Internet Jetset vs Wealthy Affiliate – Which is Better?

internet jetset vs wealthy affiliate

Recently, I did a review of Internet Jetset which is John Crestani’s training program where people interested in making money online can learn affiliate marketing.

One of the questions I know that will come up is how does it compare with Wealthy Affiliate which provides affiliate marketing training also. Readers will know that Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommended affiliate marketing training program.

In this article, I’m going to compare Internet Jetset with Wealthy Affiliate so that you can see why my #1 recommendation doesn’t change even after checking out Internet Jetset.

Here is a quick breakdown of some of the things that I’d be comparing:

If there is anything else you need a comparison for between Internet Jetset and Wealthy Affiliate, just let me know in the comments and I’ll give you the answer.

#1: Internet Jetset vs Wealthy Affiliate Pricing

How much you pay for affiliate marketing training is important and directly relates to the value you get for your money. Also no one wants to pay for ineffective training which is hard to understand or you can’t get help or training that leaves out important pieces of the puzzle.

Let’s look at how much you can expect to pay for each of these training programs.

  • Internet Jetset: $47 per month
  • Wealthy Affiliate: $19 first month, $49 per month after.

The pricing for Internet Jetset was a bit confusing for me. When I initially checked the order page, it said $197 first month and $97 per month after. I ended up getting it for $47 and $47 per month rebilling with a coupon provided by John Crestani. The $47 per month is actually for the Jetset Live Webinars.

Wealthy Affiliate’s first month is $19 to get you going and then $49 per month after the first 30 days. Additionally, you can pay for an entire year of Wealthy Affiliate for $359 which makes it about $30 per month.

In terms of value, Wealthy Affiliate wins because it’s a self contained membership where you get web hosting, a website builder, a content management system, keyword research tools, live video classes, free websites, support, community interaction, a blog, step by step training and much more while Internet Jetset only has video training, webinars and not as many features as Wealthy Affiliate.

Winner: Wealthy Affiliate

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#2: Does Either Program Let You Try for Free?

Wealthy Affiliate is the only program of the two that provides anything close to a free trial.

You can sign up for Wealthy Affiliate free without the need to provide credit card information and your membership is free forever with limitations after seven days. You’re known as a starter member.

You have access to the “Getting Started” course which after you’ve completed it, you would have built a foundation for your future business. You would have chosen a niche market and have a functioning website hosted online which you can build out without upgrading.

Upgrading to a premium account gets you access to all the other training available at Wealthy Affiliate including live classes every Friday as well as replays and premium resources.

  • Internet Jetset: Free Webinar
  • Wealthy Affiliate: Free access forever with limitations (no credit card required)

Internet Jetset doesn’t let you access it’s members area for free. The only thing you’d get close to a preview is a free webinar before you join Internet Jetset that a good primer for what you’re going to learn. John Crestani himself does the free webinar and he also does the training inside the training program so if you get any value from the webinar, you can expect the same from the training.

Winner: Wealthy Affiliate

#3: Focus/ Distraction-free Setting

In the Introduction to Internet Jetset training, there is a lesson called “Shiny Object Syndrome: Defeating S.O.S & Finding Focus”.

It is important that you’re learning affiliate marketing in a distraction free environment because of “shiny object syndrome” which is a term used to describe the tendency for people to jump from one program to another without giving the former program a chance to work.

With Internet Jetset, this is something that I found to be a big con. They have the training on defeating shiny object syndrome but Crestani himself provides a lot of shiny objects that distract his students.

In the two weeks that I checked out Internet Jetset, I’ve received emails from Crestani promoting various programs including TubeLoom – a YouTube training program even though the Jetset  program has training on YouTube. I’ve also received emails promoting paid surveys, Kindle Mastery and even Affilorama (another affiliate marketing training program).

  • Internet Jetset: Crestani recommends products like Affilorama and Tubeloom in newsletter.
  • Wealthy Affiliate: Distraction free zone. No external promotions ever.

At Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson promote focus by not recommending external programs and not allowing students to post external programs either on the website or in private messages.

You will not receive emails from them about upcoming launches or Clickbank products in the make money online niche. In fact, if Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have something, they’re probably working on it so that you wouldn’t have to go to any external programs to get it. It’s a truly distraction-free setting that lets you focus on building your internet business

Winner: Wealthy Affiliate

#4: Comparing Internet Jetset’s Training to Wealthy Affiliate’s

Wealthy Affiliate’s training has evolved since it’s early days when they were just a website selling keyword lists. The training that is available now is vastly superior to the training I had to go through when I joined the site in 2007.

The “Certification Courses” run 5 levels deep, each containing at least 10 lessons and contain anywhere from 28 to 40 tasks depending on the course.

