John Crestani’s Internet Jetset Review

Internet Jetset Work From Home ProgramIf you’ve been searching online for affiliate marketing training, you might have come across Internet Jetset by John Crestani and wondered if it’s legit.

I too wondered the same thing the first time I stumbled onto it while browsing the internet one late night. After searching for reviews of Internet Jetset, I felt a little at ease that it might be a good place to learn affiliate marketing.

Obviously, I didn’t need to learn affiliate marketing at this point but I’m always looking for ways to help my readers.

So I decided to buy it and go through the training so I could write this review so you can decide if you wanted to use their training.

I’ve been going through the course for a week or so now and in this review, I’ll tell you the good and the bad about John Crestani’s Internet Jetset program.

internet jetsetName: Internet Jetset
Creator: John Crestani
Years Online: Since November 2016
Verdict: Its a good course that is definitely legitimate and you can make money if you follow the strategies being taught by Crestani. However, if you’re not careful, you can end up spending a lot of money or get distracted by other offers available to you as a student that in my opinion aren’t necessary for your success. I’d rate this at about 70/100.

Who Is John Crestani?

Before I get into my review of this program, let’s take a look at this John Crestani guy.

Is he the real deal? Can you learn from him? Will he scam you and take your money?

These are all great questions to ask about the creator of any program if you’re looking to take training from them.

John Crestani makes a lot of money with affiliate marketing and it has been said that he has made up to $500,000 in a single month online.

He owns his own affiliate network called Nutryst and is a very popular personality in the media having appeared in numerous publications like Forbes, Business Insider, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur and Fast Company. He has also appeared on Fox News and CBS talking about online marketing.

He also has a huge following on YouTube and does a lot of videos so you can definitely see that he is a real person.

In this video interview by Clickbank, he talks about how he got started and gives advice to affiliates just starting out.

I like the guy and he seems so honest and down to earth. The thing about it is that he started out like everyone else including myself and he is trying to help others find their way with affiliate marketing.

Crestani is the real deal and going through his training you can tell that he does make a lot of money and wants his students to make a lot of money also.

So how good is his training?

First lets talk about my experience before I got into the members area of Internet Jetset.

Buying Internet Jetset

Before you join Internet Jetset, John gives you a taste of what’s in store by inviting you to a free training webinar where he talks about how you can make money with affiliate marketing.

It’s a great start for beginners and if you’re looking to join Internet Jetset then this is a great introduction to the available training as it kinda preps you.

You can sign up for the free webinar by visiting this page and putting in your name and email and a date when you’re able to view the training.

The price for joining Internet Jetset was a little confusing for me. When I first went to the order page it said $197 and then $97 per month after. Then I got an email with a coupon that took the price down to $47 per month which I used to join.

Through my research I’m seeing that the course is actually a one time fee of $47 and the Jetset Live Webinars inside the members area are $47 per month.

I’m not sure which it is but you can always contact their support. I’ll have to do some additional sleuthing to clarify things about the pricing.

There were a couple of upsells.

  1. Super Affiliate System Course – a paid advertising training 12 week intensive program for $187
  2. Xtreme Internet Millionaire Case Studies for $97

I didn’t get any of these as I just wanted to see how good the training program was.

Inside the Internet Jetset Members Area

Once I got into the Internet Jetset members area I was impressed. It was well laid out and easy to navigate.

There was a welcome video that said “watch this first” which is your introduction to the course and the platform.

There are a number of tasks you have to complete for getting the most out of the system like joining the Facebook group and subscribing to the YouTube channel, a calendar that showed when you can expect the Jetset Live Webinars and some other getting started instructions.

One of the first things you’re asked to do is call for a 1-on-1 getting started consultation. I later learned if you don’t call them, they’ll call you anyway.

Let’s take a look at what’s available within the members area in terms of training and resources to help you understand and profit from affiliate marketing.

The Internet Jetset Training Review

Internet Jetset training

The training course is broken down into 10 modules:

  1. Introduction to the Internet Jetset – A series of practical and mindset videos to prepare you for success.
  2. Choosing Your Niche
  3. Free Google Traffic
  4. YouTube Traffic Training
  5. Facebook Traffic Training
  6. Building Your Website
  7. Copywriting Basics – This module is taught by Ronnie Sandlin
  8. Launch Jacking – This is a bonus training module taught by Pyong Kim
  9. Authority Review Sites – This is a bonus training module taught by Donnie Gamble
  10. Facebook Ads for Affiliates – Another bonus module taught by Carlos Cruz

All the training is video based with notes and practical exercises that you must complete before moving on to the next module.

