than the $67 that Cash Money Sites charge for sites that you don’t even own and won’t even get a chance to make money with.

  2. I just joined the program last night. Was skeptical about their intentions and what was required to do to make money with the program. I was supposed to receive an email from them with my password to login to my site that they developed but it never came. This is a red flag experience for me. I tried to access my account and couldn’t do so. I’ve been searching for something for a long time but never got in with people that seemed like they wanted to help and I am still searching still not knowing the basics of how to make money online, how to get traffic, where to get traffic, and any of the things that need to be learned. I received a call this morning which told me I would have to spend money for my leads and saying it takes money to make money. I didn’t know how much money was required but money for them seemed to be the important subject of the conversation. Based on your review of this program and my brief introduction to the program I will opt for a refund ASAP.

    • It’s troubling to hear that you never received a password to login. Maybe it’s in the email with the receipt you got from Clickbank for your purchase. Or it went to your spam folder. I can’t imagine this is something they would miss.

  3. Greetings Jay,
    It is Thursday, August 16th, 2018. I Found your review enlightening. I, like Tom Morris, have yet to get an email response or a return phone call so I could access my “Download or Access Digital Product.” I placed the order on Tuesday, August 14th, 2018. I have called the 877# every day (several times a day) and have left voicemails with requests to return my call unsuccessfully.
    I am a “newbie” so I will be checking our your “free” training.

    • Maybe you can try contacting Clickbank which is their payment processor and they can help you find or access your product.

      I know you will love the free training. It really is free.

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