The courses are progressive which means you start as a beginner and work your way through to more advanced methods. As you complete each level, you’re gradually building up your website, it’s content, traffic and earnings as well as your own experience.

Wealthy Affiliate’s training is structured, step-by-step and practical in that there are tasks to complete at the end of every lesson. It is a mix of text and video training so that users can understand the lessons through different media.

Video and text training

Internet Jetset’s training is mainly video based but there are text directions and notes under each video as well as tasks to complete. However, there is no real logical progression.

For example, the 10 modules just show you how to make money in different ways such as YouTube, your website, with Facebook and so on. They do start you off the way you’re supposed to start off, by having you find a niche market or something to promote. However, after that there is no real structure.

I do believe that you can still make money using Internet Jetset’s training but in my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate’s training is far superior.

This does not take into consideration the upsell training available at Internet Jetset because I didn’t purchase those.

Winner: Wealthy Affiliate

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#5: What About Those Webinars?

This is another area in which I think Wealthy Affiliate wins.

  • Internet Jetset: Sometimes they skip dates between webinars
  • Wealthy Affiliate: 52 webinars a year (one every week)

I like that both websites have live webinars so that students can get live training and feedback. However, there is a big difference between Internet Jetset’s webinars and Wealthy Affiliate’s live classes.

Internet Jetset’s webinars are live workshops which are mostly “focused on user-submitted questions and updates to the course”. This is what I got from most of the webinar descriptions in the repository. From the one that I did check out though, they are very good and you can learn a lot from them. The one I saw was two hours long.

Wealthy Affiliate’s live classes as they are called are more topically focused. For example, last week’s live class was on “Using the New Google Search Console” and before that there was a 4 week series on “Local SEO in 2018” which focused on getting local SEO clients.

I won’t choose a winner based on content because both formats can be beneficial to students. However, the frequency of the webinars at Internet Jetset is a bit here and there while Wealthy Affiliate has one live class each and every Friday like clockwork.

Winner: Wealthy Affiliate

#6: Community

One thing I forgot to mention in my review of Internet Jetset is that I tried to get onto their forum multiple times, different days but could never get it to load.

Community is important while learning. Just like school or college, learning in a social setting can be a source of support and feedback.

While Wealthy Affiliate’s community is built into the membership area, Internet Jetset’s community can be found mainly on their Facebook group page and in the comment section of the lessons.

Wealthy Affiliate has a thriving community where relationships are built and you can see this buzzing activity in the live chat, on member blogs, on questions and in the built in classrooms. It’s like a big family where everyone helps each other out.

One of the best things about this community is that Kyle and Carson gives each and every member the chance to meetup in Las Vegas each year for the Super Affiliate conference where qualified members can talk business and enjoy all the fun things to do in Las Vegas.

Winner: Wealthy Affiliate

At this point, things are looking a little one-sided but I told you there was a reason why Wealthy Affiliate was my #1 recommended program online. Internet Jetset is good but looking at these comparisons based on my experience with both programs, I’ll have to say that Wealthy Affiliate is the better of the two.

And I’m still not finished…

#7: Who Has the Better Support?

Support is important when learning anything. You need to be able to get help when you need it in order to progress and be on the right track.

Both Internet Jetset and Wealthy Affiliate have good support channels. Internet Jetset’s support is mainly external (through Facebook group and messenger) while Wealthy Affiliate’s support is all built into the member dashboard. Both programs have multiple ways to get support.

Internet Jetset has:

  • Help desk
  • FAQ
  • Email support
  • Comment section on training modules
  • Facebook Group
  • Crestani’s personal Facebook
  • Crestani’s Facebook messenger
  • Jetset Live Q&A

Wealthy Affiliate has:

  • Classrooms (ask questions related to classroom topic)
  • Private messaging
  • Comment sections on training modules
  • Live chat
  • Site Support (for technical support related to websites & hosting)

Is there a clear winner here?

You can receive the help you need if you’re doing either of these programs.

I honestly think that you can receive help much faster with Wealthy Affiliate since there is a live chat and the help channels are all built into the program. The community also is much bigger and more active than Internet Jetset’s so that plays into your chances of getting the help you need.

This one is close but the winner here, on the strength of the built in live chat and ability to ask questions on the dashboard in a social setting (where followers can answer), I’d have to go with Wealthy Affiliate.

Winner: Wealthy Affiliate

#8: How Easy Is It To Access the Owners?

Internet Jetset is John Crestani’s program and it might as well be called “John Crestani’s program”. He is very accessible, and he even gives his students his personal Facebook page and messenger to contact him.

You can also ask him questions in the Jetset Live webinars and on his YouTube videos. He responds to questions and calls for help on the comment sections in the training.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded by Kyle and Carson and they have always been active within the community. They welcome each and every member and respond to their questions if asked. You can even private message them within the dashboard and receive an answer.

