Is CB Cash Code The Answer to Conquering Clickbank?

CB Cash CodeAre you searching for a review of CB Cash Code?

Are you wondering whether or not it works? Or if this is finally the answer to conquering Clickbank?

Or maybe you’re new to all this and you’re wondering about this “secret” website called Clickbank.

In this CB Cash Code review, I’m going to be answering all those burning questions you have after watching that promotional video filled with so many exciting promises.

To begin with, my first impression of this isn’t good for a number of reasons. I was already skeptical even before I landed on the page because I was sent there from an email sent to me by Matthew Neer.

If you don’t know who Matthew Neer is, that’s OK. In my book, he’s not to be trusted as he’s been involved with a number of  low quality products that I’ve reviewed on this site in the past months including Viral Cash App and Kindle Sniper.

I’m not saying that this is his product, but he usually doesn’t refer anything legit so I had my guard up when I arrived at the CB Cash Code website.

So I’ve gone through the video, checked out the product and did my due dilligence so that I can present to you my findings.

You can read all about it below.

About CB Cash Code

Name: CB Cash Code
Creator: “George Patterson”
Price: $37
Years Online: Since August 2018
Verdict: The training is not in depth or step by step enough for anyone to follow and make the kind of money promised in the sales video. You won’t be making $80,000 per month any time soon. Hype and lies are the order of the day here. Avoid.

From watching the sales video, George Patterson doesn’t reveal much about what you’re getting except for hinting that you’ll be getting a system he developed for you to make money with a secret website called Clickbank.

Clickbank isn’t much of a secret but there are two main ways to make money using Clickbank. You can assume that he is talking about affiliate marketing and promoting products on Clickbank but he also logs in and shows off the numbers in his master account so this could be about making money as a product seller on Clickbank.

No other information about what you’re getting is offered. You don’t know whether it’s a video course or some pdf training or a membership site with step by step training.

After checking out the product it turns out that the product consists of 4 ebooks in pdf file format. The pdfs are:

  • CB Cash Code (main product)
  • Clickbank Cash Pro
  • Clickbank Book Plus
  • Clickbank Cash Code Secret Method.

The main guide is about becoming an affiliate marketer for Clickbank and offers all the need-to-know info about Clickbank (signing up, choosing products to promote, gravity, Clickbank stats etc).

The guide also talks about how to promote the products using different traffic methods such as SEO and paid advertising.

It doesn’t really take much of a step by step approach and doesn’t go to in-depth with the methods.

Learn how to make $80,000 per month from a pdf guide like this is impossible and you’ll probably end up seeking more information elsewhere.

The other guides aren’t any different but offer other information on stuff like promoting with Google Adwords, Facebook and social media.

In my opinion, it’s a disappointment when you think about how Patterson described the system he developed and how every one of his students made money the first day they used it.

Deception and Lies of George Patterson

Almost all of these types of products like the aforementioned Viral Cash App and Kindle Sniper can easily be identified as scams or borderline scams in the very least.

They all feature the same type of deceptive promotion and that is all on display in the video for CB Cash Code.

First, George Patterson isn’t really George Patterson. It’s a character created by some product owner on Clickbank so he can hide behind. Because when George Patterson’s reputation is damaged by his low quality product, you wouldn’t see him again, ever.

I know these things from experience. They all do this.

The next thing is the raving testimonials. None of these people actually made money with CB Cash Code because they were hired to say great things about the product.

CB Cash Code lady
Some lady doing $80K per month on Clickbank working only 10 minutes per day? Sorry, that will never happen. This lady really makes her money selling testimonial services on a site called Fiverr.

And what about those screenshots of money being made on Clickbank?

Those probably aren’t fake but they’re misleading because the real guy behind George Patterson is probably a product vendor on Clickbank and sells several products. The money he is making is from himself and affiliates promoting his products. Affiliate marketing is a much different ball game than selling your own product.

Truth About Making Money on Clickbank

Can you really make a lot of money on Clickbank?

The short answer is yes but it takes a lot of work to set up especially if you’re new to the site. As an affiliate marketer, you can make as much as you want if you do it right.

Clickbank is a 100% legitimate website that pays out every 2 weeks and I have been getting paid regularly by Clickbank since 2006.

It is far from a secret website that no one knows about. There are tens of thousands of affiliate marketers online who promote Clickbank products and make money.

Some affiliates make a little money while there are some that make five and six figures a month.

The truth about Clickbank is if you’re going to make any substantial amount of money, you’re going to have to get the right training and put in more than just 10 minutes a day.

Being an affiliate marketer is a business and you should work as if you were going to your regular job. The ones who make good money with Clickbank put in work while the ones who aren’t making money do very little in terms of work.

A product like CB Cash Code isn’t going to help because affiliate marketing is such a huge topic with lots of methods and changing variables that you constantly need up to date information to be consistently earning.

My impression of CB Cash Code when George Patterson was describing how great his system was, I thought he would be offering a video training course with monthly updates. This would have been a perfect way to learn how to use Clickbank and make the type of money promised in the video.