There is also a discussion area below each training module where you can ask questions and get help. Crestani himself regularly assists his students by answering their questions and giving directions.

Most of the training is done by John and some of the training is done by guest tutors. The videos, while they did indeed provide step by step instructions, I found that they were too long just in case I needed to revisit something but there are “training highlights” that indicate timings where you can find stuff in the videos.

There is one item you can see in the above picture “The Online Business Blueprint” which kinda turned me off a bit. All the links in this training lead to a parked website so I got nothing of value out of this. Broken links in a training course? I hoped everything else was up to date.

There is one locked item at the end – The 12 Week Super Affiliate System which goes for $997. This is a bit confusing because when I was being upsold  after buying the course, I thought I saw it for $187.

The Jetset Webinars

The Jetset Webinars are live ongoing training that are scheduled for Fridays. Replays can be found in the Jetset Webinar repository.

These are one hour training training workshops focused on user submitted questions and updates from John Crestani. Access to these webinars are for $47 per month and there is a cool feature available to skip a month of payments but you can still have access to everything else including the repository.

I noticed that there weren’t any webinars for November and nothing has been added for January as yet. The webinars are quite helpful though and very informative.

Internet Jetset Tools/Resources Available

Internet Jetset doesn’t really have any tools or resources built into the system for students. Everything you need to build a business has to be bought externally. This includes web hosting, domains, website builders, keyword research etc.

I didn’t like that they point you to Bluehost for web hosting as I’m not a fan of that particular web host. However, it doesn’t really matter which web host you use, the training will still work.

There is a tools section where John recommends tools that you can use for your business.

How to Get Internet Jetset Support

Support and community are two very crucial aspects important to learning anything online.

There are multiple ways to get support from John himself as well as others doing the program. These are introduced in the Welcome module.

In addition to a help desk, email support and an FAQ section all accessible through a menu tab in the main dashboard, you also have other outlets for support.

  • John Crestani’s Facebook Group
  • Crestani’s personal Facebook Page
  • Crestani’s Facebook Messenger
  • Jetset Live Q&A
  • Crestani’s YouTube page where he would sometimes do live Ask-Me-Anything sessions.

All the training modules also have a discussion area right under the training.

If you have a question or you get stuck while doing Internet Jetset, it isn’t hard to find help which is a big plus.

I also need to mention that there’s the free one-on-one startup specialist consultation but I do think that at some point they ask you for money.

“Their primary goal is to determine if you qualify to work 1-on-1 with an Internet Jetset expert business coach. If you meet the requirements, you will be setup with a coach who will jump-start your success with the Internet Jetset training course no matter where you live.”

There are three requirements that include:

“Financial Investment: There is a financial investment to work with out coaches and mentors, however we’ll show you how this can be a very good thing!”

Things I Didn’t Like About Internet Jetset

Internet Jetset has great training and the community is active offering you a way to get help at all times when you need it. Crestani seems genuinely interested in the success of his students and you can definitely make money following the training.

However, there are some things that I also didn’t like about Internet Jetset.

(1) If you’re not careful, it can suck money out of you. Since signing up, I’ve seen recommendations from John that you don’t really need to succeed. There are multiple upsells and I just saw that John added MOBE in the members area. He also had a guy on a webinar talking about some affiliate program you can join and make a lot of money but it cost about $600 to be a partner.

(2) Distractions – This ties into the above but despite there being a training video on avoiding shiny object syndrome and focusing, if you’re on John’s email list you’ll get the promotions.

Now tell me why would I need TubeLoom, a course on making money with YouTube, when there is a module inside Internet Jetset dedicated to just that? Besides, if I’m learning affiliate marketing why are you going to distract me with this.

Another promo email I got was for Paid Surveys and if you’ve read my blog, you would know how I feel about these.

Some of these recommendations including the next one, make me question John’s integrity a bit.

(3) MOBE – My Online Business Empire is a very expensive product with a unique affiliate structure. You must buy in on different levels to be able to promote those levels or steps and earn money from them. It’s something like Digital Altitude which I wrote about here. My point is, I don’t like or recommend these types of programs as it seems you’re just buying for the opportunity to sell the same product to others and make huge commissions.

Things I Liked About Internet Jetset

I’ve reviewed Internet Jetset and generally speaking, I think it’s a good training program with a bit of flaws.