Both owners are easily accessible but I’ll give John Crestani the win here because he gives access to himself both inside and outside of his program. Having very active YouTube and Facebook pages where his students can ask him questions is a plus in addition to being active inside his Jetset membership program.

Winner: Internet Jetset

#9: Built in Web Hosting?

This one is an easy win for Wealthy Affiliate because in addition to training, they also have web hosting available to all members, even the free ones.

Most affiliate marketing training programs do not include web hosting and when they do, you will probably have to pay extra for it. This is something that increases the value provided by Wealthy Affiliate for the small membership fee they charge.

  • Internet Jetset: No web hosting. Refers students to Bluehost.
  • Wealthy Affiliate: Web hosting available to all students.

Like most other training programs, Internet Jetset does not provide web hosting for their students. They refer you to one of the many popular web hosts available online.

The problem here though is that Crestani refers Jetset students to Bluehost. As an EIG-owned web host, I would never recommend people go with Bluehost especially after the incident that made me move all my websites from their servers.

You don’t have to use Bluehost though just because you’re using Internet Jetset. The program will work the same regardless of which web host you’re using. I would recommend people go with SiteGround instead of Bluehost.

Winner: Wealthy Affiliate

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#10: Who Wants Free Websites?

Wealthy Affiliate has been giving access to free websites in some form or the other since their inception.

Back when I had just started, they hosted turnkey websites where you could just put in your affiliate code and send traffic to in order to earn commissions with paid traffic.

Now they don’t have these anymore but as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can get 2 free websites (built with SiteRubix) without having to upgrade. Premium members can build up to 25 websites on a free domain and 25 websites with their own domain.

  • Internet Jetset: No free websites
  • Wealthy Affiliate: 2 Free websites for starter members. 25 for premium.

Internet Jetset doesn’t have web hosting so its no surprise that they don’t offer free websites. They offer training on earning with a website but you would have to follow the training, buy a domain name, buy web hosting and install your websites.

Winner: Wealthy Affiliate

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#11: Do I Need to Spend More?

Additional expenses after you’ve started a training program can be a turn-off for many. However, with most business models, you need to spend money if you’re going to get keep building your business.

The goal of Wealthy Affiliate is to have everything built into the membership so you wouldn’t have to spend money externally in addition to your monthly membership fee of $49.

Because of this additional expenses are kept to a minimum as it relates to the training. The only things you have to pay for are domains. There is one additional expense that is a matter of choice and that is Jaaxy, the keyword research tool.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a free keyword research tool and you may upgrade to have access to certain features if you like.

Stuff like autoresponder software, WordPress themes and other things that might be crucial to your business’ growth all depend on you and are expenses that you will incur regardless of which program you choose to go with.

Internet Jetset does not have as many resources as Wealthy Affiliate so you would expect to pay more as a member of that program. Additional expenses related to the training would be web hosting and domain names.

Then there are upsells such as the Xtreme Case Studies and the Super Affiliate System course. Also look out for the 1-on-1 consultation if you do decide to call the number. According to the site, this might have some cost associated with it.

And if you’re not focused, look out for recommendations by Crestani that are posted via newsletter and sometimes in the member area. The last one I saw was for MOBE which is a very expensive program.

Winner: Wealthy Affiliate

Being able to compare both programs and looking at the winner of most of the different aspects of each program, it’s clear that Wealthy Affiliate is a far superior program than Internet Jetset.

Although I do recommend Jetset if readers would like to try it, it would be a much better choice to go with Wealthy Affiliate. Just look at everything that’s here on this page.

To further put things into perspective, take a look at the comparison chart below with some of the most important features you need with any affiliate marketing training program.

It would be nice to hear from users of either program about how you feel about these comparisons. Do you think they are fair? I’d like to open up the comments to a debate on anything that was compared between Internet Jetset and Wealthy Affiliate.

Which do you think is better?


  1. Hey, Jay,

    I read through your entire comparison here, and I think you are quite spot on!

    I am a member of both platforms and have learned a lot from each training, however, Internet Jetset does not deliver the value that Wealthy affiliate gives to it’s students.

    It’s quite amazing that wealthy affiliate keeps delivering after all these years in a very competitive space.

    All I can say is that I am very fortunate to have found them.

    Thanks for writing this honest comparison. I am sure that it will help a lot of people to make a very well-informed decision on which platform to choose.

    • Thanks Jason. After going through the Internet Jetset training of which I was initially very impressed, I have even more respect and appreciation for the value offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

      I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for years and seen a lot of the evolution. Internet Jetset still has a lot of space for growth but for now Wealthy Affiliate is miles ahead of them.

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