Sunday Shares #09: $7 Million in Affiliate Sales from Social Media

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Some awesome reads this week including a tool that I’ve been using every single day since I found out about it, an inspiring story of social media success and a practical guide to crafting the perfect blog post.

I’m sharing these with you in today’s edition of Sunday Shares.

Hopefully, you’ll be just as inspired, informed and ready to up your productivity after reading these posts.

(1) How Social Media Marketing Generated $7 Million In Affiliate Sales for This Entrepreneur

This is a very inspiring post about one guy who almost gave up but didn’t. He built a huge following on Instagram and made $7 million only with affiliate marketing offers in just 12 months.

The post shows what you can do with a huge social media following – the hardest part is getting the numbers.

But if you analyze the strategy used, you might be able to duplicate this kind of success even if not to that magnitude.

According to Jason Stone, the subject here, his social media strategy comes down to 5 major points.

  1. Define your niche audience
  2. Add massive value
  3. Create viral videos
  4. Collaborate
  5. Leverage hastags

But it all starts with defining your niche audience, something that is at the core of the training at Wealthy Affiliate which is often left out in some internet marketing offers.

There are some good lessons sprinkled throughout the article so make sure you check it out on

This goes to show that you don’t always need a website to make money online but you’d still have to be very creative to make it work.

(2) The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

This post on the Hubspot blog has a checklist that you can use to make sure that you’re crafting great, helpful content for your readers that they will actually want to read.

It outlines at least 10 elements that a blog post should have and how to implement them. Most of my blog posts have at least 9 out of the 10 points in them.

From headlines to putting videos, images and other embeds plus you’ll see some stats about the perfect blog post length and roping in your audience through your introduction, there are some very helpful lessons in this blog posts that itself is the perfect blog post covering the topic.

Check it out and you’ll never write a crappy post again that no one will read.

(3) Content Marketing on Crack – A Proven System for Getting More Done

Thanks to the writer of this post, I’ve increased my productivity and output with this one tool mentioned in his system for getting more done.

The tool is called Trello and if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a free tool that lets you create boards to manage your content creation (as well as other things).

trello board

Before Trello, I used to have notebooks that I’d use to write everything down in. I would have a list of stuff on one page, forget that it was there and create another list on another page. I’d write down things I wanted to do but forget about them. Everything was there but it didn’t help with productivity at all.

Now, with Trello, I could create boards and have to do lists, which I could date and have a calendar to refer to. I could complete stuff and check it off and track my output.

Stuff that I might do someday will be in one list and I could move it to my to do list at any time when I was actually ready to tackle that item.

It’s a fantastic tool that I use everyday now and you should be using too.

But the post on Problogger isn’t really about Trello, it’s about getting more done. The author outlines 5 steps to creating content faster than you’re doing it now and there’s a genius technique he uses to write up to 2000 words per hour!

This is a post that I actually had bookmarked for a while but found it again during the week and thankfully I did because it’s changing how I do content marketing.

I know that these shares will keep you busy for the upcoming week but you can expect another set of posts next week Sunday where I’ll share three more interesting posts.

Tell me what you think in the comments section below.

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