Flaws aside, here are some things I do like about Internet Jetset.

(1) John Crestani is active – a lot of times you join programs and cannot even speak to the owner or they are nowhere in sight. It’s great to see that John is on the training and helping out in the discussions and also offering support on various channels.

(2) The training is good – Yes. There is good step by step training here delivered through video that can help even the greenest of beginners get started. I like that.

There are other things I like about Internet Jetset although when compared to the site that I use, they will get beaten in nearly all aspects. Somehow, I wasn’t expecting that given the price of Internet Jetset.

Final thoughts on John Crestani’s Internet Jetset

I don’t know if this was enough to help you make up your mind whether you want to take John Crestani’s training or not.

I’ve reviewed the training and everything that comes with it and laid out my thoughts whether good or bad.

The short review is that I do recommend the training. It’s a good, legitimate course that you can use to make money if you apply the lessons. However, you still need to focus because there are a bit of distractions and you can end up spending more money than necessary if you’re not careful.

Most of the tools and resources are external which means you have to still make additional purchases in order to get your internet business up and running. This is a minus compared to Wealthy Affiliate and if you don’t know what I mean, you can read this review or check out my full comparison of both programs.

If you want to get Internet Jetset, or preview it, you can sign up for the free training webinar here.


  1. Jay,

    Your review of internet jetset was very intriguing. I have also wanted to make money online thru affiliate marketing, and for you, who may want to scale, it’s always a good idea to learn more. It didn’t sound like the site offered much additional value in comparison to Wealthy Affiliate (your most recommended affiliate marketing training). Can you give more of a comparison for a person whose taken training thru WA? Is Internet Jetset still valuable for continuing education even after you’ve taken training with WA? I love learning so even though I agree that WA is the best training I’ve taken on online marketing, I still forecast other trainings, and I’d love to know if this should stay in my radar.

    • Actually Tiffany, I knew this question would come up so now I’m working on another article where I compare various aspects of both programs.

      And I can tell you that Wealthy Affiliate blows Internet Jetset out of the water in nearly everything from pricing to support, training and resources. Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommended choice for a reason and you can forget about Internet Jetset if you’re already a Wealthy Affiliate member. Going from that to this would be considered a downgrade.

  2. Interesting overview onf John Crestani’s Internet Jetset. It reminds me of Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint where there is good training that is well organized, but as soon as you try to implement anything, you are spending money to join this and that. What bothered me is that I was somewhat guilted out about not spending the money — like I wasnt serious about becoming an affiliate marketer if my wallet wasnt bottomless. Is the same attitude displayed by IJ?

    • I haven’t tried Inbox Blueprint. I know Anik’s style and I think he does “guilt out” people like what you experienced. Not a big fan of him.

      With Internet Jetset you need to spend on things you’ll need anyway, web hosting, domain names, WordPress themes. You don’t really need to spend money on anything else but the recommendations are still there for stuff like Click Funnels and more.

      You just gotta be careful with the promotions you get from John and try to focus.

  3. Hi Jay,

    Great review on John Crestani’s Internet Jetset.

    I didn’t know about this online course, but it’s good to know about different courses to learn to make money on the internet.

    As you pointed out on your article, this course might be good and anyone who signs up for it can learn about making money on the internet, but as you said, once you’re in if you want to continue learning more things you need to pay for this and for that, by the end you end paying a lot of money.

    I wonder if there’s a list of students who have taken this course or belong to this community and have already made a good online business?

    • Alejandra, yes, there are numerous testimonials on YouTube claiming that they’ve made money with Internet Jetset. How credible these claims are, I don’t know but people seem to be making money following the training.

  4. I’m on the fence about John Crestani’s Internet Jetset program myself. Not that it isn’t good training, I’m sure it is. You can’t deny the guy is knowledgable, and I think he is definitely trying to help people get their feet wet in affiliate marketing.
    What turns me off is the hard to get at “What is the price?”
    I want to know what I am getting BEFORE I sign up.
    Thanks for this post, I found it really helpful, and I may revisit this program in the future, I’m just not sure it is right for me right now.

    • Yeah I know what you mean. I keep seeing that it’s $47 everywhere and that’s what I paid for it but I’m not sure because I got it for $47 with a coupon. When I first visited the order page, it was $197 and $97 after so that’s where I’m confused.

  5. Thank you for review on Internet Jetset. It seems like it gives full training on affiliate marketing value for the money. You said member has to buy domain, hosting and creating website on your own and generate organic traffic. Wether their training is concentrate only for Organic traffic? Do they have training for paid traffics?