But you certainly wouldn’t get that for $37 (which is discounted to $27 when you try to exit the site.)

5 Sites That Can Get You Started with Clickbank

In the video, Patterson makes it appear as if Clickbank is such a secret website that no one knows about it.

Sure, Clickbank may not be a mainstream website that is a household name like Amazon but there are lots of people who know about Clickbank.

Patterson also says that getting started with Clickbank is near impossible. This is another misconception that he is trying to feed you. Because there are lots of people who are trying to make money with Clickbank every day, there are lots of sites that are trying to teach these people how to use Clickbank to make money.

Since I’ve been around for a while, I know some of these sites and I can definitely vouch for at least 5 that are legitimate learning resources much better than CB Cash Code.

My reasons are that they aren’t hyped up scams but are run by real people who aren’t afraid to show their face who have undoubtedly made millions with Clickbank. All of these sites have great in depth training, tools, resources and support which should be good enough to make you successful with Clickbank.

Here are 5 sites that can get you started with Clickbank that are better than CB Cash Code.

(1) Wealthy Affiliate (My #1 Pick)

wealthy affiliate
I am a member of this website and I’ve been a member since 2007. I’m still there because of the community and because I still learn new things all the time in the ever changing industry of affiliate marketing.

This site is a self contained resource for anyone who wants to make money with Clickbank because it has all the training you need, all the tools you need in one place and you also get premium support and interaction from a vibrant community that is buzzing 24/7 since there are members from every time zone in there.

And it’s run by two Canadian affiliates who got started promoting Clickbank products in 2004 who decided to offer a simple product to other affiliates. Kyle and Carson grew their membership website year after year adding training, cutting edge technology and resources so that affiliates today can enjoy the best learning platform for online business available anywhere on the internet.

You can check out my review of the platform here and join for free.

(2) Clickbank University
cb university
Well, what do you know, Clickbank actually has their own training website which they call Clickbank University.

Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan are two real millionaires who earned as affiliates with Clickbank and started Clickbank University in 2013.

The membership which is $47 per month has information on affiliate marketing with Clickbank but their main focus is training people to sell their own products on Clickbank as a vendor (kinda like George Patterson).

This is a legit training site but their are some downsides such as an upsell for a website builder that costs almost $600. In comparison, my #1 pick above has a website builder included in the membership fee that is available even to free members.

(3) Internet Jetset

internet jetsetJohn Crestani has been featured on a number of business websites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and Business Insider and has also appeared on Fox News and CBS talking about online marketing.

He created his own membership site to teach others about affiliate marketing and promoting Clickbank products. Internet Jetset has training that is useful for beginners but when you take a look at my comparison with Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll see that my #1 pick has way more to offer for anyone who is serious about online business.

(4) Chris Farrell Membership

Chris Farrell MembershipChris Farrell is another real guy (you’ll notice that the legit ones have a face and don’t hide behind characters like George Patterson).

This guy actually made an amazing $1 million in sales in 2010 in just 24 hours!

Farrell runs his very own Chris Farrell Membership site where he teaches affiliate marketing and shows people how to create successful web businesses.

If you want to get started with Clickbank, then this is a great option as well. You’ll love Chris’ winning personality and his easy to follow teaching style.

(5) Affilorama

affiloramaAffilorama has been around for a while and is run by New Zealander Mark Ling.

Ling owns a few internet businesses some of which you can promote on Clickbank as an affiliate.

Affilorama is free to join but has premium upsells for training and tools and you can learn Clickbank affiliate marketing from the training available on the websites. There are a number of downsides though. The site isn’t as popular as my #1 pick above and there isn’t a lot of activity in the community compared to the constant buzz within Wealthy Affiliate.

There aren’t as many tools available to members either but you can still get a lot of value from the training.

As you can see, there is no shortage of training websites online that can teach you how to make lots of money with Clickbank. There are many more than these five however, there are some of the most popular and some of the best available.

CB Cash Code was just started on August 4th 2018, and doesn’t have the resources available like the sites listed here.

On the plus side for CB Cash Code is the fact that they only charge a one time fee while the sites here charge an ongoing monthly fee. This is the way to go if you need always up to date training and ongoing support from people who are already making lots of money as well as continual access to tools and resources. CB Cash Code only gives you access to the system that they’ve developed which may just be a basic pdf guide.

Also, if you aren’t happy with CB Cash Code, it’s easy to get a refund of your $37 by contacting Clickbank, their payment processor so it’s impossible to get ripped off when they have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Do I Recommend CB Cash Code?

Simple answer here is no.

I knew that this was going to be some low quality trash when I was referred to it through Matthew Neer who’s products and recommendations I’ve reviewed in the past. They guy has never recommended anything of good value since I’ve been following his newsletter.

CB Cash Code is a brand new offer and not a good one. If you want to get started on Clickbank, check the list of training sites above and you’ll have legitimate sites where you can follow training you can use to make money with Clickbank.

My #1 pick is Wealthy Affiliate and you can check the review of that site here.

If you have any experience with CB Cash Code or want to talk about Clickbank or this product, please don’t be shy – use the comment box below to let me here your views.

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