    • The traffic methods are mostly free/organic from ranking your website in Google and in YouTube. There is training on paid traffic methods by way of a free bonus taught by a guy named Carlos Cruz.

      The main paid traffic training though is the 12-Week Super Affiliate System upsell taught by Crestani himself which costs either $187 as I saw when I was going through the initial sales funnel or $997 if you click through from the training page. I’m not sure why these prices are so confusing.

      Anyway, the main paid traffic training is only available through an upsell.

  6. I was about to pull out my credit card to give this one a try, but when I reach that part of your article where you said John is promoting MOBE, it’s like cold water was poured on me. Just recently, Digital Altitude was ordered by United States Federal Trade Commission to cease its operation because of misrepresentation with their claims. Also, a lot of people are getting hurt of the expenses courses in their upsells. Who knows, one of these days, the authorities will shift focus on MOBE and restrict it too?

    By the way, how much did you pay for trying John Crestani’s Internet Jet Set program? I admire your guts in trying these programs, you are spending your own money just to be able to peek on what’s inside the company. I salute you for that. How much did you pay them?

    • I don’t like programs like MOBE and Digital Altitude, the way you have to buy into certain levels just to be able to earn the affiliate commission. And how do they justify the prices when there is more affordable training that can give you the same end result? I was a bit taken back too when I saw that Crestani was promoting it and so prominently in the members area of his training program.

      I paid $47 to check out Internet Jetset. I got an email with a coupon code from Crestani that took the price down from $197.

  7. Thanks for the in depth review about internet jetset. While I’ll take your word that the training is good and that he might be a great guy — I don’t like the fact that his program is very unclear on how much you have to pay.

    Are you still a member of his program, or did you just buy it to get a good look at what it had to offer?

    Also did you find any helpful tips to help you build your business online / or make money more easily?

    Thanks again for the great review.

    • I’m still a member until the month I paid for runs out. I already canceled because I bought it to see what it had to offer out of curiosity and because I wanted to review it and compare it to Wealthy Affiliate.

      Actually one of my best experiences with the program is that they show you examples of different niche websites. WA doesn’t really show you a lot of examples of niche websites. For instance, in one video, they show you examples of a gold investment niche website, a weight loss website, an online dating review site, a skincare review site, a relationship advice website, a bed bug review site and some others.

      I find it helpful that beginners can see examples of websites that work, that they can maybe model or study. Back when I had just started, I would bookmark websites in a folder called “example sites” and study them – how the content is written, how affiliate links are implemented and so on.

      Everything else in the training is more or less available here at Wealthy Affiliate.

  8. Hey Jay,
    This is an interesting article on internet Jetset.
    I’ve actually watched some of John Crestini’s content on YouTube. He does have some good things to do say.
    I’m surprised that he promotes My Online Business Empire.
    There is something disingenuous about buying a product solely for the opportunity of selling the product to other people.
    A monthly membership with in depth lessons is one thing, but just buying an overpriced product so others will do the same thing seems like a scam.
    Internet Jetset seems like a pretty legitimate course though. I think I would have given it a try if I wasn’t involved with WA already.
    Thanks for the info!


    • Yes Wilson, the MOBE thing kinda make me look at this guy a different kinda how but I understand why some people do get caught up in this. I still think that he is really genuinely interested in his students success though.

      Let’s say that you weren’t a WA student, you’d want to check out my Wealthy Affiliate vs Internet Jetset comparison. You might be surprised how far ahead WA is than the Jetset work from home program.

  9. Thank you, Jay, for the thorough review of Internet Jetset. I’ve just recently discovered online affiliate marketing and joined WA. I agree with you that it’s always good to learn from more than one perspective but after reading your review, I don’t think I will be going to Internet Jestset for that perspective. Personally I don’t agree with training programs, or other websites for that matter, that lure you in with one price then start nickel-and-diming you just to continue. That just seems wrong to me and I question the integrity of someone who does that to customers. I certainly appreciate your invite & your willingness to spend your own money to test it out.

    Do you feel you’ve learned anything new from his product wince you’ve already done another course?

    • I don’t think I learned anything new. The course is mainly for newbies but it’s always good to revisit the basics. There were some good things like seeing example affiliate websites. I think you still think a newcomer can learn a lot from Internet Jetset without spending too much on other things apart from the stuff they do need like web hosting and domain names.

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